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   The Alexandrine Parakeet, like most of the ringnecks, is a very striking bird.
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Anonymous - 2008-05-04
Dear animal world, that parakeet is very sweet and pretty. I wish I could buy it. I really like it. Sincerely, Jonathan

janice devlin - 2008-03-09
I have a 2year old male alexandrine called Cracker. I got him from a friend who'd just had a baby and couldn't give him the time. He can be nice and can be grumpy. He won't let me or my boyfriend stroke him. He perches on our shoulders and gives us kisses. He likes looking at himself in the mirror and twirls around on the stick we use for him. He also shows us his wings when we ask him to. He's a good talker, he says about 40 words. He even does a few animal noises; a chicken, dog, and a cat. He asks us what were up to and tells us he's a good boy now! He can be quite noisy when he wants attention but we wouldn't be without him, he's great company.

Kathryn - 2007-10-30
Ive had my Alex now for three weeks. He's 3 months old, loves cuddles, and sleeps while I'm stroking him. He's trying very hard to talk and loves a bath. He was getting very demanding wanting me to play and hold him all the time, so we bought a young ringneck. They are getting along really well being that they are both hand raised. Having a friend has made Boof very bold and he shows off, climbing to the very top of the cage and hanging upside down. He flew from his cage onto my shoulder for the first time this evening (i think he wanted to share my dinner). He is so bright and entertaining i would recommend this parrot to anyone if they have the time to give them the attention they crave.

Nancy - 2007-10-29
My Alexanderine, Tinkerbell, is the best friend anyone can have. I have had her for just over 18 months, she is approx 6 years old. I got her from an aviary. I have no idea why her previous owners would have gotten rid of her. She is very affectionate, often sits on my chest, and can be stroked continuously for hours on end. She is very very spoilt and if she doesn't get attention, can be very loud. She talks and says "Hello", "Hello Birdy", "Good Girl". She is a very loving bird, but i would recommend Alexanderines to people with a lot of time to donate to them.

Don & JoAnn Morse - 2007-08-14
My wife and I adopted a female Alexandrine a few months ago. She joined our family which included a male Blue Conure and our house general, Buddy, a grey cockatiel we've had for 20 years. We had just lost our previous house general, Joey, a grey who reached 24.
Our Alexandrine, Maestro, must have been impeccably trained by her previous owner. Being given up only due to the previous owners pregnancy and new baby, we were the lucky recipients. This parakeet is without a doubt the most gentle, loveable bird we've ever owned. Docile, social, and courteous would be the three words that best describe her. She's comfortable with anyone that comes in the house and even tolerates our 4 year old grandson. And yes, even our 20 month old grandson was able to stroke her while on our hand. She simply adjusted to the situation. She's a dear. on my shoulder as I write this she just helped me finish dinner of a plate of vegetables, now preening. This bird would be a great pet, but she does require heaps of attention and love.

Susie - 2007-08-08
My Alexadrine, Jerry, is now 1 year old. He was bought by my son (11) who researched birds extensively before purchasing with his birthday money from a breeder who hand fed him from a few weeks old. Jerry has become one of the family and lives inside with us. He is just amazing and at 4 months old picked up his first word Hello. He now has an extensive vocab and also has a few tricks up his sleeves. I found that once he got his first word out it didn't take long before he started with other words. He is unbelieveably bright and is very connected to all of us. I'm sure he thinks he is human and not a bird. We are all out during the day with school and work. He has alot to entertain himself with in his cage and we leave the radio on for him during the day. We make sure he is included in everything when we are at home including meal times. I would recommend this bird to any family as they are very entertaining and give you great pleasure.


Tanya Meyar - 2007-08-05
Hi my female Alexandrian parakeet Is so cute. She also sleeps in the day and preens herself the whole day. thanks

Mike - 2007-06-29
My male Alex is called Bailey (Like Irish Cream). He is 3 1/2 yrs old and shares his B-Day with his human mom of Jan, 31st. We hand fed him for about 3 weeks. Definitely the kindest animal I've seen. He does get protective of his food dish in his cage, otherwise never a bite. He does at times get into a bayo-rit whistle that he learned from me. His mom and I have spent countless hours teaching songs like 'Oh Danny boy' and 'My name is MacNamara'. Vocab is hello, gimmie a kiss, where you goin, come here, what are you doin, Hello, friends, and more. Even got him to "poop on the paper" most time. His beautiful moustache and ring came in at about 2 yrs. I believe the bonding while hand feeding was the key, and of course the amount of time spent also. Good luck to all. Mike and Bailey

Heather - 2007-06-23
Hi, My name is Heather I adopted a misunderstood alex parakeet when I was 16 she was very mean and bit everyone that walked by her cage! I solved this by spending alot of time just sitting next 2 her cage and talking and watching tv till one day she walked up to me! The thing is you have to be willing to get bit everytime you pull your hand back, they learn how to control you. A glove might work but for many birds it intimidates them even more! She learned hello the first night I brought her home but it took months for my trust, but after it was earned she was the best pet ever. I would wake up every morning with her nibbling on my fingers! We lost her 3 years ago and now my husband has a timneh african grey named harley but he isn't nearly as loving as she was. So now I am getting another alex for myself and my 3 year old daughter.

Debra - 2007-05-21
Hi everyone. I've got a male alexanrine named Mick (after Mick Jagger). He's very very mean. He doesn't like to be touched and would take your finger off if you gave him half a chance. Nobody touches him because they are all scared of him. I let him out but have to use a stick to work with him. He says 'hello boy'. I hand fed Mick and it seems when he started eating on his own he turned a bit nasty. He is particularly evil in his cage.... if I give him food he goes for my fingers and growls. I would really love to make him more affectionate and loveable to the family. Debra