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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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john - 2005-03-12
Hi, My name is john.I have two keets JAY AND WILL they were a birthday gift 3 years ago. I cant lie, till i discovered this page I was oblivious to these birds. Just today I discovered jay had 5 eggs that she was sitting on. To my amazement I went online found ur site and now i have a greater understanding on caring for my birds. I love them greatly. When i moved away from home, I left with my clothes on my back and my two birds Will and jay. Thank you for helping me to realize the precious pets I have.

BRITTANY - 2005-02-28
your website is great thanks for the help!!! lots of love

brittani mullen - 2005-02-24
Ilove parakeets so much. i have one as a pet. it so beautiful and fun to play with. i love it so much and it loves me to. by brittani mullen, parakeets ROCK! yeah yeah

Nicole Endres - 2005-02-18
Of my four parakeets, Paradise is my favorite. He has bright green feathers and a dark blue tail tip. Princess is Paradises new girlfriend. She has very light green/ light yellow wing feathers. She is very beautiful. I got 2 other birds. One is a blue grey all over and I named him Glory. The other is a white and blue making him look like the sky and I named him Rapid Storm. I love all my parakeets and mow I am looking foward to holding my aunts amazon. His name is Tweety and he is crazy in love with me. I never wanted to pick him up before but now I really want to.

Davy - 2005-01-31

I have 3 happy Parakeets. My Green one is named "PecoPeco" and loves
to fly around the living room, but also tends to crap on my curtains. Either way I love my birds.

Nicole suarez - 2005-01-23
Polly my blue parakeet is the cute social bird

randy - 2005-01-20
My paretkeet is well trained she always comes back to me and shes very friendly.

nick - 2005-01-11
Chester -n- Chealsea they r wonderful and hoping they will breed i love them bye

Courtney - 2005-01-01
i have two birds, both males. thereforth they should not be sexual twards each other but one cleans or pics at anothers body. when they are flying around the room they always sit near each other and do this/its sort of looking like they are cleaning each other but im not quite sure

Leah Jewell - 2004-12-26
My parakeets are the only thing that keeps me alive, i honestly dont know what i would do without them. I got one and i didnt think that i would really like it, and if i didnt then my sister was going to keep it with her parakeets. but after about the first week of training and just giving it all of the love that i had to give then i finally decided that i would get more, well i have only been caring for them for about 3 months and over that little bit of time i already have 4 and i am going to get another one shortly! But anyone who feels that they need someone or something to love and for it to love you back i would highly recommend a parakeet or two!!! They are great.