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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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shirley redstone - 2010-07-18
I had 2 parakeets for about 3 years, one just died last week, a male, I went to get another one and it would not accept him. What is it that I should do? I took it back and now she is alone and chirping all the time. Is she lonely or is this ok? I would like to have two. I was told at PetsMart that the territorial cage when a new one comes in is not good for the one that has been there first. Is this true? Please advise me on this and what I should do, thank you shirley

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  • melissa - 2010-07-19
    Hi Shirley, what Petsmart says is true and if you want another parakeet then what you can do is buy another small cage for the new bird. It doesn't need to be a lot of money because it will only be temporary. Put the two cages side by side so the two birds can get used to each other without getting territorial. Wait a day or two then after they get used to each other let them both out of their cages so they can fly around together. If this all goes good and they like each other then you can move the new bird into the bigger cage with the girl you already have and just make sure you have different food and water dishes so they don't have to fight over it. Another tip is to try and get a bird about the same age as the bird you have now because that way they are more likely to get along. Hope this helps!
melissa - 2010-07-13
I've had my budgie Evanna for almost two years and never tried training her but now I am trying really hard to train her and nothing is working. I've tried so many things and it has been over a month of me trying to train her and nothing has really improved. Is this normal? And do you guys have any ideas or techniques I can use for having her trust me or that can help me train her? Please!

christine - 2010-05-05
I have 3 parakeets named say say and lilkim ,daddy tee. I found out later that lil kim was a boy because the cere change from pink to blue its not dark blue but you can kinda see blue mixed with pink. So my question is if lil kim is really a girl how come she didn't mate with say say or daddy tee yet? I had them for a year in a couple of months ..... please tell me why they aren't mating yet?

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  • Sidney - 2010-07-08
    It is not like your budgie is just going to breed with whoever you choose! I had 2 budgies for a year and they would not mate! I have Palm, like lil kim, who had a blue beak then a crusty brown. I have a yellow budgie named Aphrodite, who mated with my first bird, a beautiful aqua, Atlantis. I had to put Palm in a separate cage to do that. Signs of mating include: male hopping on female's back, feeding each other seed. You can actually see the seed going back and forth. Hope I helped!
cin cin - 2010-07-07
Hi .. my cock is cracking his eggs.. I took him out .. the hen has 2 eggs she is also sitting on them .. what to do?

Tommie Young - 2010-06-29
A little yellow Parakeet has turned up in my backyard. We feed the wild birds with a pole feeder and several suet stations. I tried to catch the bird during the night as it roosted in my Crepe Myrtle tree, but could not manage to get it. I've put a bottomless bird cage in my back yard propped up with a stick with a pull string, but there are so many White Winged Doves feeding, the little one can't seem to get through the crowd and under the cage. Anyone out there have any suggestions on how I can capture this little cutie? It's eating OK, but I'm afraid it won't survive long when cold weather comes in a few months, so would like to catch it and give it a good home.

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  • Jordan Wilby - 2010-07-07
    You can throw bird food on the ground and throw a big net over top of the parakeet and if you caught any doves let them free.
Donna Simpson - 2010-07-03
Hello, I live in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley in California--I have a large variety of wild birds that frequent our bird seed area and one day last March, 2010 a beautiful blue parakeet started showing up, it has a chartruese band across its head and we really enjoy watching it fly in with sparrows, juncos,finches, mocking birds, scrub jays, etc. and then suddenly a few weeks ago (late in May), another parakeet showed up-different color blue and white headed. Very curious--I talk to them, but should I be doing anything to assure their existence? How far do you think they fly to get here, maybe they live and escape an aviary near-by? Makes us wonder, in the meantime, I take pictures and the neighbors and I marvel at them everyday..Any advice?

asha - 2010-05-21
I have a pair of budgerigars for about three years now and they are not producing anything yet, I have a large cage everything is ok in terms of food, housing, fun, toys why i'm i not having babies.....but I am seeing on one has very long toe nails what is that?

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  • Heather - 2010-05-24
    Are they bonded to each other? Do they preen each other, feed each other, sing to each other? Sometimes you can have a pair that just don't bond. If they aren't bonded, they won't mate. I have a 4 and 5 year old male/female pair that were cage mates for 4 years and never bonded, but when my 4 year old male was introduced to my 6 month old female (I have 5 budgies), those 2 instantly bonded. They are always together, they preen each other, my male is always bringing my female food, they love each other. While Penelope was with Lucky for years they were friends but not a bonded pair. (Also, you probably know this, but make sure they are a male/female pair. Males usually have the bright blue cere and a female who is in breeding condition will have a scaly/crusty looking brown cere.)

    If they have very long nails, I would change your perches, get a cement perch that is bigger in diameter than their feet are. Those naturally trim their nails. Stores also cell other perches that are specifically for grooming their nails and beaks. Make sure you don't just have the wooden dowel perches. Offer different perches in different textures in different sizes. I have 5 different perches in our cage, plus their rope. Never use those sand paper covers or sand perches. They are bad for birds.

    Here's a video on how to trim budgie nails that I found. This lady has a lot of informative videos that I really have liked.

    If you decide to trim them yourself, make sure you have quick stop or corn starch on hand just in case you trim to closely. If your not comfortable doing it yourself, take the bird to an avian vet and they can do it for you.

    After that, just make sure you have the different size/texture perches in the cage and it should take care of the nails for you.
  • A.Sandstrom - 2010-07-02
    The long toe nails is probably a good sign because females need calcium to lay eggs, seeing as nails are made from calcium, the one lacking in nails may be pregnant, just be sure to get her to eat more calcium.
Gjorgji - 2010-06-25
I brought a budgie a week ago. He is white and he has got sky blue feathers and he is adorable, his name is Roki. I think that he is below 4 months old. He has many toys and perches and I think that he is happy. It was a gift from my father and mother for passing this school year well. He still doesn't trust me but I will try hardly to become a trusted person for him. I want to teach him to tell, if not 10 or more words , I would like to teach him how to say mine name and his.

Barbara - 2010-06-13
I have had two parakeets for 3 years, I bought them very young. I didn't handle them I just enjoy the sound of having parakeets in the house. I have always had just one but because I knew I didn't play with them I got two this time. One died. I am unsure if I need to buy it another friend or if he would rather not have a strange bird in his cage?

Holly - 2010-05-17
I have mother bird (budgie) and I am worried about her. She had a nest of 8 eggs.. four of them hatched already. So far they are eating good. But mom looks very thin and I am worried about her. She looks drawn.. Not sure if she is getting enough to eat from dad. I know he feeds her and the babies. But like I said, not sure if he is feeding her enough. When she came out last night to eliminate I noticed her and also noticed her belly looks like it is protruding. I examined it and it is soft and jelly like, and no feathers there in the lower part of her abdomen. Is she going to be alright?