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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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asha - 2010-05-21
I have a pair of budgerigars for about three years now and they are not producing anything yet, I have a large cage everything is ok in terms of food, housing, fun, toys why i'm i not having babies.....but I am seeing on one has very long toe nails what is that?

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  • Heather - 2010-05-24
    Are they bonded to each other? Do they preen each other, feed each other, sing to each other? Sometimes you can have a pair that just don't bond. If they aren't bonded, they won't mate. I have a 4 and 5 year old male/female pair that were cage mates for 4 years and never bonded, but when my 4 year old male was introduced to my 6 month old female (I have 5 budgies), those 2 instantly bonded. They are always together, they preen each other, my male is always bringing my female food, they love each other. While Penelope was with Lucky for years they were friends but not a bonded pair. (Also, you probably know this, but make sure they are a male/female pair. Males usually have the bright blue cere and a female who is in breeding condition will have a scaly/crusty looking brown cere.)

    If they have very long nails, I would change your perches, get a cement perch that is bigger in diameter than their feet are. Those naturally trim their nails. Stores also cell other perches that are specifically for grooming their nails and beaks. Make sure you don't just have the wooden dowel perches. Offer different perches in different textures in different sizes. I have 5 different perches in our cage, plus their rope. Never use those sand paper covers or sand perches. They are bad for birds.

    Here's a video on how to trim budgie nails that I found. This lady has a lot of informative videos that I really have liked.

    If you decide to trim them yourself, make sure you have quick stop or corn starch on hand just in case you trim to closely. If your not comfortable doing it yourself, take the bird to an avian vet and they can do it for you.

    After that, just make sure you have the different size/texture perches in the cage and it should take care of the nails for you.
  • A.Sandstrom - 2010-07-02
    The long toe nails is probably a good sign because females need calcium to lay eggs, seeing as nails are made from calcium, the one lacking in nails may be pregnant, just be sure to get her to eat more calcium.
Gjorgji - 2010-06-25
I brought a budgie a week ago. He is white and he has got sky blue feathers and he is adorable, his name is Roki. I think that he is below 4 months old. He has many toys and perches and I think that he is happy. It was a gift from my father and mother for passing this school year well. He still doesn't trust me but I will try hardly to become a trusted person for him. I want to teach him to tell, if not 10 or more words , I would like to teach him how to say mine name and his.

Barbara - 2010-06-13
I have had two parakeets for 3 years, I bought them very young. I didn't handle them I just enjoy the sound of having parakeets in the house. I have always had just one but because I knew I didn't play with them I got two this time. One died. I am unsure if I need to buy it another friend or if he would rather not have a strange bird in his cage?

Holly - 2010-05-17
I have mother bird (budgie) and I am worried about her. She had a nest of 8 eggs.. four of them hatched already. So far they are eating good. But mom looks very thin and I am worried about her. She looks drawn.. Not sure if she is getting enough to eat from dad. I know he feeds her and the babies. But like I said, not sure if he is feeding her enough. When she came out last night to eliminate I noticed her and also noticed her belly looks like it is protruding. I examined it and it is soft and jelly like, and no feathers there in the lower part of her abdomen. Is she going to be alright?

sueann nelson - 2010-05-11
Well, success has been achieved we now have baby budgies and do I separate the male there is only him, her and the babies?

christine - 2010-05-05
I had my parakeets for a year in a couple months in they still run away from me every time I go to talk to them, it hurts me that they aint use to me yet every time I go near the cage or anything they move back from me like they scared please tell me would they ever get used to me?

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  • Shirlshan - 2010-05-19
    I just adopted 2 parakeets a couple of months ago. I've realized that in the beginning of the relationship you have to take it literally slowly, try not to walk past or put your hand in the cage to fast, when it you and birdie time just sit with your hand in the cage and let them get used to seeing you, talk to them soothingly. You can also make it a treat time, with my birds they love millet spray so I use that to make them perch in my hand and eat while I stroke their head or chest and don't forget let them hear your voice so talk sweetly to them.
Steve - 2010-05-03
We recently inherited a female budgie and plan to breed her sometime in the not so distant future. Does she need grit for the shells of her eggs like a finch did when we bred them?

Donta - 2010-04-26
Hi my name is Donta. I bought two budgerigar parakeets in February, one is a male and the other one is a female. Every single time when I came to the cage the birds always fly away from me, I don't know why. Is it because they are afraid of me, or I have to be patient and wait until they can trust me?

Nicholas - 2010-04-25
I have 4, a mom a dad and 2 babies, well they are grown up but they are still babies. Well I went to see about their water and food and stuff and I see one of the babies head bleeding and no feathers on it and the mommy has blood all over her mouth so the mom must have been roughing up the baby so I have to separate the baby so I put the baby in another box until she gets better, but I think she might have died because she could barely walk, barely talk, and barely move.

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  • Kristen - 2010-04-27
    Aww. I'm so sorry. One of my parakeets died because they got in a fight while I was on vacation. What a nice surprise when you're on vacation and your pet sitter says that one died. Then when I got back my other had a broken leg. I'm trying to get new ones to breed but they won't...and its really frustrating.
  • meagan - 2010-04-29
    I'm sorry that happened I hope you are alright.
malu - 2010-04-11
I used to own three budgies named Crooner, Melody, and Tweeter. I recently lost Tweeter because their cage was knocked down by a sudden strong breeze. I saved melody and Crooner but never found Tweeter. I was so devastated and have been crying now and then whenever I remember him. These lively birds have given me so much joy and happiness. They are really great pets.