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The Scarlet Macaw has been the best known South American parrot for over 100 years!
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murray lane - 2014-09-10
i have a scarlet macaw ,she is not a nice bird at all we have had her for 18 months.i'm the only you she likes .my wife talks to her and feeds her treats but she doesnt not like her ,she bites her foot when she comes in the room.any info would help?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-10
    It sounds like your Scarlet Macaw was not well socialized as a juvenile, and then some parrots simply prefer men, and other prefer women. It takes a lot of time and patience to improve or change this type of behavior pattern, and it may never change. Macaws have excellent memories... once they learn behaviors that work for them, yeah, sounds like a patience and love scenario.
Krishna Mishra - 2013-03-19
Dear Sir, I want to open a Macaw parrots nursery & i am request to you.. Please give me details of macaw food, breeds, training & more thanks... Yours Truly... Krishna Mishra

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  • Jackie mast - 2013-11-04
    Scarlets eat all day and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. my bird loves sunflower seeds and nuts but the also needs to eat grains that you can by at any pet store or animal feed store, well at least here you can. I give him green apples, grapes, cooked carrots, broccoli, potatoes, jicama, and any fresh fruits and vegetables. And you will learn through time what each bird likes or dislikes, all are different. I hope this helped you on at least the diet part. Also I don't give my bird water from the tap I give him filtered water.
  • Shovo - 2014-09-01
    Can I pair a male blue and gold macaw with a female scarlet macaw for sexing? When blue and goldand scarlet macaw are adult for sex ?
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-01
    There lots of good information about foods, training, breeding and more... on the Macaw Care Guide pege. Sexing these birds is not possibly visually, but rather can be done by a vet with a surgical probe or via a DNA sample. See the breeding section in the Macaw Care Guide to learn more.
uhhhh - 2008-09-19
Hmmm, a Scarlet Macaw is the most useless macaw of all. They are moody, prone to feather plucking, scream to much, they can't talk very well, they sit around and scream all day, and make dumb noises. My bird is four and says three words. My Greenwing Macaw says a whole bunch of things. I have bruises all over my arms from my bird. If you ask me they are not a good pet and are way to much money. If you are looking into getting a Macaw get a Greenwing Macaw or a Blue and Gold. They are smarter, sweeter, and over all a way better bird.

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  • Jackie mast- Mosqueda - 2013-11-04
    Well if you don't want him I will gladly take him off your hand
Jackie mast- Mosqueda - 2013-11-04
I just recently acquired a 6yr old Scarlett macaw, the first week he stayed in his cage he was I guess insecure about his surroundings, but after that he opened up really quick and is a very lovable bird, though he mainly takes to the females in the house (my mom and myself). He loves to be cuddled with warm blankets and even gets along with our dogs and cats. I am so happy that we rescued him, squawks and all. He tells us which one he wants by calling us by name, even the pets. He likes to go outside and play in the trees during the day and when he's done he just comes back in through the pet door. We do cover his cage at night because we have central air in the house and I like to think the blanket keeps him a little warmer, and he likes his naps in his cage with the blanket. If we don't cover him he becomes agitated and grabs at them from the inside of the cage till we do what he wants. I guess he thinks he rules the house (and he does). Best decision we made, thank you for letting me share my story.

Danielle - 2012-02-08
PLEASE HELP!!!! My husband and I purchased a scarlet at 4 weeks, now she is is almost two years old. She had to be put under at the vet for a test and ever since then, she literally squawks and screeches at high ear busting volumes every few minutes!!! What can we do to help her stop this?? My email is .....please help!!!!!!! Sincerely, Danielle

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-08
    This doesn't sound normal to me. I am concerned why the vet had to put the scarlet under for a test. I have had birds sexed, chipped, shots, blood drawn etc and none of them ever had to be put under. I just held them. I sent you an email - let me know additional information - I asked questions - if possible and possibly we can find a direction. OK?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-08
    Had another thought. Possibly your scarlet screaming and going to the vet don't have anything to do with each other. I have a macaw and her cage was in the livingroom and perch also. One day I was using the desk and just moved the desk chair but didn't put it back. My macaw went nuts. I had no idea why or what was happening. I finally - after 2 days used the chair and had moved it back. For some reason this macaw was terrified of the chair. I have had birds terrified of mens hats or red hair or a scarf on a mirror. Is there anything that is different around your Scarlet that possibly she could be afraid of?
Anonymous - 2009-05-03
Scarlet Macaws ARE THE MOST beautiful birds I've ever seen in my life so far with their brightly colored feathers.

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  • mark lomz - 2010-12-21
    Another pretty bird is the australian rainbow lorikeet.
rowena japitana - 2012-08-19
Macaw's are very beutiful and they have colorful wing's and they are friendly. They are special they are talkable and they follow what you said. They are really funny and I want them as my pet. Love their colors wings beaks tail feet I love them.

prasanna - 2012-06-23
Hi, I have to bye it. but I don't know how to keep them. So please give me a guidance about it. and which macaw can I buy ? Means which 1 is good for me. I am living in India and the temperature is about 23 d.c mostly ,,,

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-23
    I would spend a good amount of time reading about them first.  The personalities of various species of macaws are quite different just like various breeds of dogs.  Some are more laid back, some are more difficult, some are very large and some are smaller.  They are different - so start with reading about them, caging and feeding requirements.  There is also an enormous price difference in purchasing them.
Christian avelar - 2012-05-30
How can anybody distinguish the difference between a male or a female scarlet macaw?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-30
    There is no 100% accuate way to determine the sex of a scarlet macaw outside of DNA sexing. You can purchase the kits in the back of Bird Talk Magazine and it is easy to do. I believe they are $25.00. You can also have the vet do DNA testing. Don't have the vet put the bird to sleep to scope sex it. Unesssary and unreliable unless the vet is very experienced and it can kill the bird. A best guess approach is the females head is rouder than the males. The males head is flatter and a definite slope at the back of the head going down the neck.
bill - 2011-12-07
Could I keep a scarlet macaw, a blue and gold macaw, and a toco toucan together in a cage?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-08
    No - you definitely can not keep the Toca in with the macaws. Yoiu can keep the 2 macaws together but they will propbably pair bond and not be as tame for you as they should be. It is best to let all three have their own safe place and you will also have better pets. Tocos do not bite but they do punch if they get upset. As youngsters they would probably get along and if you cage is 25 X 50 feet - you can have them out together but I would kepp them in their own separate safe places.