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The Military Macaw is a beautiful green Macaw, very intelligent, and a fabulous show bird!
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roger - 2010-09-05
I have a militay macaw with yellow on both shoulders, can you tell me is he has been bred with some other kind?

Edward W. - 2007-09-24
I've had Benito for 8 years now, raising him from a bald little baby. He lives outside next to the window where he "visits" with me. For the first 6 years, Benny slept indoors on a perch, but never once messed on the floor. Every morning, he comes into my bedroom and sticks his tongue in my ear and says "Edwardo!". He picks up words on his own and has started calling me "Appa". Although I say his name constantly, he has never said his own name. My parrots all say "Benny" though. He definitely changed my life!

bigdj315 - 2006-10-03
My military just came home last week, I wanted a blue & gold or a greenwing. I was looking on the net and found a guy that had two 4 month olds and I answered his ad and drove to see them. I couldn't believe how alive the colors looked. The net does nothing for the looks. My military macaw is named Chief, and he is spoiled already. He has never nipped me hard, except one time when he was slopping off of my arm and tried to grab my shirt. He got a mouthful of skin and shirt. He calls during the day some and almost whispers as the night comes in. This bird is really cool and I have taught him two tricks on command in just 3 days. These guys are very smart and love to be held as well as introduced to new games and get plenty of wood for them to chew and a good hanging toy and you get one happy bird; Don't forget a peanut or two a day!

cockatoolou - 2006-03-17
My MM Alex, is one of 4 parrots, 2 U2's, B&G. By far my MM is the sweetest and the least "loud". She was cage bound for 6 years prior to our rescuing her. We use a great hepa or better air filitration system. B&G is separate due to dust. Rest in birdroom. My MM loves all the birds and is an avid chatterer, singer and truly my favorite, as far as attitude. She is nippy with hubby and most men. She layed an egg last January (non-fertile). I rescue and rehab. NO BREEDING/BUYING/SELLING.

steven willan - 2006-03-12
we have a 2yr old military macaw called tattie because she looked a scruff when we bought her at harrogate show. we bought her because she took an instant liking to my wife and knocked the other macaws off the perch to get across the cage to get to my wife and screamed when we walked away. we returned and tried the other side of the cage with the same result. so she had to come home with us and she still behaves the same way and nobody else will do when my wife is in. she also likes the grandchildren and will sit on the floor of the cage when they are playing and tries to join in. she is hand reared and we would not be without her.

Jennie - 2006-02-16
I have a 10 y/o Military Macaw that was taken from a home where she was neglected. I have to her and getting her to come out of her shell has proven to be easier than I had though in the 3 months I've had her. She does talk...mimics a lot of things that she hears around our house. She is however, very tempermental and has only really bonded with me. My sister lives with me and she still snaps at her every time she walks past the cage. Overall, she has become one of the most amazing pets I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my home with. The only warnings I would give are these: they can get very loud...whistling, screeching, squaking, and it is not easy to spend time with them, and then walk away without a fight...they will scream! She loves to dance, and she talks only when she thinks no one is around...but her personality is amazing.

Krissi Sandvik - 2005-09-07
My husband is "mated" to a male Military macaw named Oscar, who chose us (my hubby) at an adoption outreach. Since opening our home to this clown, I've searched for info and stories from other "Mili-mates" but am surprised how few are out there! I can't imagine our life without this challenging, nippy, cranky, funny and lovable guy!

Randy Crout - 2005-04-15
I am owned by a wonderful Military Macaw, Diego. I played with Diego in a local store for months and finally purchased him. Diego goes to all 3 children, children in the neighborhood, adult neighbors, friends and family. He will be 1 on May 5, 2005. Gentle, funny, cuddly and adorable Diego laughs and talks and wants to talk more as he tries hard to communicate with all of us. He did tell my loud Sun Conure to shut up the other day.

pj - 2005-03-05
i am owned by the most loving male military macaw who is two and can talk, sing, dance, and does not even need a cage. he is so good. dont miss out on a great bird because he is not so colorful.