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   The Harligold Macaw is a very pretty bird with a double dose of the intelligent, gentle natured Blue and Gold Macaw!
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Melodee Essex - 2012-11-13
I absolutely adore my Harligold 'Kokomo'! We hand .raised him from the day he hatched. (I owned his parents) He is 7 mos. Old now and so beautiful, lovable & fun! This bird has personality plus and then some... Loves to cuddle and play, but definitely not afraid to let you know when he isn't pleased... Lol. He is a wonderful addition to our family!

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  • Rob Tome - 2013-04-12
    I am about to adopt my first baby Harligold Macaw. The father is a Harlequin and the Mother is a Blue and Gold. I am so excited!
GARY HUSTON - 2010-11-11
There is less macaws that aren't brother, sister or aunt , uncle in breeding these wonderful birds. So we will have some kind of macaw in the usa for pets. I would rather breed pure breed. Look at the green wing about gone.
Because breeders are unable to get non related birds. Related birds give us sick and insane birds. Would you rather have zero birds it's close if we don't breed hybrids.

JP - 2010-08-03
You say they are bred for color? They are bred strictly for the money. These hybrids should not be happening and only disreputable breeders are doing it. My opinion.