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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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alma - 2005-08-19
I have 3 parakeets. their names are sassy sky and tiger. this is the first for me having these kind of birds. it seems to look like sassy and tiger are mates. i don't know if i should seperate sky all by himself or buy him a mate

Maria Griffin - 2005-08-18
I got my parakeet almost three years ago. He is treated like a human baby! my husband and I do not have children, so needless to say we treat this screaching mimi like our son. I spend quite a bit of money on him. I buy him new toys on a weekly basis so he wont get bored. God forbid if he doesnt have a new honey log to munch!! He doesnt stay in his cage.(i cant bare to keep him locked up)
he has a perch made of rope suspended from the ceiling with a lot of swings and mirrors hanging from them. what can i say i love this little feathered creep!

renee - 2005-08-12
My mother has a female budgie she is about a year old. We had her for 6 months before. This bird is unlike the others I've read about. She wont eat fruit or veggies. She tries to bite you when you reach your hand in the cage. When you put a spray of millett in front of her mirror she will break it in half if it's in her way of seeing herself. If there is a toy in her cage she doesn't approve of she will break it or do something to it to where it will have to be removed. She doesn't talk. There is something she does have a big

Tony - 2005-08-07
I have three parakeets, 2 males and 1 female. one male is blue and white, and the other one is green and yellow. the female is yellow. I recently had another female (she was blue w/ a white head.) But there was an accident involving my nephue opening the cage door. All of them came out but only she escaped through the window. The two blue ones would peck at each other and feed each other. I have had parakeets since i can remember, in total i have had 14 in the last 5 years.

sarah pitts - 2005-08-04
my parakeet is yellow and green, it's very funny. Her name is Lady Bella. She's the best bird in the whole world, also the smartest.

prastoo - 2005-08-03
My parakeets have certainly changed my life! I do not get bored and I can always have loving company!

Shiraz - 2005-08-02
We lost our beloved parakeet, PeeDee (real name Pedro but I couldn't pronounce it the way my son wanted) 2 weeks ago. He was a beautiful blue and white. PeeDee was a hand-me-down from several families who for one reason or another could not take care of him. He did have a mate before he came to us but she died (reason we got him). We had PeeDee for several months before I came to this website and found out that he needed a mate, so we brought Snowflake. Snowflake was almost white when we got her but now she is blue and white. PeeDee was such a sweet-heart. When Snowflake came along, he perked up and showed Snowflake where the food, water and where to sit when they were out of the cage. PeeDee was able to get in and out of the cage but to this day Snowflake doesn't know how to get in or out. It was really funny seeing PeeDee walk out of the cage and then talk Snowflake out by going around the cage with her and showing her where to go BUT she never caught on!! He didn't eat or drink until she was able to drink or eat when we first got Snowflake. They were so adorable together and acted like an old married couple. We loved PeeDee alot.
I got another parakeet but Snowflake and Buttercup because he is yellow don't seem to get on. Snowflake might still be depressed. I am going to change Buttercup for another parakeet to see if that will make a difference. I would recommend parakeets as pets to everyone!!

siyao yu - 2005-08-01
i have 2 parakeets named Lily and Joe. i just got them 3 days ago but Joe is already trusting me. he would use my finger as a perch or sit on my shoulder, though sometimes he dosen't want to go back into his cage. Lily however dosen't like me, but sometimes i'm able to stroke her back. your websit is great!!!

Ian Kenny - 2005-07-28
i had a blue and white parakeet named chleo who was my little girl that i cherished. she died last sumer, though i don't know how old she was

Heidi - 2005-07-28
I have 3 parakeets, we got one for each of my 2 boys, then I got one for my husband. I bought them a huge cage and they are great. These birds are great for kids, my 5-year old takes all three of the birds on his hand and carries them around all the time. They love to go up on his shoulder. Greenie, Snowbird, and Buddy are very wonderful pets, I wanted to get more than one, because we will be going back to school this fall, but we do have them all hand tamed and my son loves taking them out of the cage and putting them together on the arm of the couch then they like to fly down and waddle around on the floor, under his close eye. Great pets.