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   The Alexandrine Parakeet, like most of the ringnecks, is a very striking bird.
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Karen - 2007-06-20
Hello all, i have a female alexandrine parakeet called Bird (yeah i know!), Mean is just not the word, she is so aggresive and loud, i seriously wonder if im doing something wrong, i would love to tame her so am looking for any tips, please feel free. Kai

Bob - 2010-08-11
We have a male Alexandrine and just love him. A couple of years ago he slipped off the shower rod and the towel came with him over his head. He hurt his wing and won't use it. The vet says it's not broken. I feel bad for him although he seems to have adapted to not using it. Does anyone know how important it is for him to mate? He's currently in heat.

Andrea - 2011-07-06
I am a very responsible 10 year old and my family and I are woundering if Alexandrine Parakeets are a good 10 year old pet. I have been researching for days but I need to know how it is from a real owner.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-06
    Everyone has an opinion and this is just mine. The Alexandrine Parakeet does not have a strong pair bond with its mate. It has a somewhat independent nature that can be frequently not fun. They are not cuddly. They will sit on your shoulder but are not really into affection or petting. Besides, they are part of the ring neck family and most are occasionally are tempermental. I would recommend a conure to a very responsible 10 year old. Yes, sometimes conures will make a bit of noise - especially when they first see you in the morning, when the sun is starting to set at night or when they know you are in the home and can hear you but can't see you. Conures are frequently called a Velcro bird cuz they stick like glue. They are affectioneete. They love pet and play. They love playing hide and seek. They learn to say a few words - although not clear talkers they are very expressive. Buy one directly from a breeder - directly out of the home. This years babies should be available now. That way you can hold it and play with it before you decide. Besides your conure can then check you out also. They love to play. They like kisses and I've never seen one get angry or mad and I have had them for 20 years. I have had green cheeks and queens and I would recommend them.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-12
    I was curious to see if you went ahead and got your bird. Did you see the other peoples comments regarding the Alexandrine? They are having probelms with it. I forgot to mention the greed check conure (purchased directly from a breeder) is about the same cost (within $25.00) as the Alexandrine. There are also several other conures which might be availabel where you live. Almost all, especially those readily avialable in the pet market, make excellent pets. Playful, joking, fun, talk a little but very espressive with their little (and sometimes big) noises. One thing, I never clip my conures (or any birds wings) but especially the conures because they love to be with you. They fly to you. Of course if you do clip the wings - just do it a little and not all the way back to the primaries. That way they can land softly but really can't fly far. Then they will walk to you so don't step on it. Have fun and let us know.
ash - 2010-11-25
I bought my alex 2 weeks ago from an advert in the local paper it said friendly, talkative parrot but he is neither I can't get within 1 meter of him without him flying off and panicking how can I get my bird to start to trust me enough for him to let me touch him? PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Bonnie - 2010-12-02
    If his wing isn't clipped - do it right away! Just be patient, he will soon learn he can't fly and will want you to pick him up (step-up on finger). Never grab him from over the top always get him to step-up on your finger by pushing your finger against his lower chest. Don't be afraid of him - he will sense your fear. Good luck - it takes a lot of patience, but will be a vary rewarding pet.
  • karen - 2010-12-23
    I've had my alexandrine female for 5 1/2 years. It took a very long time to actually be able to have her step up on my fingers. I bought her when she was only six weeks old. It took a lot of patience and work on my part before I finally had her trust. After I had her for about 3 1/2 to 4 years, I could finally pet her. Pick up a parrot book, that may help. Stick with her and when you can finally pet her, just pet her head or she will think you are her mate and it will lead to much bigger problems such as adult frustration on her part being sexually mature for a bird and also aggressiveness towards others. Everyone in the house should interact with her as a flock would. I learned the hard way, I hope this helps you.
  • Col - 2011-02-11
    Wing clip, and spend at least 2hrs per day within 5 ft of your Companion bird for several weeks. It could also be the room's decor. Alexandrines are very social and like to be where the action is. A change of guardianship is a difficult transition for any parrot of any kind. Just imagine as if you were 4-14yrs-old and suddenly thrust into the care of another person in different surroundings. There would rightly be a period of adjustment.

    In the immortal words of a Guardian I admire and respect; be patient, be consistent, be persistent, and give it time.
  • Andrea - 2011-07-06
    Since it's still young you still have a chance.
    Get it's flying feathers cut first.
    That way your parakeet can't get away from you. Handle him and show him you are not going to hurt him.
    He will get your trust soon, but keep trying.
  • Andrea - 2011-07-06
    Since it's still young you still have a chance.
    Get it's flying feathers cut first.
    That way you parakeet can't get away from you. Handle him and show him you are not going to hurt him.
    He will get your trust soon, but keep trying.
Mehnaz - 2011-04-13
Our alexandrine parrot was lost April 7, 2011 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. However, he could have flown further by now. He flew off someones shoulder when he heard a loud noise. He is a male parrot: green body, red beak, black and pink ring around the neck, and long tail. He can say "Neynoo" & come on" & "step up" and make a kissing sound. There is a Cash Reward for his return. If seen or heard, please contact (905) 329-4664 or

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-14
    I am soo sorry. This does happen frequently. Unfortunately, rarely is one this tame returned. They fall in love with it, get attached. I hope you get him back but if not just hope he has a good home with others who love him too.
jean germaine - 2010-10-25
I lost my alexandrine parrot in st augustine florida on the 11 th of june 2010. After four months I got a call from a person who saw a parrot in a vet's office and was told that she had been given to the vet by some people who found it. The person looked on the internet and saw that I was the only one looking for an alexandrine and called me. The vet insists that the bird could not fly 150 miles so he didn't contact me? My bird and his had full wings.. Can anyone out there prove this vet wrong? The breeder who had records for rosie is deceased. Can anyone help me?

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  • Janet - 2011-01-06
    Did you tell him that the breeder is deaf if not don't. Make HIM prove when and where he got it. From what you say I would take him to small claims court if I had to. Will the women vouch for what she heard happened. Not a nice vet if it is truly not his. I am sure that he will not want to go to court. Really is an easy thing to do and you can do it yourself. Just file it for like 50.00 in Arkansas he will be served bring lady and get your bird back. You can do it. I'm sure he wouldn't want his name in paper and the couple that found the bird comes forward. Or put up posters looking for these people that gave him the bird, he may have a change of heart. Good luck!
  • Col - 2011-02-11
    Cover 150 mi in four months? Easily. Wild budgerigars typically cover 40 mi/day through simply scavenging.

    Offhand I'd say that the vet where the parrot was relinquished is not avian certified.
  • Karen - 2011-02-20
    Too bad your bird was not microchipped, as that would prove without a shadow of a doubt it was yours. Was your alexandrine leg banded? This sometimes helps as well. If not, does it say any words or phrases? Do you have any pictures of him/her that might show any distinguishing marks? If it was very young & it has since molted, that might be a problem. I have heard cases where a bird has flown 500 miles within a span of a few months & I'm sure there are other birds who have made it a lot further. Have you visited the Vet's office & met the "Lost" Bird yet? If you are convinced he/she is yours, I would fight the Vet's office for him/her until they were convinced.
karen - 2010-12-23
Hi, I would like to know if an adult female alexandrine's feather coloring at the end of her green feathers turns a grayish color around the ends of the feathers or is there a possible problem? Thank you.

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  • Col - 2011-02-11
    A bluish-grey tint (called cerulean by some) is normal on the tails. Around the edges, though, I haven't seen/noticed that in my adult female. There is so little information specific to these parrots' health indicators.
Tony Lewis - 2010-01-04
Hi, we just lost our Alexandrine, 3 Jan 2010.
Flew away after I foolishly took him out of the cage outside. We are in Corrimal near Wollongong. He/she only has a limited vocabulary at this point but regular phrases are: "My names Jerry", "What's your name", "What are you doing".
We would love to get him back and should anybody find him could you please leave a message on here and we will find out a way to establish contact. A reward is offered.
Thanks, Tony.

EDITOR'S Note: We will be happy to help with this Tony. People, you can post email addresses in the forum, and any other personal information. We will watch for incoming comments in regards to your bird as well, and forward them to you.

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  • Sheila - 2010-10-12
    I am curious if you found your Alexandrine parrot...My avian vet says to leave flight feathers in place, because they need to be able to fly. What do you think about that advice?
Amie - 2010-06-12
Hello, i was wondering how to tell if my Alexandrine Parrot is pregnant?
She has been eating out her log (nesting box) and she is making her own shavings at the bottom of it... is she pregnant? How can i tell?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-06-12
    Usually, parakeets will build nests when they are ready to breed. She won't get 'pregnant' but will lay eggs and sit on them. You'll know if she lays eggs, its pretty exciting!
  • alex - 2010-08-22
    Your other post must be right but I think it's just from boredom. Our alex did it to their box so my dad made a steel one for them. (yes I'm not even a teen yet so if you don't think this is right then just ignore it.)
  • Anonymous - 2010-10-09
    Birds don't get pregnant, they lay eggs, if you have a male also, and they breed, she will lay eggs and hatch them by sitting on them.
Trina - 2010-06-13
Hi PPl,
Just a question i have had my female alex for about 9 months now when I got her the pet shop told me she was 6 months old....So when I got her I done research on how to care, feed etc.....I gave her time to settle in she was in a cage with a male alex from the same petshop as they were both together in the same cage felt sorry for taking her mate so I bought her mate as well.....
about 2 months ago he flew away...and I have purchased another male.......
But my real question is when she is in her cage she bites at me and carrys on I understand it is territorial thing but when she is out she does not walk round much she tries to hide everywhere even when she on my shoulder she will just sit there and not move or she will try and hide in my hair...I get her out regularly and repeat everything but she still seems not to do anything at all she hardly makes a noise so I am just wondering if they are normally shy birds as I thought I would give her a few months to settle in and stuff but still have no luck at her moving around when she is out.......Also when she is out she is fine to pat and pick up etc it just she don't move and it is frustrating me so if someone has any ideas on what I can do or if that is just going to be her personality a boring one at that.....