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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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paul gumbrecht - 2004-12-10

yes, I am new to having parakeets I am semi retired and have never experienced such a relationship with pets like, Moe,Larry,Curly & Ghost. I started in April and bought one every month, as I saw fit, I gave them the freedom they needed with a gym, a 10x10 room. I think I have 2 males and 2 females, they seem happy and I cannot wait till I get home to humor them and me. they are very tame except,the ghost, she flutters like a maniac. I know they are talking but I do not understand, Anyway this is a great site, I really learned a lot and was so happy to read about other pet owners who respect and love them as I do. PS they love the radio, I leave it on all the time, oldies of course! I would like to hear from some Budgie owners with their experiences. Thanx

cairn newton - 2004-11-27
i have bred budgies for four years and i think your sites is awesome. i also have a budgie called agent and he chose me one day and weve been together ever since.

Juan Rios - 2004-11-22
My parakeets are well groomed I can let them be outside out their cage and they come back after about five minutes. Since I am hispanic they know english and spanish. They know that whenever anyone of my friends come over that they should be good and not copy what they say. Whenever the songs by Nelly come on, they dance. They really like "flap your wings" and "shake your tailfeather". Every morning they always want to be on my bed just goofing around. When they are on the my shoulder they are always chewing on gold necklace.

mw - 2004-11-16
I thank you for helping me with my project

Jamie - 2004-11-14
Budgies are lovely pets and can do everything a cat/dog can do if trained properly.

daniel - 2004-11-13
I have a budgie named Charlie- he is the best green friend i have- I got him for my birthday in March and he has been a joy ever since.

Cindy B. - 2004-10-20
I own 2 beautiful Budgerigars A.K.A "Budgies."They make wonderful pets and are very... BEAUTIFUL

Elaine Combs - 2004-10-18
I have one that is very adventuresome. He will not stay in his
cage. Now he has lost his tail feathers. But they will grow back.

eric - 2004-10-16
Hi I have a budgie (parakeet) that is very sweet. Visit his website to see him. WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/OPUSDAPARROT

ME - 2004-10-03
Day 2 with my feathered friend and im a little apprehesive. I bought her for my 5-year old daughter and it was love at 1st site. The problem I have is he seems to be an escape artist. Watching him get stuck in the cage was a little nerve wracking. Thinking it best to let him get himself free and never imagining he would fit, well...1st the head, then a wing, then the other, and to the ground he went.(lady at a discount pet supermarket in ft. myers fla. told me it was best for her to clip its wings) Now I have to figure out what i will do if I leave him to go to work because he cannot fly back in the cage for food etc.