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   Not only does the Parakeet or Budgerigar make a super pet, but is also available in over 100 color forms!
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Gabriel - 2012-03-26
One of my parakeets just died. I'm not sure what happened to him. I'm not an expert on parakeets so I need some info.

He had 3 other parakeets in the cage with him. Food was replaced daily along with Fresh water too. I had him for less then a week a total of 5 days. Found him in the corner of the cage and on the bottom of the cage had poo piles like diarrhea. I was gone for the day and when I came home that night he was dead.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-26
    I have no way to know what happened to your little guy but I would sure throughly clean and disinfect the cage/toys etc. My concern is you just bought the parakeet from a pet store and what happens if the parakeety was ill and/or contacious? On the bottom of the cage with diarrhead could be any number of things but my concern is to protect the ones you have left. Clean everything extremely throughly with bleach water solution or Novalsan. Unless the parakeet ater something toxic, I'd say you bought a sick bird. You might want to talk to a vet.
Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-03-25
ok how do you tell if your parakeets is pregnant because she is fatter than the male.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-25
    If you think she is pregnant, she probably is. Get a nest box ready and wait for the eggs. Females are usually fatter than the male but when obvious, probably pregnant and eggs soon.
Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-03-03
Now my parakeets are throwing seeds what do I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-03
    That is what they do. All parrots throw seed - I call it 'food fight' but actually they are just throwing the seed they don't much care for to get to the good stuff. Birds throw seed, kick seed out of bowls and will even pick up a mouth full and throw it at their human. It is funny. It is normal. Nothing you can do.
  • rick - 2012-03-22
    I keep my parrots and parakeet in glass aquariums with metal screen tops; like for reptiles. The pet stores like Pet Smart carries corn cobb or bird crushed walnut liter; this can be cleaned by sifting with a poop scooper also for reptiles at most pet stores and clean the glass with vinegar and water solution it is nontoxic and bugs and such do not like vinegar. Pet Smart also carries perches which set on the floor of the tank and with the metal reptile tops you can hang perches or toys! It keeps the mess down and my birds are quite happy! Of course I let them out every day as well! Also Pet Supplies Plus delivered my forty gallon tank and stand, for free!

Mary Stewart - 2012-03-11
My male parakeet started a couple days ago sitting in his cage with his feathers ruffled could there be something wrong with him

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-11
    Usually if a parrot is just sitting there - especially on the bottom of the cage or in a bowl - but just sitting with the feathers fluffed up - they are very ill. I would get the little fella to the vet immediately. They do their best to hide illness but just sitting and fluffed (not just for a few minutes) but extended tim frame - he is sick. You would need meds.
  • rick - 2012-03-22
    There is a varity of bird powder medicines available at all pet stores and you add the powder to the water. I have nursed my birds back to health. I also suggest you use a water bottle like for a hamster; they have some for birds, my birds drink from theirs easily! And a good heat light would help your bird heal! Keep birds away from nonstick pans smells it can kill them! I have a grey parrot, an amazon and a small blue and black parakeet and they're a joy!
VictoRiia Lopez - 2012-03-21
I have two parakeets blue and yellow. The blue one has brown on its nose and the yellow one has super light blue (almost reaching to white). How can you tell the difference between which is a boy and girl?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-21
    The males cere (nose) is usually blue and the females nose (cere) is a tan or yellowish tan.
Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-03-09
OK my female parakeet is pooping and her poop is mostly water in it some piece of green poop. Is somthing wrong. Is she going to die?

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  • Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-03-09
    Do you think because she does not drink water
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-09
    Possibly too much fruit or even too many vegetables but defitenly fruit will do his. A change in diet could possibly do this. One half grape to a parkaeet is like you eating a whole watermelon. Yes, she has diahrhea and could get seriously dehydrated. If it goes on longer than two days - I'd take her to the vet.
Aby T. - 2012-03-02
I had two parakeets (male and female), the female died today and i was wondering if i got a new female,would my male parakeet get along with her?

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  • Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-03-03
    This happened to me. I let the male stay by itself, then I tamed it. It will not get sad if you tame him and play with him. So if you don't have time to play with the bird then buy one but make sure it's almost the same age as the male. Mine lived 12 years by itself. It was the same age as me but it died.
KeetieLady - 2009-04-16
I a commenting to "missingmybird" and also to the one who asked how you can tell the sex of a bird... vets can tell for sure, ha, but other than that, its their ceres "beak" color, if blue a boy, if pink a girl, easy to remember-- but sometimes one must wait a bit because my present keet was about 3 months when his ceres went from pink to blue and later vet confirmed.
To missingmybird, 7 yrs is a nice life--and you gave him a good one and a nice end for him to kiss you before going to birdie heaven... I had a keet that ran into things--everytime he flew-- and we realized he was partially blind so that may be it with your precious parakeet. I hope you consider getting a new one. My blind one only lived 5 yrs but my present bird is 12 years old next mo and doing extremely well.
Even though my talkin Tweet is 12, I never had his wings-- or nails-- clipped and his cage is always open but I'm careful that he never got used to combing the floors, you know like we do beach combing-- it's dangerous what they will put in their mouths... but they like children, they won't hurt them, and like to fly, that is so important. and unless you have been trained to clip wings and nails you really shouldn't do it yourself![thinking of someone here who commented].

Laura Reyes - 2009-12-04
I love having parakeets. I had a beautiful girl named Bebe for 3 years, but someone left the door open and she flew away right before a hurricane like storm, so I lost her. I cried for 2 days because she did lots of cute stuff and my husband and I loved her alot. Then,a year ago I got 2, Dude and Precious, and Precious died a couple of months ago. We had a funeral for her and buried her under an oak tree. Now I got Zen about 4 months ago, and I thought it was a boy, but the cere changed color so I think its a girl! I am confused, and may have to call her Zena! Anyway she plays soccer with a golf ball and carries a tiny baseball bat around in her mouth and is very funny. Dude is rather timid but is a beautiful white and turquoise. I am thinking of getting another one soon. I love them!

shadwick jones - 2009-04-12
My wife and I and our three children just received the gift of two young parakeets one blue, one yellow. My wife was outside with the dog when the blue one started to land on her. Not knowing what it was she swatted at it (she did miss though). After realizing what it was and seeing it had a partner, we started the process of catching them. After an hour of trying to catch them while they were wanting to land on us but were too afraid to, my wife was able to grab one (of course it bit the flitter out of her). We put it in a cage and finally caught the yellow one, and now they are both in the cage and are very content. We put up flyers thinking they just got away from someone, but no one has called. So we will keep them and care for them as we have had so many more animals in the past. My wife named them "lost" and "found" and it has stuck. Now it's just a matter of training them to not bite and building a larger cage for them. This all happen three days before Easter. I guess the Easter Bunny was a little early (hopefully next year he will remember that we all enjoy egg hunts, but we prefer them before they hatch and can fly, its a lot easier).