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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Anonymous - 2009-02-07
I have a parrot like this and it is great and beautiful.

Franky Manigault - 2009-01-31
My Girl budgie died Tuesday January 27,2009. Her name was Terri. I had her for 6 years
and she died during the night. My other budgie, who's name is Lilian, is two years old and was stunned for two days and now she has finally gotten over the death. I have since bought another companion for lilian that is green in color. I have named her Katelyn. Oh, by the way, lilian is blue and Terri was white. I will always remember Terri.


Nathalie - 2009-01-28
I am getting a parakeet in April for my birthday. I used to not like birds because the only bird I had ever been around was agressive and always bit humans. Recently, my friend bought a parakeet and I instantly became attached because she was so playful and loving. I think the prettiest color of parakeets is blue. When I get my parakeet, if it's a boy I am going to name him Oliie and if it's a girl I am going to name her Lilly. This page has really helped me, so when I get my parakeet I will be well prepared. :)

Rashmeet Tiwana - 2009-01-20
I have a male and a female Budgerigars parakeets for 1 1/2 year; we like to know when, how they are going to mate? We place a nest in one corner of the cage, and the male chews on the nest. Also the male bites the female.
What should we do? advices are welcome.

Aaron - 2009-01-10
I have never owned a bird before, and just a few days ago I stopped by the pet store and bought everythng I needed to start out with my new little snow white budgie. She is the cutest thing in the world, and loves to sit on my shoulder. It's so much fun! I am not 100% sure how the forum works, but I am new at this of course so if anyone has great advice for my please share. I have lots of toys food, water a nice sized cage and treats, along with cuddlestones and whatnot but I would like her to play more, please respond anyone! : )

Maddie - 2009-01-02
My girl budgie died yesterday. Her name was Blueberry. Last night she died, I do not know how. My other bird Cokeanut cried out for hours.

Jenny - 2009-01-02
I actually adopted my budgie. When I got her she was two and her previous owner was moving to another state. Her owner never gave her a name and so I just named her Zazoo. Her previous owner also often ignored her and did not really take good care of her in the first place. She's still alive and is now six years old. She very attached to the other pets and only likes my dad. When I try to hold her she either bites me or flies away. Out of all my adopted pets, she was the one that had the hardest time adjusting to a new home. I think she's like that because of her previous owner. However despite that she still has this very big personality and is often seen bossing all the other birds around even though they are all much bigger than she is! lol. The bird she bosses around the most though, is my red-masked conure who was also adopted and is from the same previous owner. She's so cute! :)

Pat S. - 2008-12-27
I am bird sitting for some friends, its a green bundgie, it seems to have either pulled its leg, or is it possible for a bird to have a stroke? It can not get on the top rail, sits on the bottom of the cage, seems like it is going to fall of its perch, its not that old of a bird, 3 - 5 years, what is the life span of this bird? Oh and it was like this when I took him in...his feathers seem to be all messed up, not pulling at them, but, not healthy looking at all...

Ana - 2008-12-25
I was given a parakeet that has tail rot. Is there anything I can do to fix this health issue with this bird. Please someone help me...

Angel Ford - 2008-12-25
My husband just bought me a Parakeet for Christmas and I was confused about her behavior but after reading this website I understand. She is very quiet and just sits there on her perch. I just got her so now I know why. I will give her a few days so she can get used to my house, her house. Then I want to start handling her more cause I dont want her to be mean to humans. She is very smart and I know I can train her.