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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Gene - 2014-06-05
I have several budgies that are pied yellow/ blue. Sometimes they hatch with grey/ yellow, some with turquoise/white/ yellow. Has anyone seen this anomaly before? Is there any commercial interest? Please let me know as I haven't even found any reference to these combos anywhere!

jazmine - 2014-05-14
my bird is super healthy for trying all of these healthy things. pinapples,apples,apricots,bannanas,and other fruit. :D

janie - 2014-05-14
I was so hoping I had a pair of parakeets but I think I have now determined they're both males 1 is a definite blue the other one is a pinkish purple blue

Anonymous - 2014-03-25
What are warts on beaks and feet caused from?

Mary - 2004-01-15
Hello, I just got my second Parakeet,a Budgie.yesturday. When I first pulled out of the parking space that I was in after buying my keet. He was perched on my finger verry close to the window of my car. Then after 8 minutes, He went to the top of my sterring wheel. It was verry funny. The bird was not afraid of anything. He was first facing oncomming traffic. Then he turned toward me. When I had to make a sharp turn, he started to go down, I had to put him in one of my hands, That was after I put him on the steering when again. He rode there most of the way home, 15 miles away from our home, Then we went to the drive thru at the bank. To get new pet toys. He was again on top of the steering wheel, until we went back home again.... If this were a Story A would call it driving miss tweety...

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  • kelly martin - 2013-03-15
    that sounds like 'driving miss lazy' from a show called thats so raven SUPER :)
  • hailey bjornson - 2013-07-03
    They love company.
  • joe - 2014-02-15
    Are parakeets better left indoors or outdoors don't know if they carry any kind of lice.
  • Anonymous - 2014-03-18
  • Steve - 2014-03-21
    Your are not supposed to keet and drive. It is against the law.
ashley 28 - 2014-03-18
Parakeets are really intelligent birds, I have 2!

Sinchan Sarkar - 2014-01-22
I have four budgerigars parakeet.and two of them made a couple. they started to feed each other for near about three months. I have provided two breeding box in my cage. the cage is very big and spacious. but still the hen does not lay a single egg. I change their food and water regularly and have given mineral. What should I do now?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-22
    You may want to separate the pair for breeding, if you're sure it is a male and female.
Jim - 2013-05-20
I have a parakeet that makes a 'squeak' sound almost every second. At night he will do this almost all nigh(we are in the other room it doesn't bother us at night wile sleeping). Every now and then he will stop then start again. It sounds like almost every inhale/exhale produces a squeak. Worrying about him but he seems to be OK in the daytime. Every now and then in daytime he will do this.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-21
    That is a strange habit. It could possibly be a respiratory issue, but if he's eating and active, it may not be anything to worry about. A vet checkup may help determine if he's got anything that can be treated.
  • Marshmellow - 2013-11-20
    If you ever see anything strange with your bird, call All Bird Products at 888-588-3892. They will help him get back on track! The follow up too. Highly recommended.
Marshmellow - 2013-11-20
Parakeets are not only sooo cute but too much fun to be with. My little Makapoo is a doll! He began talking within a couple of months. Your chances are much higher (for a talking parakeet) if you buy a male. At last count he had a vocabulary of about ninety words. Yes they are very curious and fly fast. Once I was looking for something in the refrigerator and between the time I got what I wanted out of the fridge and closed the door, he flew inside. He was talking and singing earlier so I went looking for him all over the house. I don't know what made me look in the fridge but there he was on the shelf. Thank god he is healthy and strong. I feed him bird food that does not contain artificial colors or chemicals, purified water, organic dried greens, fresh veggies, and I sprinkle daily essentials 3 on his food too. Always make sure your hands are clean when playing with them and I am super careful about cleaning products that I use. If you want top of the line bird products and advice, call All Bird Products at 888-588-3892. They are true bird lovers and will answer all your questions. Have a great life with your best friend. Makapoo is actually my therapist. HahAhah...

Tommy VanVleet - 2013-11-02
Ok I just got a parakeet. It's about 5 months old. I was wondering will he still learn how to talk if I'm persistent and patient? And how do I bond with it? I studied up about the bird but never had my own bird personally. Just need some good tips.... oh and how do I give it a bath? Does it just shower with me? How hot should the water be? Need tips please! Thanks.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-11-07
    How great, parakeets are wonderful pets! Unfortunately, there's no absolute assurance that your bird will talk. Time and patience may result in some words, but parakeets are not the best talkers in the parrot world. Info on ways to give your parakeet a bath can be found on the Parakeet Care page under the topic 'Care and Feeding'.  You can take the bird in the shower, but birds usually prefer lukewarm or room temperature water, and that's a little cold for you in the shower:)
  • June steenveld - 2013-11-09
    Hi tommy. My name is june Steenveld. My heart is very sore this morning. It's 1.30 in morning and I just found mine dead in the cage 30 minutes ago. I got hm last year in December and he was so cute. He was singing lately happy birthday to him and could already speak a lot and answered me. Last night he was sitting with head down and said he is sad. To answer your questions. I was just like you, impatient. Yes they talk a lot, they love water and bath everyday. I used to put him in a bath with really really luke warm water but very shallow. Otherwise you take a bottle and sprinkle water over them. I got mine at 3 weeks and spoon and mouth fed him. You must bond with him by handling him alone and talk to him a lot. They told me he will only start talking at a year but mine started at 6 months. I wish I can get another one. If you want to contact me, I'm on facebook.