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   The Severe macaw is one of the "mini" macaws. The baby Severe Macaw pictured above, "Fuzz Button" is one of two very sweet, friendly baby birds!
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Martha Nelson - 2005-10-19
My two year old severe macaw Bubbles passed away while I held him/her seizures. The pain I am experiencing is unbearable and one of my daughter's is devastated. I had everything in place in my avairy that was bird safe but even then, I feel responsible so I am awaiting the results of the necropsy. The obvious problem of slumping occurred on Sunday morning. I thought Bubbles had chills and seizures and I was correct. Although everything in the room was bird/childproofed since I have a total of 17 birds, Bubbles could have somehow chewed either a window sill (old) or a small hanging stained glass decoration ( I found Bubbles perched ontop and immediately removed Bubbles from it. We never left Bubbles unattended and she seemed to just be happy playing on playtop of the cages I own terrorizing or visiting the other birds! Bubbles knew how to inflect vocalization to sound so human and sweet since I have eight children he was learning all the dogs (4 JRs) and kids names and was so funny and darling. I am in deep mourning. I took her to the vet on Monday but first gave her amoxicciln broad treatment meds 30 mgs right away but with birds illness is masked moving a bird is risky. After the vet despite my gatoreraid, meds antiseizure meds the darling seized while I held her and screamed and the breath went.
The most difficult thing was letting her go from my arms and preparing her for necropsy but it had to be done. I placed in in a coffin in the extra frig I have in the basement with her favorite bell. Please love your macaw and please pray that she had some strange problem that I somehow did not cause her death thru inadvertently placing her in harm's way. I know people say its just a bird, to me she was my baby. Marma

Penny Benson - 2004-03-19
I have a severe macaw named Fred. I bought him from a woman who had a day care and also had a cockatoo. He was very uphappy when I went to see him. He had no tail feathers and was mostly brown because of constant preening. His owner said she kept him in his cage most of the time because of the children. Anyway, I purchased him that night and have had him for alittle over a year. He finally has molted and his tail feathers are beautiful. He is a wonderful companion. He loves me very much and tries to repeat everything I say. When I ask him anything that starts with "do" he always says "all right". He is a total crack-up. Since then I purchased a cag. Fred is very jealous of him, but tolerates him just the same.
He is teaching the cag how to talk. Fred is so intelligent. I had no idea these birds were so wonderful!!!

Sada Voit - 2004-01-12
I have a severe macaw, Oscar. He is eight years old. I have had him since he was about two. I adopted him from a terrible situation. He lived in a cockatiel cage, so he was missing most of his tail feathers and he smelled like cigarette smoke. The first day that I visited him, he rolled on his back and was trying to regurgitate for me. Now that is love! In the six years that I have had him, I have switched him to pelleted food and now his feathers are amazing. He will not leave my side when I am home. He has a big cage and a huge tree that he spends most of his time on. His favorite toy is a large plastic linked chain. His favorite food is corn on the cob.

TheReverend1 - 2003-11-10
I was looking for an Eclectus, male. I happened upon this (dna forthcoming) 6 month old, hand fed Severe Macaw. When Panama (since named) snuggled on my chest and whispered hello while nuzzling up under my chin, I made an immediate decision.
Smart, very adaptive to new situations & places and truly NOT a screamer or loud; it DOES depend on how it is raised and the surroundings, my heart is so gone!
I started my bird devotion with a rescued male cockatiel I had to hand feed. I loved this little zinger so much I had to share the overflow and decided on a bigger parrot (which is this Macaw). It is not terribly difficult to split time between two birds, equally, and I am having such a good experience I would love even MORE, but cannot imagine how I could divide the time so everyone got even attention and turned out this well adjusted.
I fully, enthusiastically recommend the Macaws (especially the "severe") - for their easy going nature, sweet demeanor and SNUGGABILITY : )

Chris FitzPatrick - 2003-11-08
I have a 2 year old Severe named Mac, he is very friendly and gets along very well with my other parrots. He really likes Tahitian Treat soda, he will fly off his perch and land on my wrist and drink it right out of the cup, it gets annoying when he sticks his feet into the cup to get the ice, he will not take ice out of my hand, it has to be in a cup. He will usually eat anything I do, as long as I take a bite first. He likes oatmeal and pasta, I found that parrots of all kinds like spicy foods, when I cook I usually add a little cayenne pepper. Mac will not eat chicken, none of my birds will. I have heard from several people that they like chicken, but not in my experience. Of all of my birds, I like Mac the most, he is the most personable, and has the most interesting quirks, he is just fun to be around.

Diana - 2003-11-05
We have a a 8-1/2 mo. female severe named "Gabby" who we visited at the breeders since she was 10 weeks old. We fell in love with her personality. Severe macaws are playful and active, they can be hyper but- calm down quickly with only a whisper. Recently we adopted a 2 yr. old female Severe "Sassy" that was neglected and plucked most of her feathers.... she is adjusting very well in our home, and has stopped the plucking and seems happy.
This species of parrots are very easy to fall in love with, can occupy themselves with chewing, and are very good talkers. We love ours very much and enjoy spending time with them!

Anthony Butler - 2003-08-24
I recently purchased a severe macaw (sex unknown) in spite of the fact that I had been looking for an african grey. The beauty, playful nature, and small size of this macaw overwhelmed me on sight. Once home, it has been mostly quiet, loves to be out (not necessarily on me - but out of the cage)and became extremely handle-able after two days in its new environment. By the third day, it was eating with my family and I at the dinner table! We now call it Cheetoh (the first food item it took from my hand) and it is as if it was always part of our family.

Rick - 2003-08-12
I have 3 severes..2 males and 1 hen..each one has a personality all of their own...they are great little birds...I would have perferred to get all of these as babies but am just as happy with what i have..guess its all in how u train them.thanks for reading my comments.

Monica - 2003-08-05
I have a severe macaw, she/he ? is almost 2 (I call her a she just habit I guess) her name is Baby, she is alot of fun, she talks great and she knows the hand that feeds and takes care of her, my husband can not even get near her.she will follow me all around, they are the sweetest jr size macaw.