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Sarah - 2003-11-03
My parakeet is Skittles. She is very perky and sweet. I think they are the best pet you could have!

Brittany Stowe - 2003-10-26
I have a parakeet named Cupcake. He is so sweet. That is why I named him Cupcake. He is about 5 months old. I used to have two birds that mated and had 3 eggs. All three hatched. One of them was cupcake. About a week later the two babies died. Then a week after that Cupcakes mom and dad died and Cupcake became an orphan so I had to feed him by hand and he is doing great. I love him soo much and Im glad that he survived.

ome khan - 2003-10-19
hey yall, i got 4 parakeets they r so adorable and ghetto all they do is say halla, was ap, yo thug, shortay, and hoodie. their names are missy, eliot, chingy, g-unit, and lumidee(oh oooooooh oh ohh) yeah that stuff. im trying 2 teach them 2 say "oh my doggie fashizzle my drizzle on my shizzle mizzle" its all about the izzle. they r 2 girl 2 boys when r they going to lay there eggs and what do we need is their cere going to change some how because i see that my birds cere is changin. bye oh yeah im yo im just in eight grade i dont now this stuff.

Blanca Hix - 2003-10-19
We have two parakeets... Coco (which stands for coconut in Spanish--actually blue coconut because he is blue & white) & Nieves(which stands for snow in Spanish. She is completely white with red eyes). Nieves had a broken leg from another bird...does this heal on its own? I would like to communicate with someone who is "Parakeet-Savy!"..please contact me @ love Coco & Nieves!

Megan - 2003-10-17
I have two baby parakeets that are about two mounths old and I love them!!! They look so cute when they bob their heads!!

Reg Langlois - 2003-09-28
Hello, you might like to take a look at my aviary webcam, its live and running 24 hours a day. .... and click on webcams

Reg Langlois.

Lauren - 2003-09-21
Parakeets are wonderful pets!

Sarah - 2003-09-11
Parakeets are a wonderful pet to have! mine is very beautiful.. it is blue, white, with a little purple.

Erin - 2003-09-09
I have been doing lots of research on parakeets because I want one extremly bad. My Dad said that I can not get one but I am trying really hard to talk him into it. Hope he says yes soon!

Van Koo - 2003-09-08
I owned the same parakeet from 1984-1996. His name was Felix, he was blue,and white. He never talked, but he was quite intelligent and had an adventurous life. He flew outdoors, got lost and came back. He survived a horrible injury by getting slammed between a door . He survied a long car trip from Minnesota to Massachusetts in the winter time, and finally almost got attacked by a cat. Wow what a life !!
Van 9-7-2003


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