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   The Alexandrine Parakeet, like most of the ringnecks, is a very striking bird.
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saba - 2014-07-27
hi. frinds . i have alexandrine parrot . his age is 5 months . the problem is he cut his feather and he cut his feet fingers of left feet . my questin is his finger will come back or not .

Riaan - 2014-07-08
PLEASE HELP!!! Can blue Alexandrines be bred and how do the babies look at about 2 to 3 weeks? I took a photo of the babies I have and they are all blue Thanks. Hope you can help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    Blue Alexandrine Parakeets are color mutations. It makes sense that the babies of two blue parents would also be blue, but to understand all this fully, you need to speak with a breeder who can talk about the gene sequences in mutations.
Joseph - 2014-06-27
I have a pair of Alexandrine parakeets which have bred before, however, the male is now chasing the female all around the cage (large aviary cage) pecking at each other. This has been going on for a while (three weeks), I have also taken out the male bird for a week and placed him in a cage on his own next to the big cage, however, when I placed him back he started chasing the female again. I have another female in another cage opposite their cage but she is quite and would only interact with me. How can I stop the male from fighting the female?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    These birds are very active and alert so need a lot of stimulation. They do need a very large cage with separate feeding and watering dishes, as well as many toys and plenty of perches.

    The reason for their aggression is hard to determine. It is usually the female that gets moody during breeding season, with aggression less often seen with males, but it does happen. An aggressive bird can hurt or kill anther bird, so it's good that you remove the male.

    Try to determine if anything has changed in or around their environment that could cause stress. If everything is the same and the chasing continues to go on when you try re-introducing them, you're seening unusual behavior and I recommend you take both birds to see a veterinarian. In the wild a sick bird attracts predators, so a flock will either kill an ailing bird or drive it out. You may also find that they will simply remain incompatible, and so will need separate cages. Good luck!
Abhishek - 2014-06-20
Hi all alex lovers! My query is, I bought a male alex of 9 months as claimed by the shopkeeper .. & since I don't have any idea based on his size... I can't figure out whether the shop owner told me the truth about his age! His length is approximately 14inches. & I was also told that as he grows older he will have a ring around his neck. Did he correctly tell me his age? Also it's been 2 days. He is eating fine.. A bit docile & inactive ( just sits picturesque for the major time) but biting good..looks ok from his outside.. And yet hasn't even chirped any sound (maybe once in these 2 days)! Is it because he is adjusting? Or is it something else? Please Help My Veteran alex lovers! :(

hester - 2014-06-07
I have two alexandrines and my male suffered fits one day. I was shocked, took him to the vet and they too can not say for sure what was causing the fits. Being a nurse I look at what had happen before the fits he is +- 5 years, had bonded with an Indian male ring neck and in males it is the survival of the fittest? And whenever I give food he will feed the ring neck and he will not stop asking and demanding. This was before I got my female alex? I made the conclusion that is why he lost all his vitamins and low calcium causes kidney problems, and due to their anatomy if the kidney is sick and swollen it stimulates the big nerve that causes the feet to pull down and tonge biting. And after reading more I understand why if I don't touch him the fits is sort and if I touch him the fits is very severe. cCn I be right and this was a bizarre behaviour of two males?

subramanian - 2014-03-09
Sir I have a three month old alexandrian, now it's sufferring with fits I think. Any treatment for this? Please inform me, it's  urgent. Thank you.

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  • David Brough - 2014-03-11
    There is not much information to go on here to diagnose what may be wrong, I would think a visit to a vet is in order.
  • anandamathan - 2014-04-25
    Please price in alexandrine parakeet.
jai - 2014-03-04
I have 3 alex birds, one male and two female. Can we put powder like 'CANDID' because we are keeping it very close to us?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-03-09
    That is an antifungal powder. If you concerned that you may have a situation that would require something like this, I would first look at fixing the situation rather than trying to treat for an unknown.
jai - 2014-02-25
My Alex likes to drink milk, tea and eat rice is it ok?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-25
    It's pretty important, from a nutritional standpoint, that you are sparing with treats. If they are fruits and vegetables, it is about 15-25% of the diet max, but with these, I would say much less. I don't think there is anything toxic in milk, and definitely not in rice, but I would be cautious with tea as it contains caffeine.
jai - 2014-02-20
I have 2 female alex 2 years old and recently I got a male 18 months old. Can I put them together?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-20
    Parrots see their cage as a 'safe place' so when you bring in a newcomer, it's best to put them in their own cage until everybody gets along. Then if you have a large enough cage and they all like each other, they could be fine.
Dail Malins - 2005-02-19
I have 12 Alexandrines, 8 of which are trained to do tricks, all started by my first boy Kasuku, he made it very clear he knew what I was saying. So for fun I started to train him and his buddies. This blossomed into the troup of eight clowns who love to show off and entertain folks. This we do every weekend.
If you have an Alexandrine as a companion count yourself as one of the lucky people, I see lots of folks saying their Alex is agressive when in the cage, this is very normal. It is his very own piece of real estate and it belongs to only him. As long as he is sweet when out let him have that space. Hey, hey GREEN POWER to all the Alex lovers!

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  • Anonymous - 2013-01-21
    Hi sir, I have a 1 month old Alex. It's active and playful. Please tell me how to train my pet.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-04
    Sir, guide me to train and keep my nane healthy and happy. This is my mail id so, please mail me and expecting Ur reply.
  • Jayashree Manoharan - 2013-02-04
    Sir, guide me to train and keep my nane healthy and happy. This is my mail id so, please mail me and expecting your reply.
  • Kiran Gowda - 2014-01-14
    Hi..frndz..I'm having onemonth old baby parrot,(alexander )...he's not eAting properly..can anyone suggest me to give some diff foods fr him..I'm frm tamilnadu,...mail me