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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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colleen billado - 2010-10-11
I just inherited my parakeet (twist) we knew him before, but I'm not sure if he is a he or she I read what it said on how to tell but twist color is gray soooooooooo. Can any one help?

Ruben - 2010-10-10
I have a pair of Budgies, their names are Dayday (female, yellow) and Nytnyt (male, blue). Dayday laid 5 eggs last September and stays on her nest (a 5"x5"x5" wooden box) until now (Oct 11). It is now more than three weeks and I am feeling little worried. Is it still okay that Dayday's eggs still not hatching? What should I do to know if the eggs are in good condition? Please give me some important knowledge on birds. Thank you.

MaryKay - 2010-10-02
We have a 10+ year old female budgie and lately she's been sitting in her food. She's never nested and she doesn't appear sick. Any ideas?

carol holt - 2010-09-13
I have two parakeets they are light blue and white in color one has a purplish pink cere it has always been this color the other is sunny the cere was blue then changed a few different colors now its a real pale whitish color but I figure out if they are male or female stormy has the pinkish cere please can you help?

prashant - 2010-08-11
I have two pairs from last ten months and breed them once again one hen laid eggs soon they hatched thnx animal world

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  • prashant - 2010-09-09
    Give me your email add. I will mail you some tips.
Nina - 2010-05-22
I have two parakeets I bought them at the PETCO two weeks ago. One is blue and her name is BLUEBERRY and the other one is green and his name is Shawn. Both were tame the day they came home. So I felt very lucky. They both are very friendly and chirp a lot and love to watch tv with me and my kids and love to hear the radio and ZUMBA music when I workout. I hope they live to be fourteen. That's how much I love them both and they are both my feathered kids. I wish everyone a lot of happiness with their parakeets.

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  • AmAnDa :) - 2010-08-27
    That's Great! My mom is letting me get one in a couple of weeks! But as for right now, I have all the supplies from my past bird, Penny, who flew out the door by accident. This time, we're going to get a blue, male. How old are your birds? I am also going to get them at PETCO. Do you think they tame them in every PETCO? I hope so because if I had trained Penny, I bet he would've been easier to find... Well, we still never found him, but we heard him right outside my house. But other then that, anybody have ANY tips?
AJAY KAUL - 2010-08-19
Hi; I have 7 pairs of Parakeets for the last 4 years. Since last 2 years, they have stopped hatching the eggs. The eggs are either left in the pots or dropped on the floor of the cage. The space is large and the conditions are the same as earlier. I was advised to give small crystals of coal and lime - have tried the same; they ate a lot of coal crystals and chalk/lime. However, the eggs continue to be wasted away. At least 70 / 80 eggs have been wasted in the last 2 years. Can anyone help me for this problem.... Ajay Kaul -

LRB - 2009-08-05
I'm interested in buying a parakeet. I don't know whether to get a male or female. I have a few more questions. Should I get two parakeets? Are parakeets easy to train? Are they loud? Are they usually aggressive? Please let me know if you have anything that can help!

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  • Anuja - 2010-08-09
    Are you at home a lot? Do you have time to play with a parakeet a lot? Parakeets live in big flocks and need friends. If you are not going to be there a lot, I would suggest getting two. Everyone I know has 2 or more. Also, if you want to train a parakeet it would be harder with 2 but still pretty easy. Take training slow. Some parakeets are loud, others are quieter. They will be louder if there are two, but by not a lot. They are not very aggressive.
  • AJAY KAUL - 2010-08-19
    Hi, I can help you identifying the gender; check the upper part of their beak - right in the center. The male and female will have different colours on the center of their beaks - right on top. Not sure which colour is male / female; but you can be sure once the colours are different. Yes, you should never get a single Parakeet; get atleast 2 / 3 pairs. They are very social by nature. Yes, they keep making sounds all the time; but they are not loud like normal Parrots. They are not aggressive; they are shy. I have around 7 pairs, but have just read that they can be trained. You should give them big space with small pots to breed in.
junaid tariq - 2010-08-10
Plz any one would like to help me I am trying to breed my budgies but they are not breeding my blue male feeds my female budgie but she is not going into nesting box I have bought them one month ago and breeding season is started in asian countries where I live although she takes interest in male plz plz help me.

Margie - 2010-01-07
I have a 10 year old buggie male, this is my 3rd one in my 51 yrs of life. I got to tell anyone that just got a buggie, don't ever give up. Just when you are about to quit... they start talking! Spend as much time as you can with them. Have them on your finger and talk very slowly to them, repeating over and over to them. Pronounce the words, buggies will pick up certain letters in a word. They talk very fast, eventually it will slow down. They are more friendly to you if they don't have another bird with them. They are very social but you have to give them a lot of attention. They will back off at first, but have a routine with them, and don't give up! It took me 6 months with Tigger, now he talks all the time. He does forget some sentences. He use to say "here kitty ,kitty kitty" and "hi sweetie". His w's are not pronounced very well but his r's are overexagerated! We keep the cage open when we are home. He gets depressed and quiet if he is caged when we are home. He loves all human food except sweets except for fruits, although he wants some of yours, he won't eat it in his cage only if it is greens. He loves Cherrios, the pet store told me that was a great treat! When I am not at home I put on the radio for him. If not he gets sad, and yes, you can tell their moods. He loves to be kissed on the beek and the louder and funnier you talk to him he will get very excited and want to play. His favorite toy besides mirrors is a cat buzz ball. He will knock it down to the floor and play soccer with it and do a little dance thingy that cracks everybody up! He loves to sit on your shoulder and just hang out! He LOVES jewelery! They were thieves years ago when they lived on islands... so they are mischievous! He is the love of my life and loves to play with my two dogs too! I also had 2 cats that he loved to tease, he dive bombed them a lot. Eventually the cats just left him alone or just would lay and watch him play soccer on the floor. He is still very healthy. I guess I feel it is because we give him a lot of fresh food, good healthy stuff, although he will fight with you for your spagetti! A very simple toy is a spoon... they love their reflection. He talks to shiny pans and windows a lot, he has quite the character! My advice is just spend a lot of time with them. Make sure you have them in a room where you are mostly in and away from doors and drafts! This little $14 bird has been the joy in my life!

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  • Steve - 2010-05-03
    Back in '97 or '98 my wife bought me a budgie for my birthday. I was disappointed since I really wanted a larger bird. I acted excited and appreciative thinking to myself that the dumb think probably wouldn't even whistle or talk. In fact, I named him Caruso in a sarcastic twist because I thought he'd never talk. Boy I couldn't have been more mistaken! We got so attached and talk?...he talked up a storm. I too taught him to say "Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty". There's not enough room or time to print all his words/phrases. I used to get home from work around 5p daily and he would get on the back of my dinning rm. chair and whistle, watching for me to come home and eat. He would fly into the kitchen, land on top of the fridge and chirp loudly..he knew that's where the food came from at dinner time. If he saw me eat it, he would eat it, we shared everything (except choc. of course). He was a Christian bird, saying: Praise the Lord, Glory to God, Thank You Jesus, Pray for me and many other sayings. He counted to 7 and knew his alphabet up "P". He had so many diff. melodious whistles. He saw me typing on my keyboard so he thought he should try it and hopped down on the keyboard and started to peck away. He loved to ride on the back of my hand when I ran the vac. He would ask, "How ya doin' buddy?" and "Are you ok?" One time he did something bad and I said "You're in trouble"...well, it wasn't long til' he told me "You're in trouble". He loved to ride in the car in his cage when we would go on long trips...singing and chattering as he swung on his swing. He was the best. Unfortunately, we didn't know he had a huge tumor growing on his right side. One day he started to limp unable to use his right leg..we took him to a vet who wrapped him up like a mummy in athletic tape. I was so furious when I got home and saw what that vet did. After 2-3 vets, one had the sense to x-ray him and discovered the tumor...we had him for about 6yrs. When we got home from burying him in my in-law's rock/flower garden, I sat down on my easy chair and bawled my eyes out. We tried other budgies, but none have been as smart as Caruso. We inherited "Amigo" from my sis-in-law who had to sell her house and go into an assisted living facility. After closer examination, I found that Amigo is actually an Amiga..she is very active and quisitive...(spell?). More so than the last 2, Buddy & Bubba. We've have had her for about a mo. or 2 and she is making sounds like she's trying to talk...we'll see. There will never be another this day, I miss him so much...
  • william odell - 2010-05-02
    Margie, thanks for a great explanation of you and your best friend. I was thinking of getting a conure(green cheek) but after reading what you wrote and also finding out that parakeets are just small parrots, I am seriuosly thinking of getting one. I did not know that they are the best talkers of the bird family. What a surprise. Thanks again. take care, William Odell
  • pat - 2010-06-10
    I recently got 2 parakeets. I have never had a bird before. Someone told me to pull down the shades on the windows and cover any mirrors before letting them out of the cage. Will they fly into the windows or mirrors?
  • fairy - 2010-08-01
    I took a pair of budgies but they die with in one month. Now I have a male budgie so how should I treat with it and I am having central ac system in my home so I want to know how you maintain temperature for them. I really love my budgie to talk with me ...............