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   The Yellow-collared Macaw is very playful and loves to take showers!
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maria - 2007-09-06
i have a yellow collared macaw called Jimmy, he is 15 years old and is very loving. he sits on me and grooms my hair, loves lots of cuddles, and has kisses when i tuck him up at night. love him to bits.

steph - 2007-08-23
I have about a 10 year old mini macaw named Moses. He is a great talker and loves to laugh. he also loves to dance. He is so much fun to have.

Becca - 2007-01-11
We just obtained our Yellow Naped Macaw, named "Tough-Guy", hes roughly about 7 years old. My family is loving him....he does talk although he doesnt say much beyond Hello and one word I wont repeat here ( he lived in a bachelors home) Although I have it on good authority that he CAN say more if he wants to.

Chuck - 2006-06-18
Our Yellow-nape is very cute. His name is Gershwin. He love to laugh, even though he doesn't talk much. He is not hand tame, unless he is away from his cage.

Sandy - 2005-07-06
I am so sad my yellow collar macaw was stolen from me a few years back. I loved him to death he was the funnest thing ever and he talked very well. his name was bingo. ever since then i have been obsessed with yellow collareds. love u bingo. love sandy

Mallory - 2005-05-04
Our Yellow-Collared is funny. He loves to dance. If you sing to him he dances, and if you are laughing and he is on your shoulder, he will laugh with you. It is hillarious.

Jessie - 2004-12-24
I have a six year old Yellow Collared named Elvis. Elvis is quite the character. He is not a good talker, but he makes up for it in his personality. He is a bit hyperactive, but a great pet.

Alliswhat4 - 2004-10-19
Hi, i have a pair of yellow collared macaws. neiko and zoozoo. still young but cant wait til they produce babies. she has laid eggs, but nothing fertile yet. i think they are still pretty young. but they both are clowns and love me to pieces. i recommend them for first time parrot buyers too. they were my first macaws i bought. now i have a harlequin macaw. i also own an african grey female, quaker female. altogether, i have 5 birds and i love them all and all of them are spoiled!!! how can we not spoil them? when we have lovable birds like i have, we just cannot resist!!!