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     Shamrock Macaws are top quality pet birds - very handleable, curious, and affectionate!
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Wanda Reveron - 2014-06-03
I rescued my Shamrock Macaw 16 years ago, even though at times it was difficult to handle her, I will never regret rescuing her. She came to me from a mutual friend that could not handle her, the poor bird was malnourished and her feathers look terrible. Hard work, patience, proper diet and love 'Goose' has turned into the most amazing bird ever. Of course, temperamental at times, she is lovable and fun to be around.

Mark Copley - 2014-06-02
I too have a shamrock ... He is a true lover, he falls to sleep in my arms and is always very excited to see me. He mimicked cats, dogs, chickens, afflack duck. He is a wonderful bird that likes your fingers in his mouth, he has never bitten me.

L'oiseau Rebelle - 2005-09-09
I wondered for years what my macaw "Carmen" was; I was told when I got her that she was a Catalina macaw and I remember thinking that she didn't look like any Catalina I'd ever seen. I saw her parents (her mother is a Military and her father is a Scarlet) and I asked the breeder if "Catalina" was also a name applied to a Military/Scarlet cross and he said it applied to all hybrid macaws. I didn't quite believe this but didn't give it any more thought until I ran across this page. I can't believe how much "Tonya" looks like Carmen! They could be sisters!! Thanks for helping give my girl the right identity! :)

Gypsysmom/susi - 2003-09-06
This bird looks very close to my girl however my Gypsy has blk and red in her face and yes she is the bird of many colors!!!!you have a beautiful bird thank you for sharing with me

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  • Sabrina Berchtold - 2013-01-17
    hi susi! i have several shamrocks, and the feathers in their face can be both black or/and red,and they can change with time. So your gypsy may very vell be a shamrock
DK - 2012-09-02
I have a Ruby macaw and 2 Blue and Gold Macaws and have been a macaw owner for around 30 some years now and when they get testy with me or snappy they have to go in a cage lower than what I stand for however long it takes them to humble down. This puts you in charge and the head of them and they then realize they cannot abuse or dominate you. It is true during normal breeding season is when this occurs in our home most. It seems like a hormone reaction.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-03
    Whether human or feathered, we have our moods.  I have found during mating season or molting season - I just like to drive my human up the wall.  It is just fun. 
laura - 2011-11-04
...any advise for EISA and me? EISA hatched on Christmas Eve 1989 and I bought him from the breeder 3 months later. Very sweet and intelligant bird, buddy until finally got out of L.A. Was always scitzee but not dangerous. Gave kisses, good talker but small vocab. NOW, 3 years after long ,hard move ,but beautiful , larger new cage (he now loves), I can no longer handle him. Still tells me he loves me when he is in a good mood but has severly bitten me now 5 times and he was never a biter. I think he hates me. I weened him! WHAT CAN I DO??? HE CAN'T BE TRUSTED.HEART BROKEN !!!! HELP !!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-05
    Don't give up. Macaws and pretty much all parrots (and humans) go through moods. My friend (a macaw) just had a lousy mood for over 3 months but she is fine now. She went though a bad molt. I doubt you Eisa hates you but possibly just needs some alone time. You should be able to tell her modd by her body language. If that foot comes straight out - as if going to push you - then she doesn't wish to be bothered. If the foot come down then she wants UP. If fluffy and leaning toward you then lovey and if head down wings out - leave alone. Watch your Eisa and you should be able to tell by her body language her mood. She is like a child who is all grown up now and has its own personality. Still loves mom but assertive and independent. They usually revert back to NORMAL so just watch her body language.
  • Liz - 2011-11-07
    I agree with the previous poster, watch for body language. I haven't had this experience yet but I have only had mine for about a year now. My Vet also warned me to watch for behavior like that during mating season.
  • laura - 2011-11-09
    Dear Charlie and Liz, Thank you so very much for your replies. Charlie - The seeds you planted made me really contemplate Eisa's disposition. I have really started changing my tactics and remembering what you said about body language and responses from Eisa. I am so pleased to tell you that in just these few days, I am seeing a change. Eisa is very intelligent, and I know he really wants things to work out again. Thank you so much for your help. I'll let you know how things improve in the future, as I know they will. My best to you both, and your birds. Laura and Eisa.
Liz - 2011-11-02
We have been the third home for our Shamrock, and will be his last. Camelot truly has a fantastic personality and great attitude. Fantastic talker, has a HUGE vocabulary. I would recommend a shamrock macaw to anyone. He is the light of my life (next to my cockatoo) and I look forward to owning another one in the future. Truly a great mix of each parent macaws traits.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-02
    So glad you are enjoying.
Jolene - 2009-06-10
I own a Catalina Macaw. I also want to add to my flock, hoping to find a shamrock or a ruby. I think that we should be worried about the endangered macaw species, but I also think there is a definite place for hybrid macaws, just as there is for other mutations in other birds. I love your site and I am always coming back here to look around... Keep up the good work educating people and birds...

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  • Winter - 2011-08-18
    I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undersatndalbe.
Mike - 2007-07-18
I know my macaws and when i got Cisco i was told he was a Catalina. I did some research and then thought he was a Camelot. Now maybe i see he is a Shamrock. Those two look very much the same.

Leah - 2005-12-01
I really enjoyed your site. It was here where I learned what my new baby was. Levi is now 3 years old. We recently had a new addition to our family, a mate for our shamrock. Her mom is a military and her pop a catalina. She looks similar to shamrock, and blushes like her mom. leah