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     Shamrock Macaws are top quality pet birds - very handleable, curious, and affectionate!
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Elliott - 2005-12-09
I moved in with my cousin and she had a shamrock named buhbuh. i had a pair of senegals, a pair of sun conures, a sulfur crested cockatoo, and buhbuh inspired me to get my own shamrock. I named him gump who was a little more wild. since then I have moved out and sold/traded all of those birds except for buhbuh he is my best friend and I wouldn't trade/sell him for the world

Emily - 2005-11-10
I have kept birds all my life, but always they have been abused. I am fourteen years old; admittedly not very old, but I know alot about birds for my age. Recently when going to a doctor in Orlando I stopped in a bird store and they had so many birds it was overwhelming! Almost all macaws, of those nearly all scarlets. Then I saw this beautiful bird. She wasn't talking at all, but she was so sweet! I thought she was a millitary macaw, but she was a little too brightly colored. So I did some research, and found out she was a shamrock macaw. This page was very useful!
All I can hope is that I save enough money to buy her before they sell her. I felt a real connection with that bird, never met a sweeter bird. The only thing she said the entire time I was there was "I love you'. AWW.
Hope I can save up, Again, very helpful!

jeanette - 2005-06-04
Thanks so much for the information on Shamrock Macaws. When we got our "Juan", we were told he/she was a Harlequin. It's obvious by looking at pictures of many Shamrocks, Juan is a not a Harlequin but a Shamrock. He/she is featured on the website Pet of the Day for July 26, 2004

Diane - 2005-04-24
I really enjoy your site, a friend sent it to me when I was tring to find the breed name for my Macaw. She has Catalina on her papers but your baby looks just like her!

Deanna - 2005-04-09
Your bird is beautiful! I love the birds name. Your macaw is the bird that actually brings out the colors