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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Margaret Garrett - 2009-06-11
We have been seeing a parakeet in our backyard with all the other birds. We don't know if parakeets are naturally in the wild, or if this bird has flown away from home somehow. We don't know how to help this bird, or if it really even needs help. Can they survive outside with the other birds?

jessica - 2009-06-10
I have 2 parakeets 1 male, Clover, and 1 female, T.J. (Tweety Jr.). Their cage door is open almost all the time, except for when some guests are over that don't like them or are afraid of them. T.J. I had since she was a baby. I had their parents, Lucky (the male) and Tweety (the female). Lucky was truly lucky. We found him in the fall in PA in the evening when the temp was in the 50's. He is a deep blue almost midnight blue parakeet. We had ask around the neighborhood where we found him if they or anyone they knew was missing a parakeet. No one was or anyone they knew was. My grandmother had Tweety at the time so he stayed with her. We had put up signs all around the neighborhood and one at the local liberary. No one claimed him. Tweety couldn't have cared less about Lucky at first. After a while they fell in love and had 4 babies. When I moved to another state I had to leave them there, but they have a good home. Right now I'm hoping T.J. and Clover will have babies soon. I have to put their nesting box in the cage. I cant wait!

Ricahard - 2009-06-08
Hello, my birds are very playfal. They say males are blue, how dark blue are we talking here. Tiger is a male and he is lite blue on the beak and niles. I gave him that name becaue he looks like a tiger. Spring is a female, they say they have pink or brown niles. Spring is all spring colors. I upgraded they're cage today, they are not use to flyng around in it. The cage is blue, W:12INS. by 43INS. long, hi is 86INS. They climb on every thing, they don't fly up to get around. My birds are not clean. Spring deaps his head in the water, and flecks it at tiger. When I'm not around they go blockers. Girls like to be handled, males don't, they draw blood. I put two swings in the cage so they don't fit over it. I think spring's pregnant, she's getting fat, and she does not want to be around anyone. She hogs the food dish, and when she's done she sits in it. I have to put her in the old cage, so he can eat and drink. She gets angry when I clean the cage. Tiger is loud half of the time. I've had them for 3 mouths now. My first bird looked like a rainbow and thats what I named it. She sat on my shoulder and I never had her in the cage much. She slept on a small blanket and she pulled it around her. She died because a worker dropped plaster all over the home.
My birls know 4 words; hI, hello, ho, and yea. I'm trying to get them to say Lura. One can say it, but the other one doesn't care.
From Richard

Basil Budgie - 2009-05-13
My 10 week old baby parakeet grinds his beak which apparently means he is content, But at the same time he looks like hes trying to open his wings and pokes them out a bit and they look like they're shivering! This is while his face is poufy and happy looking but the rest of him is not because his wings are protruding and his chest feathers are just normal. I would like to know if this wing-shivering is normal.

Matthew Lucas - 2009-05-10
PLEASE HELP. i have adopted a budgie. I have had him for about 4 years now, and all of a sudden he has puffed out all his feathers and now is on the bottom of the cage flapping and rolling around. What can i do to help him. im so scared ! Whats wrong with him?

julius - 2009-05-09
We had a pair of budgies named love2x and loveydove, then suddenly they died after 3 years. We bought another pair of budgies and name it after the first pair. The girl budgie lays eggs more than a month but still they are not hatched. I don't know why.

Mary - 2009-05-09
Hello. Last weekend I adopted a blue budgie parakeet that had been rescued from attack outside by two crows. I've never owned a parakeet and am now reading and learning. The budgie appears healthy and is getting acclimated to his new home. He sat in the bottom of the cage most of the first week and is just now starting to chirp and move around on the branches and bars. I think he is a male because he has blue coloring at the top of his beak, around his nostrils. I'd like to get him a companion, and am wondering if I should get another male or female. I don't want to raise parakeets so assume I should get a male. Will two males fight...

Tink - 2009-05-08
We just got a new parraket from a pet store in our small town.We named him Oliver and we call him Ollie for short. The owner of the shop said she just got it from the breeder and the breeder said it was just ready to leave its mother. About how old would that be?

KeetieLady - 2009-04-16
I need to clarify what I said about the ceres color telling the sex of the parakeet. It's not the literal beak, but the nostril area above the beak that has the color. ok? So, above the nostril, if pink girl, blue boy... and yes they turn brown in older age but it can take longer than you think! Also, I love all the names that everyone comes up with for their keets, every single one, they are soooo cute!!

martin - 2009-04-11
My 11 year old sister named her 3 month old Parakeet: Parthenios Drago.

What a name. The bird is very stoic white and blue, and was born in Port Alexander, ALASKA.

A hearty breed for obvious reasons.