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Ian Gough - 2010-08-07
Having just lost my dear pet bobbie (eastern rosella) I'm finding very difficult to find someone who breeds or sells them.

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  • Linda - 2010-09-06
    Where do you live? I have some babies from last year & I have 4 from this year, I live in Minnesota.
  • Anonymous - 2010-11-18
    I have a 5 month old male named buddy contact me at my e-mail and we'll talk!
  • Brawn Sandra - 2011-01-13
    have you replaced bobbie yet I have got
    the perfect replacement contact me vial
  • autumn - 2011-02-18
    Hello Ian, I don't know from which country you are posting, but I may have a very convenient solution...I am a regular volunteer at the Whitby Humane society in ontario canada. In a house fire in fenland falls recently it was discovered that a local woman was a bit of a ''pet hoarder'' over 300 animals were removed from her home including a menagerie of over 130 birds, most of which are exotics. The entire bird population was sent to whitby where I now look after them all! Needless to say, that is quite a bit of work! I am currently housing TWO pairs of mated eastern rosellas who are quite content, and vet certified. Their cages are even side by side and there hae been absolutely no problems with bickering between either pair or around the other birds, even a juvenile congo african grey! I'm sure the ladies will give you a good price of a pair or a single as the shelter is unequipped to handle any volume of birds, let alone exotics such as there which need very regular attention. I am the only volunteer who will go near the poor guys or who knows anything about even the most basic of bird care, and so I feel it will be entirely up to me to rebuild the lives of these animals. Please contact the whitby humane society in ontario canada if you or anyone else who is a responsible bird owner has any interest.
    Thank you so very much.
  • Mrs. Ortiz - 2011-03-27
    I happen to have four (4) Eastern Rosellas for sale. I bought the parents last summer as pets and they are now having babies. These babies were born on 1/8/11.

    I live in Edinburg, Texas.
  • corina - 2011-06-07
    I have two Rosella , I am moving and selling them they are about 2 years old, but I am in California my email is
  • wings - 2011-08-24
    Most birds won't accept a new mate if they have had a previous mate and have had a clutch or two. They will certainly be aggressive. You should remove immediately and put in separate cages side by side. If they cuddle next to one another..then try slowly and just a few minutes at a time. pay veryclose attention to them. see aggression, separate. they may not ever be suited for one another. blessings, wings
  • Becky - 2011-10-21
    Mrs Ortiz...not sure how this site works but my email is I live in McAllen and I can wait till you hatch some more if you are out. I would love to hand raise. Please contact me.
Lacey - 2011-03-21
I'm looking for an eastern rosella in san antonio, texas and can't seem to find any breeders can someone help me? PLEASE!

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  • Mrs. Ortiz - 2011-03-27
    Hello Lacey,

    I live in Edinburg, TX and happen to have four (4) Eastern Rosellas for sale. I bought the parents last summer and they had these four babies that hatched on 1/8/11. Now they have three (3) new babies that hatched on 3/14/11. I only want to keep the parents as pets. I am selling the four right now for 200.00 each.
  • corina - 2011-06-07
    I have two Rosella , I am moving and selling them they are about 2 years old, but I am in California my email is
  • Nancy McIntyre - 2011-06-26
    I just bought one myself, I know the breeder here in West Lincoln.
  • Jessica Baldwin Parsons - 2011-07-18
    Mrs. Ortiz, I would be interested in one of your Rosellas if still available. Please contact me at
  • Trudie Koelman - 2012-01-15
    I'm looking for a Golden Rosella in Nambia. Can someone help me. I"m from Luderitz.
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Carlos - 2005-04-13
Hello, my name is Carlos and I owned a parakeet, a Budgie and his name was Kiko, I found Kiko in the apartments were I lived. At that time he could not fly, but when I tried to catch him, he started chirping until I got him. I took him to my apartment and put him on a plant, at the beginning he did not want me to hold him, but as the time went by he started trusting me and the way I finally convinced him to get in on my finger is giving him kisses. After 6 months he learned a word "callate" which means - shut up, and after that he learned more words like "cotorrito" -little parrot, "cotorro" -parrot, "pajarito" -little bird, "pajaro" -bird and of course his name Kiko. Kiko liked to eat cheese, beans, and bananas and especially when I was eating. He always wanted to be around me, because every time I got to the apartment he flew to my shoulder and start kissing me, and also he liked to talk in my cell phone and when my wife was using the computer he always wanted to be on the keyboard. Another thing is that every weekend in the morning as soonest he heard my voice he flew to the bedroom and goofing around and start talking. Sometimes when my wife was making the bed he always wanted to be there, and it was kind of funny, because he ran around the bed following my wife. This bird was so special to us, but one time when I went to do laundry and came home and I opened the door he flew where I was, but I was holding the basket with my clothes in it, that I did not say anything and he did not stop and flew away, when I saw him flying away I could say anything like I was on shock and I tried to locate him and I found him on a tallest tree that he could not hear me that I had to go on the top of the building to try to get his attention, but when he was looking at me trying, I guess to recognize me a big bird got near him and he flew away. I am so sad because this Budgie was very special parakeet. Now I bought a new one and hopefully this new one can learn to talk.

Jonell Moore - 2012-03-08
My parakeet uses her water bowl as a toilet. I have a seperate bowl for her drinking water, but it is on the ground and she spills it daily. I want a bowl like her toilet bowl for her drinking water, but I am afraid that she will use that as a toilet too: because once in a while I have seen poop in it. What should I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-08
    Move the water to another location in the cage. Purchase a water bowl that screws onto another side or the front of the cage. You can try either of these two things but probably the easiest thing is to just change the water frequently.
Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-03-03
i wake up every day because my parakeets make noise how do I make then stop or my parent will take them back to the petstore help help help

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-03
    They normally make quite a bit of nose as the sun starts coming up - or it is the start of their day. You can close the drapes/blinds whatever in your room so they don't see the light. Some folks cover the cage but be careful with that. It has to be a smooth fabric that they can't get a hold of. You don't want them getting entangled in a cloth. They also need to be able to breathe - I am not for covers at all. Not having light come in the room via closed blinds should work.
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Karen - 2007-06-20
Hello all, i have a female alexandrine parakeet called Bird (yeah i know!), Mean is just not the word, she is so aggresive and loud, i seriously wonder if im doing something wrong, i would love to tame her so am looking for any tips, please feel free. Kai

Bob - 2010-08-11
We have a male Alexandrine and just love him. A couple of years ago he slipped off the shower rod and the towel came with him over his head. He hurt his wing and won't use it. The vet says it's not broken. I feel bad for him although he seems to have adapted to not using it. Does anyone know how important it is for him to mate? He's currently in heat.

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ARI - 2010-05-05
i am from south africa and looking for quaker mutations to import.

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Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-02-26
Ok I got a parakeet, right, but they are very scared of people so sometimes I put my hand on the cage to fix it. Everytime they fly. What do I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-26
    Putting your hand on or in the cage to those little parakeets would be like KING KONG or some alien being putting their hand above your head while you were in bed. Scares them. You have two parakeets, so chances are they are going to bond with each other - and not necessarily with a human. If you want to try, then start by talking to them or singing or whateverr and giving them small tidbits of treats, cheerios, cracker with almond buttter, pieces of toast etc with your hand. But open the cage door and let them take it from your hand. Go slow and talk so they can see you and get used to you. The first few times, maybe all you can do is just put the treat in the food bowl and go from there. You can probably have them not afraid but I don't know they will ever be tame - being they are not at this age - probably not hand fed or handled and there are two of them so no need for human companion.
  • Daniel Estrada Estrada - 2012-03-03
    Thank you it's working.
Tracy Hefner Hardesty - 2012-03-02
Also, they look young, so how can they tell already what they are?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-02
    You really can't tell what the sex is untill they are about 6 months old. The males cere - right between - slightly above the nostrils will be a color usually a bluish. The females cere will be a creme color or very pale looking yellow/beige.

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