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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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molly - 2005-12-26
I have 7 budgies and they are very playful. They love to groom each other a lot. Four of my budgies love each other so much that they mostly groom and play with each other. They are playful and very noisy on some of the weather conditions aroud the house. Most of the time they give us kisses on the cheeks which tickles. I love my birds and I know that they love me too.

ELIANA - 2005-12-24
I had a blue parakeet named Azulito which in english means blue. I had him for 3 years. he was so sweet. When I picked him up he would kiss my cheek, he bit me only twice in three years. I always played with him. I'm thinking that he was 7-8 years old probably when he died. He died in September or October because I had covered his cage so when it rained he wouldn't get wet, but he must have bit it because there were bite marks. Anyway, through the holes water had poured in the hole into his food bowl. in the morning before I went to school, when I went to give him food and water, he was dead. my mom thinks it must have been that he got intoxcicated. I felt horrible and could not stop crying since I loved him so much. out of my 8 birds he was my favorite. I will never forget him. he knew tons of tricks, he would go with me everywhere, he went in my shirt, and he always was friendly towards people. R*I*P YOu will always be in my heart

nadia - 2005-12-23
I have two parakeets named daisy and Aladdin. They can open the bathroom door with no help.

Lauren - 2005-12-23
Scooter is my best friend ever. he goes everywhere with me. the only thing that he cant do is talk. at one point he could say yes, but he forgot! he always knows what im feeling and how to make me laugh. he gives me kisses too. I LOVE MY BIRD!

Bria - 2005-12-22
I have a budgerigar Parakeet name Blue, because that is the color of it. I am trying to teach it to talk. I love blue even if i just got it the 21st of December and today is the 22 of december. I hope we become best friends because this is the 1st bird i ever got.

Diana - 2005-12-16
I have a budgie named tweety, who is a girl, and I've had her almost a year and a half. She is yellow with green splotches on her cheeks and a big green spot on her back. she has tons of toys and 3 mirrors.I really like her and she likes to give us kisses.

alison - 2005-12-14
I love my two parakeets. One is named Penny and the other is K.k.{that stands for Kind Kenny} I love them so much. They are so smart. They can get out of their cages without help. They can even climb up and down the stairs without flying. I love them!!

Asia B.Wolfe - 2005-12-08
I have a budgie parakeet named Pasqualito. He is superior to all other birds of his kind. He can outsmart them, outbite them, outclimb them, outchew them, outeat them, and out-talk any other bird of his species. I proclaim him to be the most intelligent parakeet on the face of the earth. His many exceptional phrases include the following:I love you. Come here. Hello.Hi. Hi baby. Come here Baby. I love you baby. Pasqualito. Come here Pasqualito. Whatcha doin. Poopy.
As you can see, my bird is the most intellegent, magnificent, excellent bird on the face of the earth.

- best bird trainer on the face of the earth.

marquita B. - 2005-12-06
I have 2 parakeets, one is "midnight" and the other is "percie".
They are so enjoyable and nice to have around. My kids love to watch them fly and sing. I hope to teach them to talk soon. I have many animals but my birds are the best. They love to walk on my picture frames and hop to another, they are so silly.

Clare Shea - 2005-11-29
I am doing a report on parakeets, this really helps.