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Brooke Wiland - 2006-01-24
i have a blue parakeet her name is chatty cathy. She loves to talk! my friends love it. A bird is so much fun go and get one !!!!

Travis - 2006-01-24
My two parakeet's names are Jet and shock. We thought Jet was a boy, but when he(she) started laying eggs, we knew she was a girl. So I got a boy named "Shock." I named him that because he was crazy! Then, I saw them mating. Then Jet started laying fertile eggs. They never hatched. They died before they hatched.

Tina - 2006-01-22
Hi!!! I have 4 parakeets, 2 females and 2 males. Their names are:Kiely, Kari, Kasey, and Kameron. Recently, I purchased Kiely because my other female parakeet I had prior to her, KiKi, died about 2 weeks ago. The male parakeets have warmed up to Kiely, but the other female parakeet seems threatened by her. It's kinda funny to watch them go at it because I purposly bought 4 parakeets so that they would have a mate and Kameron is Kari's "boyfriend" and I'm assuming that Kari thinks that Kiely is moving in on her action. I never thought that parakeets got jealous, but I guess I was wrong. Hopefully, very soon, they will become 1 big happy family.

Kado Vick - 2006-01-21
I've got a Budgerigar Parakeet. His name is Zipper. We are letting him out of his cage in the bathroom so he can fly around. I got him for Christmas. He's my favorite pet ever. I might breed him so that anyone who wants a budgie can have one.

michael - 2006-01-21
HI I have two Budgiers one is a girl and one is a boy. the girls name is Pebbles and the boys name is Bambam. when ever i let the birds fly around Bambam is a star. i am teaching him to fly around in a circle and land on my hand. he hasn't perfected it yet but he still never gives up. Pebbles on the other hand is sort of clumsy when she flies, she only runs into the walls.

Bev - 2006-01-19
Hi, I have a "rare" parakeet (there were just as many of the "rare" kind as the "regular"kind, but anyway), and his name is Ivory. I bought him this past Monday. Tuesday evening I was playing the computer, when I heard this huge crash, and one of my cats came rocketing out of room. I knew immediately what had happened, and bolted in there to find a scared bird flapping against the window, and a cage in pieces on the floor. I eventually got everything cleaned up, Ivory had a cut on his head. Now it's Thursday, everything seems to be fine. He likes to whistle occassionally, but won't sit on my finger yet. The cat got scared senseless by the noise, and so far hasn't gone back to the cage. If you have cats and a bird...WATCH THE CAT(s)!!!!

analisa - 2006-01-19
I have a blue parakeet. He is 19 months old we named him booboo. his real name is booberry. he is spunky and calm at the same time. Once and a while he get agressive. This one time I was typing on the computer and he was biting me like there was no tomorrow, then after that my hand was entirely RED!

Heather - 2006-01-17
My little darling's name is petrie, and he has a wonderful nature. From day one he insisted on standing on my finger and affectionately preen my skin (im sure it was well meant!). I would like to warn all those who have a budgie that loves to fly to take care, as my little boy Sinbad ventured too far a few months ago. Enjoy your bird!

ann haquani - 2006-01-16
My birds name is booberry and he is really blue kind of like a soft baby blue.He is calm and spunky at the same time and he has moods like a person. He is the only bird in this house and he is really close to all of us and he is only one year old!

Helia - 2006-01-15
Hi! My name is Helia and I live in South Africa. I have 3 budgies at this moment. Two boys and one girl. Pahvli is the girl and turning 4 this year. Zini and Mr. Doodles are my two boys. Zini is turning 3 and unfortunately I don't know the age of Mr. Doodles because I picked him up on the road, but luckily he's doing fine now. I bred with budgies for about 8 years and I must tell you that it is one of the greatest hobbies I ever had. If you have time on your hands I would really tell you that a tame budgie is the best pet to have, especially if you have 3!!!


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