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   The Severe macaw is one of the "mini" macaws. The baby Severe Macaw pictured above, "Fuzz Button" is one of two very sweet, friendly baby birds!
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Tiffany - 2008-03-26
I have a beautiful Severe macaw named Kahlua. She is so funny but is very posessive of me when it comes to other people. I also have a blue and gold named Simba and a Hyacinth named Caesar. She is best friends with Simba and they are so close that I have let them share the same cage. I never thought they'd get along because of the size difference but they do, and Kahlua is definately the boss. I think a Severe macaw is a great bird for anyone who wants to have a big macaw but either doesn't have the room or is scared to take one on. The Severes have all the personality, charm, and style that the larger macaws have but are a little bit more managable. I love my Severe to death, she is so darn cute and cuddly, and sharp as a tack too.

Slavěna - 2008-03-15
I also have a male severe macaw called Orin. We live in the Czech rep. He will turn 3 on 17.3.08, so very soon. Now he is a nice big boy but I got him in his 2nd month so he is like my third child. My two real children (8 and 4) love him very much and he loves them as well, but he fell in love with our new cat Suzy (main coon) two months ago.
She is sitting next to his cage and he is talking and singing to her all day long. He knows more than 10 words and sentences and many sounds. I dont know if she understands, but is listening well. I have wanted to buy a female macaw for him but now I am not sure if it's still a good idea. It's really curious and funny for all who come to visit us. In this country it is not very often to have this type of macaw,
so its good to know about others care of these magnificent birds.

Laura - 2008-02-24
We have a 4 year old Severe Macaw. Her name is Winston! She is named Winston because the breeder told us "she" was a male! Then we suspected she was a female and had her DNA tested and yes, she is a female! She is the funniest bird we have (we have 8 birds, four of them are Macaws). She loves to twist her head around in a figure 8. She talks very well, and seems to know much more than she is willing to say, because she will surprise us constantly with new phrases that we had no idea that she could say! One day we were talking to the other Macaw we have in the same room where she lives. We were saying "I love you" to the other Macaw (a Military). All of a sudden Winston blurted out, "I love you!" loud and clear as a bell! She had never said that before, and she has never said it again!! LOL. She is a riot. She loves to play Peek a Boo and will run right over to play with me when I approach her cage. She is adorable and we love her so much!

Freddy - 2007-11-08
I bought my Severe Macaw 25yrs ago. Her name is Lucy. I remember hand feeding her for months and Lucy winds up falling in love with my girlfriend. That wasn't the problem, the problem was she didn't want me around when my girlfriend was over. You would think I tortured the bird the way she would come at me. After marrying my girlfriend, and after two decades, the bird now shows me love. However when my wife enters the room, I make sure the bird is away from my face as I love her, but still don't trust her.

C. Fuller - 2007-09-04
I adopted a 16 year old female Severe whose owner had passed away. She took right to me but doesn't want anyone else coming near her or her cage.....she will come after them like a shark. She talks really well and says a lot of different things and likes to be petted. When I cover her cage in the evening, she takes the cover off and plays peek-a-boo until she falls asleep. She really has brought a lot of joy into my life and has quite the personality - not nippy at all. CFULLER

RICH - 2007-06-14
Hello, my boys name is Chico and he is a Severe for sure. My wife and I love him so and he gets so excited to see us when we get home. He sits with me and we talk and he listens. He is also fearful sometimes, but he is also forgiving and has yet to bite us hard. He hates everyone else so it seems, even his former owner. But we are very happy with him and pray he is with us always. Also, I too have lost birds. Our first Severe from a birth defect we did not know he had, and a Sun Conure who ate a hole in our 4th floor screened in porch. We pray she(her name was Maya) is well and that she has peace. Our prayers to all and may all your birds be well and healthy.

Rich and Emerald

Bobby - 2007-06-06
My severe Gabby died in Nov. 2006 from a seizure that caused her glotis to swell shut. Cancer was the cause. Gabby was only two years old. I got her at 6 weeks old she was a wonderful bird. if you have them, love them, because you never no when it will end. Bobby

Max Roelen - 2006-08-25
PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE, for the sake of the life of your bird(s), DO NOT leave them unattended with toys that have small ropes. I came home to find my 1 1/2 year old severe macaw strangled. He fought to break loose and broke his neck. As I find out from other bird owners, it is much too common. May you RIP Snickers.

Anonymous - 2006-02-22
My husband and I got a severe macaw a couple of years ago. Name-Ziggy. The poor bird had almost no feathers anywhere except the head and a few on the wings and a couple of tail feather. It was kept in a room alone because of all the noise. Since we got Ziggy almost all of the feathers have come back and the bird is very happy. Loves to watch tv with us and eat dinner with us. Still loves to scream too! A wonderful friend:0) We are also praying for Tamee B. and Mandy.

Tamee B. - 2006-01-02
I just lost my fiance to a eight month bout with lung cancer. We have been together for five years. When I met him he had a Severe Macaw.
He got her in 1976. she is very selective as she was caught in the wild. He had to tame her. She would bite his fingers all the way to the bone and tear it back but he persisted until she finely fell in love with him.
He named her Mandy because he said she had to be a female because she was a real bitch. Well about 8 years ago she proved him right by laying an egg.
I am one of the lucky few she has allowed to even touch her. She makes grown men flinch in fear. She is mine because Jeff asked me to take care of her...and...she wants to eat everyone else.
For me she is a sweetie. She coos to me, trys to feed me, shares my breakfast, and rolls over when she is happy and lets me scratch her tummy. She misses her dad right now though. ME TO!