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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Elaine Combs - 2004-10-18
I have one that is very adventuresome. He will not stay in his
cage. Now he has lost his tail feathers. But they will grow back.

eric - 2004-10-16
Hi I have a budgie (parakeet) that is very sweet. Visit his website to see him. WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/OPUSDAPARROT

ME - 2004-10-03
Day 2 with my feathered friend and im a little apprehesive. I bought her for my 5-year old daughter and it was love at 1st site. The problem I have is he seems to be an escape artist. Watching him get stuck in the cage was a little nerve wracking. Thinking it best to let him get himself free and never imagining he would fit, well...1st the head, then a wing, then the other, and to the ground he went.(lady at a discount pet supermarket in ft. myers fla. told me it was best for her to clip its wings) Now I have to figure out what i will do if I leave him to go to work because he cannot fly back in the cage for food etc.

steph - 2004-09-17
Before deciding to purchase a mate/friend for your budgie take note; many budgerigars, once given a feathered friend, will not be as friendly as they once were. They will still continue to sit on your hand, etc, but may stop talking to you.

Also when training a budgerigar to speak DO NOT give it a mirror, it may ignore you. The main reason they are so friendly and talkitive is due to them believeing that they are human, like their owners. They then mimic and interact to gain your love, attention and affection. With a mirror they believe that there is another bird in the cage, and will interact with the reflection rather than you.

Another tip on teaching budgerigars to talk. Once the bird is trained to sit on you (and not fly away) take it into a dark, quiet room, with no distractions for you or the bird, and procede to repeat the phases you wish it to learn. Also talking in a voice higher than usual (but still clear) and a tad slower than usual may help.

And like most animals using food rewards and positive reinforcement will aid in the training process. Small pieces of apple, corn kennels and millet sprays are some examples of food treats and giving the bird positive attention and allowing it the play outside (fly around a safe and enclosed area) are examples of positive reinforcement which yield positive results.

brad - 2004-09-16
I have a parakeet of this type. He is green, blue, yellow and black and squalks when there is a lot of noise or music playing or can hear other birds outside. His name is Jesse and he is a good pet. He loves to get out of his cage and fly around the house.

Katie - 2004-09-01
ive only had charlie for about a month, he was only 8 weeks old when i got him. he started sitting on my finger about 2 weeks after i got him. every since then we have been together every min we can. about 3 weeks ago he flew off the couch and hit the floor hard and he jammed his leg, it swelled up for 2 weeks so i had to leave him alone so it could heal up, now hes all better and we can play again. when i get home from school he hollers for me to go get him out of his cage. he even plays and sleeps with my kittens. im teaching him how to talk right now. im hoping to get another soon so he will have a play mate while im gone.

tilarama - 2004-08-26
in indonesia budgies are cheap.. less than 2 US$ each.. cmon guys.. come to my country..

Trish - 2004-08-23
I am a new budgie owner. Agatha is a young female. She is a tough sell on letting me tame her, but I will just be patient! My immediate goal is to get her a larger cage and a mate to live with; I think the company would help her since I work full-time. I keep her by me at night at the computer, and talk with her. I also hope I can convince her it is OK to come out of her cage! She has her flight feathers clipped, and gets around OK, but she does not trust that open door yet...

Thomas - 2004-08-17
I talked to my parents yesterday and they said I could get a parakeet after my 3 rabbits are gone. I have 1 I just got. so It will be around awhile. what should I say? Thomas

Thomas - 2004-08-16
Parakeets are cool pets. My friend has 2 and I would love to have one. I have not asked my parents yet. Should I? I hope You love parakeets as mutch as I do. Thomas