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The Red Front Macaw is a relative newcomer, only known in aviculture since the mid 1970's!
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chris - 2006-12-18
I recently rescued a nine-year old female Red-Front macaw named Sam, and I love her!! Her previous owners did not understand her so she never had a chance to thrive and blossom. She does now, and boy is she ever!!! She is a very loving, very entertaining addition to my family.

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  • Marie Reilly - 2013-10-03
    I too own a red fronted Macaw, a male named Gus who has a great personality to match his name. He is three years old, and is very affectionate, he is just getting to know us, I was suprised that he was so easy to work with so soon after buying him and taking him home.
eduardo orozco - 2012-07-25
My boys cousin last week told us that he has this bird that he's soo tired of he wants to get rid of it.. I was like what kind of bird? He didn't know. He said he has had it for five years. Also he told me that he bought it off a guy that had it for 10... I was like that's an old bird so I was curios about the birh gold him I'll be at his house . So I went and saw that it was a Macaw. He was soooo mean to the Macaw I was in a instant telling him that I would take the bird then and there! He had told me that the Macaw escaped one summer ago and flew to a neighboring tree and he used a stick and wacked it down... =:(now that I have her, I found out it's a she, her name is Joe had her for two days. I've been reading about her none stop. But other then that I would love it if u guys helped me out with her on some advice.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-25
    The red fronted macaw is a very very sweet macaw.  They love their humans.  They are a  lap bird and will follow you all around the home.  She will probably need some time to adjust and know that she is safe and then she will come to you and they are extremely affectionate.  Yes, my human had a couple for years for her friends.  They LOVE pine nuts.  I think it is the staple of their diet in the wild, if I remember correctly.  They love them so if you need to give treats to train - you can use pine nuts or cherios.  The love pet and hold.  Just learn their body language and i am sure she will train you properly.  They are not normally a noisy bird and their life expectancy is around 50-60 years.  Have fun and enjoy.  They are extremely loving.
Vicki - 2012-07-20
I have a 3 year old hand raised Red Front girl named 'Mango' and she is just amazing. So smart and inquisitive too. Just as said they feed off your mood or emotions too. She loves her outside cage on the porch some days in the afternoon and early evening just talking away and calling the dogs and horses and is so funny. She loves to learn new things dancing and certain programs on TV. Loves animal programs and hates the news programs when they get loud and argue back and forth.!!! Great vocal ability . She loves to cuddle and have to admit is the best when her wings are trimmed as otherwise she can really get into trouble or is fearless. She lives with me and my Great Dane , Chihuahuas and Aussie pup and my Bengal kitty 'Kiara' . That is what is in the house!! I absolutely Love her and She loves and thrives on 'Harrison's Pellet food and Goldenfeast Carribean II all natural food. She loves when I open her cage in the afternoon and let her pick out her yummy before putting some in her bowl. Everything else she has a habit of trying to deposit outside her cage.

Stefan - 2012-02-14
My parrot doesnt want to step up other than that he is fine. He has started talking, and alyways wants to be in the same room but doesn't want to step up only when he feels like it. What treats can I give him.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-14
    No bird will 'step up' all the time unless really well trained. Sometimes they just want to hang out by themselves or play alone or sometimes they just don't want pet. If your macaw is putting his foot up and sticking it straight out when you are trying to get him to step up - then he is saying 'I have a headache or leave me alone to hang out'. Now if this is most of the time, I would say to put him on his perch or on your hand and say 'step up' When you say this place your entire hand directly underneath your birds chest and in front of his feet. Raise your hand gently and he will have no choice but to 'step up' I do this hand over hand 'step up' going from one hand to another with my birds sorta like a game. It would be as if they had to climb stairs. Now if for some reason they don't want to 'step up' right that second, I will give them their space. Think about why/when your macaw doesn't 'step up' My birds won't do it when strangers are in the house. They just look with the big eyes. If it is the majority of time - try the stair trick. Red fronts are usually quite attached to their humans and excellent pets. They normally like just haging out with their human but they do enjoy some alone walking/playing around time too.
Stefan - 2011-12-07
okay so i just got a red front macaw and its still a baby 3 months old can it take it to friends houses??? 'of course without cats or dogs' but can i or will they freak out? in the pet shop he was very sweet and i know exactly what to feed and play time but can i take to friends house thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-07
    Sure you can take him anyplace you go - well at least any place I can think of. Remember though make sure he doesn't get cold. I would just take him in a large basket for right now with a towel (no snags) on the bottom or the basket. At 3 months it will probably just sit in there. Sounds odd but at just 3 months, I would ask your friends to wash their hands or take some baby wipes with you and hand them one. He is a little young and real doubtful that he would get anything but I was an over protective mom. Red fronts are great companions and the more socialized they are the more places you can take them. They usually love everybody. Enjoy your new one.
john nyc - 2009-01-08
Hi i have a beautiful Red Front baby Macaw, i just completed the weaning cycle with her by bottle feeding her, and she is the most facinating bird EVER. This bird is so smart its amazing. These birds are like the "Caiques" if the Macaw species, always clowning around playing on their backs with toys. Great bird for a begginer Macaw enthusiest. Smallest of the large species of Macaw but size is the only diffrenece. All around great bird.

Tinkers' owner - 2006-03-29
My Red-fronted Macaw, Tinker, is the sweetest boy in the whole wide world. This is a great macaw that everyone should have.