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   The Alexandrine Parakeet, like most of the ringnecks, is a very striking bird.
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katrina walsh - 2006-01-07
Hello im from Australia, we bought our Alexandarine home just 3 months ago, he is almost 5 months old. He comes everywhere with us, sometimes i let him sit in the peach tree as he has not learned to fly yet and his wing is still clipped. I would love him to be a free flyer, im teaching him to fly to me in the house, when we are out side he never tries to get away. he sits on my headrest in my car and with the window down an inch he loves getting the wind through his feathers, this is one of his favorite spots. He loves to chew on branches from the fruit trees and my daughters dinosaur collection. He can say hello to my other birds too.

Alisha Cogan - 2005-09-10
I have an alexanderine parakeet and I am 9. My alex parrot's name is chomper amd he is just over 12 months old. He is starting to talk. I would love to get him out of his cage but I'm scared he'll fly into something and hurt himself. He loves eating corn. when he talks he says "what are ya doin hey". At night when he is ready to sleep I sneak over to his cage and pat him on his greasy beak. I have seven other birds and they all copy each other!

Iv - 2005-06-27
Hi, I'm from Australia and we found our Alexandrine. Actually he found us. He walked (didn't fly) into my wifes work one day and started talking. When it became her turn to take him home for the weekend we both fell in love with him. We placed posters at the local shops, city newspapers, etc about a missing parrot (we didn't know what he was). No body collected him so he was ours. 9 months or so later he grew his ring, and we've taught him a lot.
He gives kisses when asked, can say a lot of stuff. Has a diet coke addiction (doesn't like normal coke), eats breakfast lunch and dinner with us (I work from home).
He goes through toys and ladders like there is no tomorrow. We've even made him a stainless steel ladder because he was eating through two a month. We've since placed a nice softwood we found in the bush in his cage.
The only weird thing is, he lets almost every female pat him, he actually loves it, but never lets me or any male touch anything but his beak. I guess he must have been mistreaded by a male owner previously.
We absolutely love him, he is a part of the family.

Liz - 2005-05-17
I have 2 Alexs, they have more of a stand offish personality than other parrots (ie not always as cuddly) but by far more personality and individuality. They LOVE toys and things to chew on, I have had to use branches for perches as they love to chew through them (bit cheaper) and they love the McDonalds toys (so long as no small moving parts etc).
Excellent bird - splendid colours as well. though a lot of photos miss it their feathers have a nice silvery shine when the light hits it. They are very smart and have been known to be compared with African Greys on their abilities on several occasions. I think they are very much the underestimated parrot when it comes to abilities.

Karin Jacob - 2005-05-06
I have a 6 year old would not believe he even barks like my dog and loves to talk on the cellphone. his name is Paako. I surely would love to have some more pictures of a male Alexandrian, so I can have them in my computer collection. Thank you very much. Karin.

jessica - 2005-01-25
I have an Alexandrine Parakeet named Frankie, he has just started getting his ring around his neck and a few pink feathers. He is about 15 months old and isnt very friendly while in his cage, but when out of the cage he sometimes gets very mean. He is now just starting to talk infront of my family and me. Im his owner i dont understand why he dosent be friendly towards me. He says a few words like hello, Pretty Boy, Frankie boy and he also mumbles which is really funny to listen to. Maybe it will take him a while to get used to me

Natalie - 2005-01-07
i have a 6 mth old male named tiko. i love him to death. he has a thing with growling which is amazing cause he does it when he cant do something, or we walk past him without saying hello, or if we walk away from him. very bright bird.

CherokeeCandy - 2005-01-01
I removed my three Alexandrines from their nest at two weeks. The three have totally different personalities. All treated the same with am and pm, one on one, as well as group attention. They love their baths and they demand I blow dry them afterwards (this was a daily occurance while I was hand feeding to keep their soft feathers from becoming so dry and mucky). The oldest one is the least friendly, very vicious inside the cage and mellow outside. The middle one, the smartest of all, picks up words constantly at 8 months old and the other two follow its lead. Middle one is very friendly and loves to kiss. Baby is simply a heart stealer. Baby is the clown of the group, extremely passive inside and outside of the cage. Loves to kiss and ride ATVs. Baby will stop playing and run over for a smooch then continue with playing. If a trainer takes a little time with these precious little bodies, marvelous beings can arise.

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steph - 2004-08-26
Ive had my alexandrine parakeet for 3 weeks, his name is Dallas and he is about 9 months old! he is Really shy infront of new people! he runs around the house carrying his toys! If your planning on getting out they LOVE chewing on things!