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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Patricia and Leslie - 2005-07-11
Hey, We have 2 parakeets. One is green, and the other one is blue and white. We do not keep them in a cage becase it makes them aggravated to be in the cage all the time. So my dad got a branch for them. They both sleep and play on the branch. Their feathers are fully grown so they can fly around the house. we also put a mirror by the branch so they are always looking at their reflection and kissing it. IT IS SO FUNNY! Well you do have to be careful with them because if they know how to fly they would want to go. My mom just got a *cockatiel* and we tried to see if like they could live together, but the parakeets are so scared because it is like three times the size of them. We will try again later to see if they get better their relationship. If it does we will come back and tell you about it.

Nance - 2005-07-08
I grew up having parakeets around. My husband had never had one, so we got one. He named her Birdie. She is albino, we think. She's all white with the pink eyes. She's adorable. A bit flighty, but he's learning to take it slow with her. She greets the morning everyday with songs and really likes it when he talks to her. We haven't allowed her to fly yet as we just got her a couple of days ago. She's very loving and will already sit on either our wrists or fingers! I'm really happy that she's not mean or overly scared. My dad had one that didn't like my mom or my brother. He'd sit on either my dad's finger or mine. Another that we had would play hide and seek with my brother and I when I was growing up.

Caroline Holley - 2005-07-05
My budgies are the sweetest in the world! One is blue, white and black. The other is completely yellow and very small. Her type is a dark-eyed clearwing so they don't grow big at all. She is always pulling on the elastic I put in their cage. the blue one is also a female who is very dominent.

Sarah - 2005-07-01
I have had my budgie for about a year. Her name is Banana because she is yellow and black. I love her so much. When I take her out she will sit on my shoulder like she is right now. banana is learning to talk and she sings all the time. My budgie is a very good friend because she listens and doesn't talk back at me. When she is in her cage, she dances to the music on the TV. She bobs her head up and down and jumps all around her cage and will start singing. I love my Banana.:)

Anonymous - 2005-06-29
i have a budgie named Jessica. What a sweetie! I got her on Sunday at a flea market. I want to train her so she will land on my hand so I can stroke her. Lauren, 10

Dan - 2005-06-29
today my budgie escaped and i've been trying to catch him. i'll have to tell my mum to trim it when we catch it

Breann Rodman - 2005-06-28
Last year for my fiveteenth birthday, a got a female colbalt budgie. Her name is Delilah, which I named her after the radio talk show host on a certain light rock station. I was sad when both Huckle and Clarissa died last year. The cause of death was unknown, even though I think it might have been from natural causes. Anyway, my dad tought little Delilah a new noise. She kinda sounds like a pigeon when she chirps. The other day I was training her how to talk, and when I left the room, it sounded like she said, "Don't leave me." Parakeets are the coolest!

Kacee Jones - 2005-06-26
hello i just got 2 budgies yesterday, their names are lady and tramp! and i love them already. my mom told me that they would be a big responsibility and they already are, but i love them already! i got mine pretamed. so as soon as i got them i could hold them and they had been living in their cage for a while. my best friend just got some too and i just e mailed this page to her, and she agrees with me when i say that this page has helped out so much already thanks!
Kacee Jones age 15. thanx!

alisha giles - 2005-06-26
hello. my daughter got a bird for her birthday. she named him fruity. this is our first time having a pet like this. she is scared of him but my son lets him out everyday to let him fly. i really want to know what type of bird it is, and if he could really talk. after looking at some of the pictures, i think he is a budgie. my son loves him more than my daughter does. i am glad that they have a pet and i hope they can train him to talk.

christina - 2005-06-23
I used to have 5 budigies and they all died. Now I bought 2 new budgies. I have had them about 3 months.they're blue and green. the green is a little mean but he is still nice. Their names are Blue Bird and Green Bird. thats because we don't what names to call them, so its Blue Bird and Green Bird.