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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Dave - 2005-05-04
I really liked this web site. This is the first time i have visited it. I plan to come back again sometime. I just lost my parakeet that I had for 15 years

rutger - 2005-05-04
I found my parakeet by my pond, scared to death and hungry too. I put him in a gerbil cage. When i put him in he ate for at least 20 minutes, crazy huh! This web site was a big help because i know nothing about a budgie. i am going to find the owner. this web site ROCKS!

Leah - 2005-05-03
I have a parakeet and his name is pretty boy. He is the best bird in the whole world. He can say so many things. He can say his name, ring like a phone, and do all sorts of noises that i do. He even laughs at you. He is awesome. i give him treats everday and i spoil him. He has lots of toys he plays with. I dont know why they say dont give them a mirror..because he loves it and he still pays attention to me. I have the coolest bird in the world.

kathy - 2005-04-29
I have a parakeet named Jade. He is the sweetest bird! Last month we almost lost him to a thyroid condition. His thyroid became so enlarged that he had difficulty breathing and swallowing. He was listless, wobbly, shivering, and ruffled. He kept acting like he was trying to clear something from his throat. We were very concerned, and did not want this fabulous little guy to die, so I took him to an avian vet. I learned there that birds that eat strictly a seed diet need an iodine supplement. If they don

Anonymous - 2005-04-29
I love my parakeet. He is the sweetest bird that I have ever had. As soon as we brought him home he sat on my finger while I set up his cage. The cutest thing that he does is when we wake up he wants me to take the off towel that I use to cover the cage with at night. But then if I walk away and forget to open the blinds he will yell at me in a high pitch squaking sound telling me to open the blinds. As soon as I open them he stops and will start to sing gently like a happy bird. I just love that. I like to walk away and not open them on purpose just to kind of tease him and I think he likes that too. Parakeets are the best!

chris - 2005-04-27
Hi I have a budgie named Nacho. He is a shy bird but cute. If you are getting a budgie, spend alot of time with it so it will trust you. I would recommend them to everyone since they are such nice and loving birds.

Faith Mohnke - 2005-04-04
Loveable and Sweet

nicole - 2005-04-03
I have 7 parakeets but Im only gonna talk about 1. My third parakeet is PARADISE. He has a yellow face, dark blue tail, a bright green body and his wings lined with black. I had Paradise for maybe 2 years or so, but he is my all time favorite. But, if I count all the parakeets I ever had, I would have ten. Now I am down to 7, but out of ten Paradise is my favorite little buddy. The first time I ever took him out of the cage, he looked at me and jumped on my leg. Then climbed up my shirt and onto my shoulder. He cuddled up in my hair. He just loves to snuggle in my hair or in my shirt. After a couple of hours of playing Paradise was pooped, but we wanted to keep playing with him so we put him in a small car and he fell asleep in the back 2 seats. it was so adorable. Then we pushed the car around our room. Then we tacked up one of the barbie horses I had and put him on it. He just fell asleep on it. It was the cutest thing in the world. He was so pooped. He just fell asleep wherever we put him.

Monica - 2005-04-02
Parakeets can be extremely cheery birds if kept well. I have rescued birds that have been found in the wild and managed to tame them yet again. Have perserverance and you will have one of the most loyal pets you can have. I sometimes see my birds as more of a character and more fun to be with than even my dogs, especially my red bellied parrot.

Edith - 2005-04-02
My parakeets are so noisy they wake up my neighbors.