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   The Severe macaw is one of the "mini" macaws. The baby Severe Macaw pictured above, "Fuzz Button" is one of two very sweet, friendly baby birds!
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Lisa Windsor Windham - 2012-08-19
I have a Severe female and she was abused, took a lot of work but now she is amazing but she acts like she wants a companion. Would you get another Severe? Or what other can you put with her? Severe are very hard to find around here. Any suggestions or comments, please....

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-19
    I am not sure what you mean by 'she acts like she wants a companion?'   So I will assume you don't want to breed and you believe it would just be more fun for your bird to have a bird friend so they have company when you aren't there.  OK?  I'd do a conure.  They get along with just about everything - they are lovable and do not have control issues - at least most of the time.  Severe is and will remain the boss and the conure - and get a young one that you can hold, cuddle, be lovable with and your severe will too.  Two separate cages - we don't want them thinking about bonding just about playing.  Conures are velcro birds.  They will stay by you and chances are when you aren't there will watch over the severed. 

    Conures run about $150 purchased direct from a breeder.  If you want to do an amazon - I'd do a laid back one that is affectionate and easier on training.  Panama, Yellow Shoulder or yellow face.  They talk but they are just much easier going than the napes or double yellow heads.  I think the severe would like the conure better - so maybe a panama down the road.
  • Lisa Windsor Windham - 2012-08-19
    Thank you for the info. I'm not really sure what she wants, over the past year, she has started acting like she was flirting with everything and gotten even more loving toward everything. About 5 months ago she laid an egg. This was the first time she'd ever done that before. We have a pair of cockatiels, and lovebirds, and we have raised lovebirds before. With my Severe, she was so mistreated that it took us a long time to get her to where she is. When we first rescued her, you couldn't touch her or anything, not she loves to cuddle and give kisses. All my birds have been rescues. So with her, whether it's a mate or just a companion, I want to get what makes her happy. My cockatiels are terrified of her. And she just needs something. My biggest problem has been trying to find a Severe in this area. I have found other minis but not a Severe and I've found a lot of gimmicks on the Internet. What would you think would be best in her case. She has really started trying to love on everything and trying to make a nest. Thank you very much for all the help, I'm just so unsure what to get her to really make her happy.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-19
    OK  you don't care if she breeds?  You will most likely lose the pet quality that you have now.  She is picking up the hormonal scent from the other breeding pairs.  Doesn't mean she needs a mate.  If you want her to have a mate and Severs not around - you can pair her with another macaw about the same size, Illigers, red front, yellow collared.  Some will just say/be4lieve think this is absolutely awful - that you should never cross breed.  Well if you lived in scotland and I lived in Australia we would probably never meet so we won't breed.  But if you move to NYC and I move to NYC - we will meet and .....   
Kenneth - 2012-06-26
We have a pair of Severes set up to breed. The hen has stopped being social and now goes straight into the nesting box when we come to feed them instead of coming over to greet us. She also has stopped eating as much and ever refuses her favorite food...peanuts. Is this typical nesting behavior? Is this a sign she is getting ready to lay? We checked her vent and she doesn't appear to be sick.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-26
    It is definitely a sign that she intends to breed.  So if the male is cooperative and she actually lays the eggs in the nest box and she sits and incubates, and the eggs hatch and she feeds -    what I am trying to say is yes, breeding behavior but sometimes it takes a clutch or two for the pair to learn how to do it and raise the babes.  So keep your fingers crossed.
Denise Carlin - 2010-10-02
I have had my severe macaw, Mac for about 10 years. He is very clever and many times unscrews things I have attaching things in his cage, like his water bottle. I even tighten the bolts as tight as I can and he still can get them off. Does anyone else have an industrious severe macaw? I am often amazed at how smart he is!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-08
    I use small padlocks to hold toys in my macaws cages. Actually had one that picked a padlock.
  • brenda samrow - 2012-03-08
    I have a 4 yr old named Kid.He's always unscrewing his toys and getting out of his escape proof cage. Sometimes he can't get enough attention and other times its best to leave him alone. He's in a cage with a cockatoo and they have the darndest conversations. I just adore them.
Atalanta Starnight - 2012-02-07
Don't do it! Don't get one. I have one. You won't be able to do anything else with your life other than babysit the macaw. They are adorable but very very needy. They have the emotional nature of a two year old and never grow up.

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  • Atalanta Starnight - 2012-02-07
    Oh and no matter how much attention you give it, once day they will pluck everything off (because you had to go to work or something) and you can't stop them.
Lewis - 2011-11-03
Hi I Am thinking of getting a parrot. But I don't know what one to get, either a severe macaw or an African grey. I really want one but I am only allowed to have one, could anyone help me as to what parrot I should get????

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-03
    They are both good choices but way far different in personalities and type of companion. A severe macaw will say a few words but mostly is very expressive with body language - especially his foot (honest). They will be comfortable wherever you go and with whatever enviornment you are in. You can take them to your friends house, etc. They travel easy and will adapt easily to a harness if you want to take them to the park or for a ride in a car. They usually get along with most people - especially all those that are a constant in the home or frequent visitor. They might like you best but are usually fine with all people, places, noices, commotion, quiet, toys, alone time and lots of play. More socialization than the friendly they are with all people. A grey is almost always a one person bird and will tolerate others but sure not like them much. They do not like commotion, loud noises, traffic, kids going in and out. They like attention from their human and require much attention and stimulation or they will pluck and most pluck. They will not adapt to different enviornments, and do not like change. They are excellent speakers and quite clear but it takes a lot of patience and teaching to have them talk. Amazons don't speak as clearly but they usually have some sounds going on. So you have severe that you can hold, play with, cuddle, have around other people and take out and will be OK on his own playing but will love playing with you and learning. Or you have a grey - which you will be able to pet but probably no one else can. A grey is the ruler and he wants peace and quiet and will not like change. They require much stimulation. People who are at home, quiet home, absolutely adore their greys - to the best of my knowledge. People who are active, go out, have friends over or young children running in and out etc and can't devote a lot of time - a grey probably won't work regarding lifestyle.
Norm's Hawaii - 2011-11-02
Thank You! I LOVE Severes and have worked with 2 in years with parrots. That SURE DO have a personality! VERY Endearing !! ♥♥

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-03
    They make great companions.
Ashley - 2010-05-18
I am about to get a severe, well he's already mine I'm just waiting for my friend to come around and give me a ride because his cage is so big I need a larger vehicle to fit it in. He's very comical though, very good talker too, oh by the way his name is Chester. He loves to talk and doesn't need very much time to learn how to pronounce words, I think he's about 23. So hes even older than me haha, he doesn't like boys tho, really I've heard he doesn't like very many people but the last few times I've been going to see him, he won't try to bite me or do the things he does when he gets angry (he bites his foot when someone's too close to him) but when I talk to him he just climbs out of his cage and wants to get real close to my face and pretty much repeat everything I say. It's soo cute!

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  • alex - 2010-05-28
    Oh hi do they talk real good cause I'm going to get one do you think if I buy one that talks already and when I get him do you think he'll still talk thanks please get back.
  • Dotti - 2010-07-30
    Where did you find your Severe Macaw I live in Georgia and don't know how to find this type of Macaw.
  • Mayda - 2011-10-19
    Dotti, my name is Mayda and I live in Tampa, Fl. I'm getting one in the spring when they breed again, the place I'm getting it from, is called Everything birds. Look them up on line and call and ask for Linda, they will take it to you or ship it to you. I would get a baby and hand feed it yourself. You can trust them, they are great.
Gemma M. - 2011-03-25
Hi! I'm a parrot-loving writer, and I'm thinking about writing a book involving a parrot. Well, I've considered several types, and Severe Macaws are among them. As I've never owned one, I was wondering if somebody who does could tell me a bit about their likes/dislikes, a more in-depth account of their personality, etc. Thanks!

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  • Emerald - 2011-08-07
    You want to write a book about parrots but you never owned one?
    You may wanna consider other options like......did you ever own a cat..? maybe you can venture on that...
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-08
    I would think that writing about a bird (or a story about a bird) would be almost impossible if you haven't had one. If you have then write about the one you know. Birds are as different as humans and all come with very distinct behaviors and personalities. I have had several and sometimes stories about mine. One (Czar) is the Czar of Russia who flies down and see the people are not happy and knows to create a fair realm, he must give them all their own hectares of land and tax only enough to protect the realm and the people rejoice. Another is an agent - yes a spy. He is the man about town - never a clown. He (Seven)is an agent and protects the humans in this world from hate and turmoil. Another (Chariot) can come into the living room at night and he grows large and has a gold chain around his neck. He grows only at night and I can climb on his back and see the world as he sees it. He takes me to wonderous places that no other human has been to. They know their story and listen to it often. It calms them if we have to go to the vet or if they get bossy. The story fits the personality of the bird and the realism of the story is there because the birds behavior is there. You would be giving yourself a task of writing about a child, never having been around one. The humor, comedic, protective, loving, nurturing, bonding aspects that make a personality is not something that is the same for each bird. I had a bird and for whatever reason, he would hang from the lamp on the ceiling by a wing. He looked as if he were dead and then people would see him and think he was dead and be afraid to tell me. When they would get close, he would jump down on their head and then run like crazy. Their personalities are complicated and why totally overwhelms me. They always say that if you are going to write, pick a subject that you are familiar with - your life, your home, your loves, hates etc. You would be trying to pick a subject with their loves, likes and behaviors and that is extremely difficult. Just an opinion and we know all people have one. Just thought I'd tell you mine and it's 2 cents worth.
MARIE - 2010-12-28
My severe macaw likes to attach and bite down like a pit bull can be very aggressive how can i stop this behavior?

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  • Emerald - 2011-08-07
    Chico is the same personality. He attacks anybody that comes near me. May it be a dog or a 6 ft tall boyfriend. He is unfortunately unfriendly and mean. I tried to train him with CD training aides, with no improvement. Once a week I take him to work with me in the shoe store where he has a big cage nxt at the back. I try to socialize him with other people by having him meet my friends. He just opens his mouth and wants to bite with no hesitation. Birds are unique. They can be as loving and as mean. One said to can teach the bird on what to do, but could never teach the bird what not to do. So true in Chico's case. He has 3 big cages, one outside, one inside the house, and one at my office all 3 are more than 5 feet tall. He has lots of toys and lots of fresh food and fruits, so it could not be that he is unhappy with space and diet. He only loves me, and steps up with me and no one else, I'm okay with that though I hope he is more sociable!
Kim - 2008-02-15
I have an 11 year old severe, her name is coco. She is very comical. She love kisses from me and only me. If my husband gets too close she yells at him and says get out of here, but he has never done any thing to her. She loves chocolate chip cookies and when she want a cookie she will ask for, and keep repeating, can i have a cookie until you give her one. Then she says thank you. I have always had birds but until i adopted her I did not know the true meaning of bird love. She is my pride and joy. I have 5 other birds; 1 is a blue and gold macaw, 1 is a military macaw, 2 cockatiels, and a senegal parrot. I love them all with all my heart, but coco is the one that holds the key to my heart. I hope everyone can experence having a severe the way I have. Please love your birds unconditionally, the way I do.

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  • Anita - 2010-03-10
    Kim..I love your story and it sounds like my story. I have an adopted now 5 1/2 year old Severe. I love and adore my other birds but my Bella stands out and is my pride and joy. She was raised by a male for 4 years and she loves my husband and daughter but she does hold the key to my heart and "vis-versa". She puts the sunshine in my day. :)
  • Heather - 2011-04-13
    Dear Kim,
    Just to let you know that you should not be feeding your bird chocolate chip cookies as chocolate is very dangerous to birds just like with dogs.
  • Emerald - 2011-08-07
    I owned/own a severe macaw, his name is Chico. He is so smart and he knows what he can get away with. He only eats fresh served food and would refuse to eat anything left over from yesterday, no matter how hungry he is. He is so attached to me. I bought him when he was only 7 months old from a local breeder.
    # months ago from buying him, I lost a severe Macaw ( His name is Charlie) He is one of the greatest blessings we ever had. Charlie unfortunately has a heart condition, he was born with it, he finally rests in peace after weeks and weeks of vet visits and prayers and love and care. We still love him always and he always will have that special place in our hearts that no one can ever replace.
    After his passing, Chico found me while visiting a local breeder. Chico came up to me and climbed right up my shoulder. I had to take him home.
    Chico looks so much like Charlie, same size same Severe Macaw.
    Now I truly believed that Parrot has a special instinct and can feel how we feel. Chico refuses to be Charlie. Or at least fill up the big hole Charlie left in our heart. He may look like Charlie but his personality is completely different, Many times I just can't believe that he is a Macaw or is he even normal. Anything we know of a Macaw through Charlie, Chico is the complete opposite of that. But Parrot love is unconditional love. We learn our lesson to not just love Chico as much as we love Charlie no matter of what personality.
    Chico is 6 years old now. He is so handsome and bright feathers. He has a big cage outside our fenced-in house and at night he sleeps in his big cage inside the house. He loves to take showers when it's sunny outside.
    He is the love of my Love, my baby and no one would ever understand the real Love we shared with this feather friend unless you have one. We are blessed to have Parrots in our lives.
    Just an advice to all my parrot lover chocolate, no avocado, no teflon/nonstick pots and pans...the fume if left heated will kill the birds instantly.