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   The Alexandrine Parakeet, like most of the ringnecks, is a very striking bird.
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Suranjan - 2007-04-05
Hi, I am Suranzone from India. I have one Alex named 'Mithu'. He is a 2yr old male with extensive vocabulary. He loves to chew things and especially loves me and my mother. And he loves to talk more & more...a very beautiful pet I have ever seen.

Francois - 2007-02-21
Hi I have had a female Alexandrine Parakeet for 7 years, this is the 3rd year she is hatching. I am the only one able to play with her, very aggressive with other people. She does not mimick, simply says "Allo" all the time, or sings when we are not watching. Would like to let her go out of her cage more often but she eats plants and chews averything she can find so this is very destructive. I wonder if I could make her less aggressive and less destructive, thus allowing her to fly around the house more often. Thanks, Francois from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

Jo Price - 2006-08-10
We have had Harlequin for about 9 months and feel he/she/it is the best bird. Harley has been talking for about 4 months now, with Hello, Good Boy, Hello Harley, Hello Harlequin, Are you a good Bird and other noises which we haven't deciphered yet.
He loves to learn tricks and will fetch small objects and put them in a dish - his version of basketball, he waves to us and nods.
He screeches a bit when he hears the car coming up the drive, but is very quiet apart from that.
He loves being out of his cage and his regular shower times.
His favourite toy is destroying plastic milk bottle tops tied together on a string.
Food he doesn't like he picks up and tosses from his platter. We don't witness any aggression from Harley - except he may warn us that he doesn't like the idea of having to go back into his cage.
He has learned how to open the cage door when it is unlatched and climbs on top of his cage and runs along it to say 'Hello' to the cockatiels in the cage beside him.
Cuddles and being touched is not something Harley currently enjoys, but is something we are trying to encourage.
The rewards Harley gives us is well worth the time we have spent training him.

chris - 2006-07-16
Hi We have had an Alexandrine parrot for about 1 year now. They are amazing and highly intelligent birds. Along with the other birds we have, I have found that he picks up different words and sounds much faster than the other normal ring necks that we have. He is a very gentle bird and loves to fondle and receive attention.
Chris, South Africa.

DICKY - 2006-07-15
My Alexandrine, POLLY, male has been with us as a chick for the last 16 (SIXTEEN) years! While his home is a large silver cage with a glass top he is let out everyday and enjoys perching on our shoulders all the while talking and taking part in our conversations. He loves to help himself to a sip of whatever anyone is drinking, soft drinks, water etc, and eats whatever we are eating when out. He is a powerful flier and has the run of the house although he prefers to perch on our shoulders. All visitors especially children are greeted with a "Hi Polly, how are you, come here,( kiss)" -a smooching noise. He calls the children by name and my wife and the guards and servants. He loves being given fruits and nuts and always says "thank you" on getting a snack. A superb whistler, Polly belts out several lines of Colonel Bogeys March as well as several other tunes. He's obviuosly getting on in years but doesnt show it.

jijo - 2006-06-21
Hello I am jijo from India. I have two alexandrines. The male is one year yonger than the female mittu. The male has got a loud noise and both are good in mimicking. They together will call my dog rocky if they see him. I used to took them out of the cage and play with them. i am planning to breed them if i can.

Muhammad Osman - 2006-06-18
i am a doctor & interested in having a medium sized parrot as a pet. is an excellent site for a beginner. i do recommend it.

angie luis - 2006-05-17
I have a alexandrine ringneck. he is super adorable and on sundays when i vacumn he jumps in his water bowl and dunks his whole body in and takes a bath. also he loves popcorn and he loves company.(He's spoiled to death!)

Jon Simonsen - 2006-04-25
I have begun to see hybrid mutation Alexandrines available and the colors are amazing. I have kept an Alexandrine as a pet for 5 years and they are charming and very social. My mature male has a real soft spot for children, I can see why they are called "gentle giants".

Manan - 2006-03-21
hello. i am from india and i have a lovely pair of alexanderine parakeets. Sparky(male) & julie(female) are doing excellent at my place. they are both hand fed parrots and hence they have never been in cage environments. i have clipped their wings, they dong attempt to run away at all, my only issue is that the sparky is often fighting.