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The Scarlet Macaw has been the best known South American parrot for over 100 years!
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Annie - 2006-04-30
My Scarlet Macaw, Bullseye-Billy, is the most loving bird out of him, my Hyacinth Macaw (Quincy), my Greater-Sulpher-crested cockatoo (Abb), and my Blue and Gold macaw (Stanfield). Although most macaws are not exactly cuddly, it is different for him. He loves to sit on my shoulder and lean down to kiss me and coo to me. It's adorable! It is true, though, that every scarlet differs. They make amazing pets.

LUIS - 2005-12-30
It is true, birds are most breath taking in the wild however, now that they are being bred in captivity for pets, we can only hope that people do their homework because these birds do require a lot of time and real know how, they aren't your common canary! I keep telling people, macaws are not cats or dogs, they are birds that have a completely different psychology! In my opinion, if you don't like screeching, you have no business owning a macaw or any bird for that matter! Birds screech when their needs aren't being met therefore it is not the bird's fault and the "owner" should look for another home for their bird instead of subjecting an animal to such conditions! I've had my scarlet for a little less than a year now and she is the most beautiful playful bird I have ever owned and definitely not a screecher! Here's to many happy scarlet macaw owners!

Jack - 2005-12-19
i would just like to say that birds belong in the wild and are happiest when flying around in the sky with others of their kind.
this is also when they look at their most fascinating and beautiful, and i have been lucky enough to view scarlet macaws in central america.
they are "apparently" in danger of extinction, but this is mainly due to eggs being poached which are then sold across the world. owning one of these birds is therefore being part of the problem

Anonymous - 2005-11-22
Thank you for this website because it gave me alot of info on the scarlet macaw. i had it as an exotic animal... and your website helped me out a lot!

thank you

Habib - 2005-11-05
i have a scarlet macaw it screaches all the bloddy time i hate it and wish i never gotten it (and so does my wife). i hope this is an example to otheres. my macaw (bobby) screeches so much because i probally dont pay enough attention because i have to work so much to feed my four children. if i could turn back time i would love my little buttercup bobby so much.

Indira - 2005-07-20
My Raja is the best gift I ever got. I love him so much and I feel that from him as well. We are forming our bond and day by day we are getting closer. I have always dreamt of owning a scarlet macaw and my husband made that dream come true for me. He never has nipped me since the day I brought him home, although he will nip others in the household. I guess he has chosen me as part of his flock and am proud of that and intend to never fail him. My kids, I have six of them, all love him and wonder who will get him one day after I leave the world, I always tell them, "the one I see that does the very best by him will have the honour". My dream is unbelievable, I know you will all understand the respect I give my bird, as he does by me. I now take him for walks, we will grow together and learn from each other. It is truly an amazing pet to own and respect and love. We do get close he loves when I pet him on his head and neck. Take care all you parrot lovers, esp. macaws.

Robert Cooper - 2005-01-31
Think we are breaking the size barrier with Cracker, a 4 month old Scarlett. Cracker is 1450 grams and is still slim, 33" in length. And as with all large macaws is very loving. "He" loves to play chase with our cats and sometimes the dog, although Shelby-Dog is 14 and not always up to it. I have several other hookbills but without a doubt my scarlett is my favorite !

chuck collins - 2005-01-28
My soon to be 6 year old female Scarlet is a joy and wonder to be with. She is out of her nippy stage, a firm look and time broke her of this. Biting/nipping is NOT allowed ever. I can handle her at all times and she loves it. BUT she will not go to other people. she is around lots of people but is not inclined to step up for anyone.
She is a great talker with a large list of spokem words like "time to go nighty night" when the sun goes down. Regards to all from Chilli and chuck

Kent - 2004-12-26
I got to know (more-or-less) a Scarlet Macaw in the 1980s when I was staying in a hotel in the Yucatan. The building was in the depths of the forest, and had windows without glass and a ground floor that opened on all sides to the jungle. The bird, I imagine, was quite old. It had no cage, just wandered around the ground floor of the hotel. I never saw it leave the building. It yammered to itself incessantly, and had a broken wing which it dragged along the floor. Seemingly a very unhappy bird. It definitely did not like to be bothered; if you got in its way it would yowl at you. I always felt sorry for it. It think its life was going badly. I stayed at the hotel for a month, working on a screenplay, and saw a small army of tourists come and go. Everyone was introduced to the bird, and most ended up being quite wary of it. Sometimes, during dinner in the dining room, it would just stand at the far side of the room and watch the guests eat.

CRUZ - 2004-02-19