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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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ashley - 2005-06-16
I have a parakeet named jerry. he is a male and is very loving. this website helped me a lot. he had mites about a year ago and now is fully recoverd and back to his normal happy self. but before i got jerry, i had a parakeet named billy. he wasnt very active and was plucking out his feathers. he seemed very depressed. thanks to this, I now know why i am thinking about breeding parakeets, and now i know how to care for them the right way, thanks, it helped me alot.

Nebreska - 2005-06-12
I have just recently gotten 2 budgies, jack-jack and skylar. I love having out of the cage play time! Especially since skylar loves to try to nussle the back, of my neck almost like she's tell me I'm the best owner she's ever had! I just wish I would have gotten them sooner than what I did because they are AWESOME!!

Annjielita - 2005-06-10
I just got two parakeets from my aunt because they work alot and wont be able to take care of them. Ones a boy and the others a girl. they are sooo cute!!! but around the 2nd, 3rd day after we got them i noticed the boy was acting strange. I told my mom and stuff but no one believed me, but now that I've read the last comment I think that he might have a thyroid condition!! Hes been shivering, ruffled, and hes acting as though hes coughing up a hair ball! I'm very worried and I hope hes OK so as soon as my mom and dad come home (cuz I just found out whats wrong) I have to tell them and see if we could find an iodine supplement or some kinda fruit or something that the bird will eat that contains iodine... I'm so worried and sad, I've only had them for a week and one might die...

Wilfrid Noel Raby - 2005-06-08
"i like the prukts", writes my son Amory. Our yellow parakeet Goldie flew into my apartment. Then we got Azul so now they are a lovely pair. We love them very much.

christina - 2005-06-08
i've got a budgie called bruce. she is bright yellow and a very loveable bird to have. when i found this web site it helped me alot, thankyou. my bird is doing fine thanks to the info i got from here.

Jake Shader - 2005-06-04
I have two budgies named Citrus(the green one) and Splash(the blue one). I love my budgies a lot. Splash gets hurt a lot when we take him out of the cage. An example of this is when he flew into the kithchen and landed in a pot of hot spaghetti! One of his legs got burned and scarred and we had to put him on special medication. Advice: Don't take your budgies out when you are cooking!

Nick Huss - 2005-05-31
I agree parakeets are very cute and worth it. I have 3 parakeets. the first one i got is a year old, his name is rocket. i had him for a year and realized that she needed a friend. so i go buy a baby one and put them next to each other in different cages to see if they get along. 3hrs go by and we put them in the same cage. rocket starts pecking the bird and annoying him. we go to the store and tell them what happened. we put them in separate cages and got another bird for the baby. they are doing fine. the one year old is named rocket and the babys are named indigo and snowy.

Leslie - 2005-05-26
I have two birds and they both must be boys b/c their beaks are blue,
but they wierd thing is, they feed eachother and play around with eachother. When we got our green bird( Neon ) we thought he was a she,
but i guess not. Weve had our blue bird ( Blue-bell ) for a while and we thought he needed a friend, but i guess we just didn't get the right bird.

mEKA - 2005-05-24
I Just bought a Parakeet and her name is May!!(because we bought her in may)lol She's by herself now but my mom says she'll buy another one for her later. May is a girl so shes buying a another girl for her as well. My mom only wants girls. Sometimes i understand what shes being fusing about because we leave her alone sometimes. she's so cute. THANK YOU PET SUPERMARKET!!!!

Clella - 2005-05-17
I have Parakeets named Scotty and Skye. You can tell if they`re lonley because Skye (a girl) will whistle high pitched. Scotty (a boy) will whistle low pitched if he wants to rest.