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   The Alexandrine Parakeet, like most of the ringnecks, is a very striking bird.
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cynthia - 2009-02-12
Our cutest feathered kid is called Priti. He is about a year old now. He dines with us on the dining table along with the other family members. Affectionately kisses. He hates to be unnoticed. He has become a part of our family now. We love him. He is amazing!!

Rachelle - 2009-02-05
I have an Alex who is about 5 years old, she is just lovely, affectionate and clever. She sits on me like a little baby making little chirping/bopping sounds. I don't know whether she thinks I'm her mate or what the go is. I have had her since she was a dorky looking baby with her beak way too big for her head, and the second I saw her, that was it, I had to have her. Her vocabulary is not too big and consists only of a very sleezy "helloooo"....
She has flown away a few times over the years (about 4 times) and every single time she has flown back home again. The last time she flew straight back into her cage. Each time she has spent 2 nights out in the "wild", calling to me periodically just so I know she is ok. There is no mistaking her call, although I can never quite work out which tree it is coming from! Then on the 3rd afternoon out she will start making her way closer and closer to home until she can glide back to me. She will then eat like she has never eaten before. Every time I have lost her I have spent the whole time worrying that this will be the one time she won't come back, but each time she comes home. I am amazed at how clever she is. Especially since each time she has flown away she has been in a completely different suburb or even state, and she still finds her way back! I used to clip her wings, but it made no difference to her ability to fly, so now I leave them alone so at least if she does manage to get out I know she is able to fly properly which will give her a good chance of survival.

Pounami Banerjee - 2009-01-02
My Alexandrine TUTU is a year old now. I got him when he was a baby. Within a very short time he became a part of our family, the youngest and the most lovable one. He has learned to pick up words even a few sentences within a very short period of time. He is my feathered son, actually he calls me Ma. He likes to play with us when outside of his cage. He gives a kiss when he is very happy. He feels a bit shy in front our guests but within half an hour will muster up enough courage to climb on their lap. I can go on writing endlessly about my feathered darling...! All I have learned from having him is that if you give your Alexandrine love, attention and time, you will have a wonderful companion who will enrich your life.

Dan - 2008-12-09
Our alexandrine "TRINI" is 7 months old. We bought her when she was 6 weeks old and hand fed her. She is the perfect pet. She is quiet, calm, and not afraid of anything or anyone. Whoever wants to hold her can, she has never bit anyone. I made a 6 foot high tree for her to climb in. The only time she goes in to her cage is to eat. She is so content she only squaks about once a week and not very loud. She trys to talk when you talk to her, but isn't saying any words yet. We acquired an 8 year old talking and tame severe macaw "SAMMIE" 5 days ago. I am hoping Trini will learn to talk from Sammie, who loves to talk.

christine - 2008-10-29
I have recently adopted an alexandrine parrot. She is the sweetest thing and very beautiful, although she can be a bit loud at times. I would recommend this bird to anyone who would like to have a good companion bird.

Ozzy - 2008-05-25
I have one female Alexandrine parakeet, its name is Pulley! We had bought her in a blackmarket shop. She was badly injured & was in a precarious state, her wings were punctured for inside. So we nurtured her health and medicated her well. Now after 2 years shes all better. She still has fear over humans. I really think she was hunted down by people owning the shop, as they had hundreds of birds like this of every kind and very cheap. She is aggresive and eats a lot of food (bread, rice, oranges). She likes to swing around in her cage & sometimes comes out of the cage for brunch.

Petrea - 2008-05-13
We have a male alexanderine named Buster. He was hand raised especially for us and we have had him for nearly 7yrs. He is very intelligent and has a broad vocab including a couple of swear words. He flew away (accidentally) a few months ago but we were very lucky to get him back. He is a big part of our brady bunch family and loves us all. We all love him back.
Steve and Tree Brisbane QLD

Anonymous - 2008-05-04
Dear animal world, that parakeet is very sweet and pretty. I wish I could buy it. I really like it. Sincerely, Jonathan

janice devlin - 2008-03-09
I have a 2year old male alexandrine called Cracker. I got him from a friend who'd just had a baby and couldn't give him the time. He can be nice and can be grumpy. He won't let me or my boyfriend stroke him. He perches on our shoulders and gives us kisses. He likes looking at himself in the mirror and twirls around on the stick we use for him. He also shows us his wings when we ask him to. He's a good talker, he says about 40 words. He even does a few animal noises; a chicken, dog, and a cat. He asks us what were up to and tells us he's a good boy now! He can be quite noisy when he wants attention but we wouldn't be without him, he's great company.

Kathryn - 2007-10-30
Ive had my Alex now for three weeks. He's 3 months old, loves cuddles, and sleeps while I'm stroking him. He's trying very hard to talk and loves a bath. He was getting very demanding wanting me to play and hold him all the time, so we bought a young ringneck. They are getting along really well being that they are both hand raised. Having a friend has made Boof very bold and he shows off, climbing to the very top of the cage and hanging upside down. He flew from his cage onto my shoulder for the first time this evening (i think he wanted to share my dinner). He is so bright and entertaining i would recommend this parrot to anyone if they have the time to give them the attention they crave.