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Tina Petersen - 2011-08-24
ok I have 3 parakeets. I believe two are male and the other is female. Are you able to age them by there markings. I would really like to know how old they are. Thanks for any help in this matter

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-24
    The cere - the area directly above the top of the upper beak and below the eyes will take on a bluish color for the male and a tanish color for the femlae when they reach sexual maturity.
    That's around 6 - 12 months. I don't know of any other specific way on a parakeet. Birds age (obviously) and if the facial patch (such as on a macaw) is bare, the do show wrinkles. The feet on an older bird shows age just like on the hands of humans but you have to be around them a lot to really notice unless someone can point it out. Sorry
orlene - 2011-08-15
i got 4 parakeet two males and two females the two females are rare. I was wondering when they start breeding,

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-15
    Parakeets reach sexual maturity between 6 months and 1 year of age. As to when they start breeding - that depends on them. You possibly can do things that may help. About a year old - gives them lots of nutricious and soft foods, vegetables fruits etc. You can try and lengthen their day via a UV light. Nesting materials or things they can chew up like twigs. Line the nest box and give them a perch by the nest box for easy access into and out - so they won't hit the box on a full run and break the eggs. Also, easier for them to guard their home. Patience .....
Sherry Gooch Pruitt - 2011-07-27
How can I tell if my parakeet is male or female?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-28
    Right above the upper part of the beak (little lower than inbetween the eyes) is called the cere. The male parakeets cere is blue and the female cere looks more tan or a light yellow.
  • coconut - 2011-08-10
    You can tell by looking were their nose is. If it's blue or whiteish it's a boy. You can only really tell by this if its mature or like 6 months old
Hilda - 2011-08-04
Hi,,,,I have a pair of parakeets for 3 months,,,they dont mate....why?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-05
    It takes awhile for any pair of birds to acclimate to a new enviornment. Until they are relaxed, feel at home and at ease, they usually do not breed. Breeding season is pretty much year round so you just have to be patient. Also, you are sure you have a boy and a girl - right. Boy has blue cere - coloring above upper mandible (beak) and girl is usually a tannish color. Good luck but just be patient.
annie - 2010-04-04
I just got a new Budgerigar, will it eat oranges?

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  • Kristen - 2010-04-27
    It is best you probably don't give them oranges because of they acids in the fruit. Also don't give them avocados.
  • Steve - 2010-05-03
    Our 1st Budgie, Caruso, wouldn't eat oranges or fruit w/ pulp until he saw me eat it, then he would eat it like it was going out of style. I read somewhere that it's not recommended for them, but it never hurt him. Actually, if he wouldn't eat something we tried to feed him, all I had to do was eat it or pretend to eat it in front of him showing him it was ok to eat it. Never, Never, Never give them's poisonous to a budgie. Have fun!
  • Anonymous - 2011-07-14
  • tania - 2011-08-01
    You can give your budgerigar fruit that's very sweet.They like to eat this that are...but never give them cherries. There's two type of cherries that's is harmfull to parakeets.
tina haller - 2011-07-11
Why does my male budgey parakeet hump his toys is he lonely?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-11
    Males - especially the smaller birds do this. Sometimes male puppies do it also. It's nature. I am sure your little budgey would like a partner but it isn't necesary. That depends on whether you want baby budgies. You could also get a second male and therefore he would have the company - but no babies. The hump is nature at work.
coree - 2011-06-09
When I got my parakeet for Christmas last year, my cousin thought its beak was was broken. Since the birds in Michigan have beaks that sticks out and a parakeet doesn't stick out. Even they have small beaks they can bite that feels like hurtful pinch or a bee sting.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-09
    Anything will bite sometimes - even humans. Yeah a little parakeet - they don't have a huge bite but it will get your attention. Right?
coree - 2011-06-08
I'm going to buy another parakeet. So my parakeet (Polly) can have a friend. Since the weather is warm hear in Croton-Hardy dam Michigan I take his cage outside to talk other birds wich he does all the time.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-08
    Good for you. They will both love you and they will have someone to play with when you aren't there. They are very social creatures and don't much like being on their own. Lots of fun with them.
Audrey - 2011-06-01
I want to know how long till parakeets lay eggs! Also I want to know what makes parakeets happy and get used to humans?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-01
    Parakeets reach sexual maturity sometime between 6 - 12 months. So sometime in their the female would be able to lay eggs. If there is a male, possibly those eggs would be fertile but don't be too disspointed if they are not. Sometimes it takes a pair a couple of clutches to catch on to having babies and feeding them.
    Parakeets get used to humans based on the amount of time you spend with them. Talk to them, hold them, play with them. However, if you are interested in them breeding, then they are probably going to want more privacy at times. You would be able to talk to them but not necessarily hold them.
michael - 2011-05-18
Hi. I just want to know the complete list of bird toys? I need help on how to make parakeets nest? I also just want to know how long does it take to train a parakeet? Thanks a lot

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-19
    There couldn't be a complete list of parakeet bird toys. The list would be enormous and wouldn't even have any new ones that people think up. Birds in the wild spend most of their time looking for food. Anytime they have left over, they play. You are feeding your birds so they don't have to look for food, so they will want and desire to play. They are a gillion parakeet bird toys. They seem to like bells, need stuff to chew on such as wooden toys. They like swings (most of the time). They like things that hang down that they can push. You can clean off pinecones and put them in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have a toy. You can put a little peanut butter in the bottom of a dixie cup and you will have a toy. Just start and your parakeets will train you as to what they like. There are nest boxes (usually around 7 x 7 x 8) that can be found in the pet stores and attached to the cage. You don't need to put nesting materials in the box. They feed their babies laying on their back so many times nesting materials will suffocate the babies. You can put some twigs, branches, kleenex, maybe a little carefresh on the bottom of the cage and if the parents wish to use it, they can. They usually use their feathers though. Train - depends on what you want to train them to do. Birds, parakeets are as different as children. Some learn quicker than others. Some just aren't interested. Have fun and good luck.
  • posypanda - 2011-05-31
    About the training(and toys), there is an OVERFLOWING list of ideas. training usually takes one to two weeks, depending on your bird. as for toys, just put a swing with a bell or two, or just put some ladders. that usually occupies my budgie.
    good luck!!!:)