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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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kim smith - 2005-10-12
My husband and I have a pale yellow parakeet named Annibell. We have had her for 2 years now, and she is our little baby. She acts just like a person, her moods change often durring the day. When ever we walk in the room she does the sexy whistle..and just recently began to copy the sound of my husband and I smooching! I am grateful for web sites like this! Thanks, Kimmy

Theresa - 2005-10-10
Oh I have the sweetest little parakeet named Nikko. He is the prettiest blue. He loves to take baths in this old bowl. One day we were filling it up and he stuck his head under the water while we poured it into the bowl. He loves to be "blow dried" with the hair dryer! Once I was playing with our hamster and Nikko was also out. He just flew over and plopped right down in the hamsters cage. Luckily the hamster wasnt paying attention


jonathan - 2005-10-10
In November of 2005 I bought my seccond buggie, Snickers. I didn't realize that birds could have such different personalities. My first buggie, Champ, was kinda mean and also aggressive. He even attempted to attack a daddy long leg spider. On the other hand snickers is very calm and gentle. In almost the year I've had him he hasn't bitten me once!
But any way I never really did look in to how to really take good care of snicker. I found this site and it has helped me a lot. Thanks.
Oh, by the way Snickers says thank you, too!


Winnie - 2005-10-08
I have a little cute yellow parakeet. But she's really really fat. I mean, yesterday she was just fine then the next day she's totally big. Usually, when I put her on my finger she would be skinny but now she's just fat when I do it! I just hope that my little bird will be alright.

Kamal and Bilal - 2005-10-03
This website is awsome! We weren't fully sure about our parakeet, but the information on this website gave us sure confidence. Everything was a great help. I will definetaly put this under favorites and look to it for help! :)

James Endsley - 2005-10-01
I love having thse birds. But I never knew they needed so much care. Until I saw this web sight. I just want to say thank you!!!

debbie - 2005-09-29
Hello ....I have to say I purchased a wonderful little budgie named SKY in July 2003. He was the most lovable little creature I had ever seen. He could talk, he would speak about 25 to 30 words and his words were so clear. he would say everybody's name in the family and he would call out our little dogs name. He would have supper with us, he would go to sleep with us in our bedroom, he would take showers under the faucet sink he would be funny, and he would stay on our shoulder around the house. but one day, Sept 27th 2005, I came home from work and he was at the bottom of his cage and he was not moving, so I knew then he was not alive. that was the worst day I experience in my life. we will never know what happen to him that day. He was fine that morning, he was playing with my daughter and was talking to her We just don't undersand "WHY". SKY was my best friend and our family will never forget him. I would recommend anybody to purchase a budgie because they are amazing, especially if you take the time with them and the patience. if you love them they will love you back.

Patti Steele - 2005-09-25
I got Roomy about six months ago. He is blue with a yellow face. After a couple of weeks I felt sorry for him because he seemed lonely; I was away at school or studying, so I got him a pal named Sunshine. She was all yellow but is now getting pretty much green on her also. They really seem to like each other. They actually kiss! I believe Sunshine is a slightly different species than Roomie. Her head and eyes are larger and she squawks more as he chirps more. A friend of mine that knows nothing about Parakeets guessed that Sunshine was the female because she was squawking and nagging poor little Roomie who just sits there and takes it. I really love these little friends of mine.

Pat 9-18-05 - 2005-09-18
I found my first Parakeet one month ago today, and this last Friday September 16th I found the second Parakeet, and after going on this web site I have discovered that the first Parakeet I found is a Male and he is Yellow and named Stormy and the one I found on Friday is Blue and a Female, I named her Sunny. Who knows, there may come a day when I have baby Parakeets. They are in the same cage and get along real well.

Blue Jeans - 2005-09-13
I found out my parakeet is very high maintenance. He craves attention and when he doesn't get any attention he bites. I found different kinds of whistles that he likes. I talk to him all the time now. When I'm not home I play the radio for him. My parakeets name is pockets.
Blue Jeans