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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Heidi - 2005-07-28
I have 3 parakeets, we got one for each of my 2 boys, then I got one for my husband. I bought them a huge cage and they are great. These birds are great for kids, my 5-year old takes all three of the birds on his hand and carries them around all the time. They love to go up on his shoulder. Greenie, Snowbird, and Buddy are very wonderful pets, I wanted to get more than one, because we will be going back to school this fall, but we do have them all hand tamed and my son loves taking them out of the cage and putting them together on the arm of the couch then they like to fly down and waddle around on the floor, under his close eye. Great pets.

eva - 2005-07-28
I was given two parakeets as a gift, and they are adorable Beyonce' is light blue and petite, but oh is she a feisty one! Jay-z is like teal green and bigger than his girlfriend, but she's is the Boss of their domain!!! This website is very informative, and I will visit on a regular basis just to keep myself in the know...I have a feeling that Beyonce & Jay-z will be having roomates soon!!! I love em'...

cassie - 2005-07-26

I have a parakeet named King Henry.
His cage is really big so we call it his castle.
He is green with a yellow head. I like the info on your website. I am ten years old and I have wanted a parakeet since I was eight. I am trying to teach my parakeet to talk but he is a slow learner.


Paige - 2005-07-16
I just got a blue parakeet named aiko(means lil loved one). I love him so much, I have never had one before and im only 12 but I read up on them alot! I got him because I found a baby robin when it was pink and I raised him and let him go. then my grandmother got me aiko at a petsmart. I really want to train him to talk

Danielle - 2005-07-15
I am very sad today, because i had my parakeet since December 1999. It's name was Merlin, and it passed away today 7-15-05. It was white with a blue star on it's belly, and black tips at the end of it's wings. We only had Merlin, so im sure it got lonely. I still dont know if Merlin was a girl or boy. All i know is that im sad and i really miss my baby birdie.

CJ - 2005-07-14
A budgie is a very good pet for anyone especially for kids. The like to have fun and they are able to be taught many thing like talking and singing and much more. I've had a budgie for 6 months and enjoy him very much.

Matthew Stiteler - 2005-07-11
I have a parakeet named "Benny". He is very friendly and loves to talk. but about two months ago he got out and flew away. So we made flyers and put an ad in the newspaper. then after a devastating 3 days we received a call and they said they found a parakeet. So we quickly got into the car to go get him. When we got there we were so happy that we got him back. We then took him home and we were so relieved to have him. it turns out that he went seven miles away from where we live. At first he did not talk but about a week later he was back to normal. We are so lucky to have Benny.

Patricia and Leslie - 2005-07-11
Hey, We have 2 parakeets. One is green, and the other one is blue and white. We do not keep them in a cage becase it makes them aggravated to be in the cage all the time. So my dad got a branch for them. They both sleep and play on the branch. Their feathers are fully grown so they can fly around the house. we also put a mirror by the branch so they are always looking at their reflection and kissing it. IT IS SO FUNNY! Well you do have to be careful with them because if they know how to fly they would want to go. My mom just got a *cockatiel* and we tried to see if like they could live together, but the parakeets are so scared because it is like three times the size of them. We will try again later to see if they get better their relationship. If it does we will come back and tell you about it.

Nance - 2005-07-08
I grew up having parakeets around. My husband had never had one, so we got one. He named her Birdie. She is albino, we think. She's all white with the pink eyes. She's adorable. A bit flighty, but he's learning to take it slow with her. She greets the morning everyday with songs and really likes it when he talks to her. We haven't allowed her to fly yet as we just got her a couple of days ago. She's very loving and will already sit on either our wrists or fingers! I'm really happy that she's not mean or overly scared. My dad had one that didn't like my mom or my brother. He'd sit on either my dad's finger or mine. Another that we had would play hide and seek with my brother and I when I was growing up.

Caroline Holley - 2005-07-05
My budgies are the sweetest in the world! One is blue, white and black. The other is completely yellow and very small. Her type is a dark-eyed clearwing so they don't grow big at all. She is always pulling on the elastic I put in their cage. the blue one is also a female who is very dominent.