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   The Alexandrine Parakeet, like most of the ringnecks, is a very striking bird.
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evonne - 2010-01-25
Have you found Larry yet, and what other things does he say or do?

Nikole - 2009-11-07
I've found an Alexandrine Parrot, on the 06 November, 2009. I'm in Riverview/Ipswich in QLD Australia. If you think he is yours (he has a ring on his foot) give me a call on 0414 441 767 or email me on

steve - 2009-10-25
We have 3 Alexandrines at the moment, 2 females and a male in the same 3 metre by 3 metre aviary. We also had 2 young, about 6 months in another cage, but they both died very suddenly within a week of each other. We keep the aviary very clean by brushing and hosing the concrete floor every other day to minimize any problems.
One of the females is rather aggressive towards the male so we may put her in another cage and see if the male and remaining female will mate.
The male is named Poh Jah which means Father in Thai. He is very tame and loves to kiss and be stroked. They love to eat the very hot Thai chillies and leaves of certain trees in our garden. They have 2 large nest boxes mounted high in the aviary and they have been using them now for about 6 months. We have a fishpond and waterfall in the aviary to give our birds some extra water supply if needed. As soon as I go into the aviary, at least 1 bird will fly to my head or shoulder and proceed to nibble at my ear or neck chain.
1 bird has flown away twice but has come back both times.

Antonella - 2009-10-22
I have had my Alex Tutu for a year and a half now from since he was 4 weeks old. He is part mine and my husbands family. He is my shadow following me everywhere around the house. We clipped his wings when he was younger but they grew back and we noticed that he was flying around a lot more in the house. Yesterday he flew out of my husband's hands when he was bringing him inside and we haven't found him yet. I do hope that he is ok and that he can find his way home as this has upset us very much. We love and adore him as he does and I can't understand why he would do this.

shanthi - 2009-07-27
We had an alexandrian parakeet. it is 9 months old. We named it tweety. it was very close with us and used to tell so many words including its name very nicely. But unfortunately it flew away last week. We are still in a hope it will come back to us. We don't know whether it will come back to us. We miss him a lot.

Izzy's Mom - 2009-05-18
It is quite possible to get Simon back! Please post at the regular sites - 911parrotalert; Birdmart, etc. A lot of success at these sites. Pam 911PA

M. Aubrey - 2009-03-03
We have just had our 3 year old male alexandrine parakeet fly away. It has been 3 days now. I don't think he will come back. He did this a few years ago but we were lucky as he stayed local and we found him in a tree in the next suburb. I am having the hardest time at his abscence as I am with him all the time. Usually, I can't even go to the toilet in peace! I hope he will return as we miss him terribly. He is a beautiful bird with an outstanding personality and he can dance! I hope he is safe wherever he is. His name is Simon. We are grateful we had 3 years with him and have lots of photos but I feel he is looking for a mate as he seemed restless and depressed just before he left. We will never forget him.

cynthia - 2009-02-12
Our cutest feathered kid is called Priti. He is about a year old now. He dines with us on the dining table along with the other family members. Affectionately kisses. He hates to be unnoticed. He has become a part of our family now. We love him. He is amazing!!

Rachelle - 2009-02-05
I have an Alex who is about 5 years old, she is just lovely, affectionate and clever. She sits on me like a little baby making little chirping/bopping sounds. I don't know whether she thinks I'm her mate or what the go is. I have had her since she was a dorky looking baby with her beak way too big for her head, and the second I saw her, that was it, I had to have her. Her vocabulary is not too big and consists only of a very sleezy "helloooo"....
She has flown away a few times over the years (about 4 times) and every single time she has flown back home again. The last time she flew straight back into her cage. Each time she has spent 2 nights out in the "wild", calling to me periodically just so I know she is ok. There is no mistaking her call, although I can never quite work out which tree it is coming from! Then on the 3rd afternoon out she will start making her way closer and closer to home until she can glide back to me. She will then eat like she has never eaten before. Every time I have lost her I have spent the whole time worrying that this will be the one time she won't come back, but each time she comes home. I am amazed at how clever she is. Especially since each time she has flown away she has been in a completely different suburb or even state, and she still finds her way back! I used to clip her wings, but it made no difference to her ability to fly, so now I leave them alone so at least if she does manage to get out I know she is able to fly properly which will give her a good chance of survival.

Pounami Banerjee - 2009-01-02
My Alexandrine TUTU is a year old now. I got him when he was a baby. Within a very short time he became a part of our family, the youngest and the most lovable one. He has learned to pick up words even a few sentences within a very short period of time. He is my feathered son, actually he calls me Ma. He likes to play with us when outside of his cage. He gives a kiss when he is very happy. He feels a bit shy in front our guests but within half an hour will muster up enough courage to climb on their lap. I can go on writing endlessly about my feathered darling...! All I have learned from having him is that if you give your Alexandrine love, attention and time, you will have a wonderful companion who will enrich your life.