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   The beautiful Ruby Macaw quickly reminds us of a Green-winged Macaw, but is distinguished by the addition of bright yellow and orange feathers scattered across the center of its back and wings!
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heather stent - 2007-06-04
i have two of these beautiful birds. mine are very smart and loveable. they are great eaters and very active with the family and the rest of the birds i have. we do not breed our birds, they are part off our family and they are all so spoiled. sometimes it is very loud but we seemed to ajust, for they have a right to express their opinions as we do. some people cannot believe i handle 6 macaws, 2 cockatoos, and many more. the ruby macaw is very comical and fun to be with. they have the best diet and many snacks to watch tv with, they even know how to push the buttons on the remote control. so they run the house, we just pay for it...

vic - 2006-06-23
this website rocks!

Sonny - 2006-01-31
I purchased my Ruby from a breeder a little over a year ago. Having been a hand fed baby, he was very tame and extremely lovable right from the start. He just turned a year and a half old and his coloration keeps getting more and more vivid. He's also quite large bodied, in fact, a friend of mine has a Hyacinth and my Ruby's body is broader. that combined with the Scarlet's tail lengtht makes this bird truly striking. He has the intelligence of a Scarlet, and the demeaner of a Greenwing. I would whole heartedly recommend this hybrid to anyone interested in purchasing a Macaw.

Angela - 2005-12-19
I just bought a ruby. the first half an hour, oh maaaaaaaaaan he was rough, and I got alot of bruises from his bites. After we became friends, all he wanted was scratch, scratch, scratch. on his head and under his wings. I had to be sure not to scratch his wings too long, or his head and neck would miss out! And he would let me know it. I gave 1890.00 for him, 40x30x72 wrought iron cage, wrought iron play stand all for 2400.00 total!

C. Clark - 2005-07-31
We just found out that our macaw hen was a Ruby and not a Harlequin. During the hurricanes last year she and her mate spent 2 months living in the house. Her intelligence was amazing. She calmed down and accepted the changes better than her tame husband. Now, after 5 years of care and hope, she and her husband of many years gave us a chick today. WE are very excited.

robert sacha - 2005-05-17
I just got my Ruby Macaw--dad is a Scarlet, mom a Greenwing...What a wonderful bird! She's the perfect blend of, gentle, affectionate, and responsive. They maybe pricey but, they are well worth the money. I consider it an honor to have her.

Meriel - 2005-04-22
I have just gotton two green wing macaws. I have other parrots but. I was suppose to get a baby but the women changed her mind and sold me the parents. I can say these are really pretty. It is mating season and they
are pretty wild, but somehow I look into their eyes and all I can do is look.
They are older birds and I hope one day they will become very much apart of the family. Meriel