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   The Harlequin Macaws are some of the most beautiful and well behaved of all the hybrid macaws.
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Antonio - 2005-03-11
This site is very fun! Compliments my friend

Ronny - 2005-03-02
Your site is very nice, compliments!

kay conner - 2005-02-05
our harlequin is 8 1/2 years old. his name is Baby and he is the ruler of our roost. he is the one that keeps our other birds in line.
it has been a long time joke that if it came down to my Baby or my husband that my husband had best pack his bags. these are the most wonderful of all species. everybody should have the opportunity in life to be loved as these birds can love you.

Alliswhat4 - 2004-10-13
i have a female harlequin macaw. and she is a very loving, playful bird. she is 19 months old, and her name is terra. she has bonded with me only it seems, although she does love her "papa". she would rather be with me period!!! i cannot walk by her without her screaming. she demands attention 24/7. she has plenty to play and amuse herself. but, its always me she wants!!! but screaming is my problem, any ideas?

Lydia Hays - 2004-10-12
i have had a harlequin macaw for 6-1/2 years - she is 8 years old and was given to me by a 75 year old customer after her husband died. Abigail was only 18 months old when i got her and she immediately bonded to me since i held her on my arm instead of on a stick. she is really sweet but only to me. she does not like anyone else, mainly because everyone else is scared of her. last week my baby brother passed away and i inherited his 5 year old umbrella cockatoo and i have put her cage right next to abigail - they seem to like each others company. i am wondering, if they can ever be put together or if they will they fight. Lydia Hays

Lynn Morgan - 2004-07-23
I have a 27 month old Harlequin, "Amazing Grace", that I believe God sent to me just before I was to lose my constant companion, "Rocky" an 11yr old Rottweiler, to cancer. As dogs live such short lives compared to how long we would love them, I did not know how I would bear this lose. But Grace loved me and let me love her, even though I was a first time bird parent and was sometime clumsy and even alittle afraid. This wonderful soul gave me a reason to know life goes on and it is what we do with it that shows tribute to the ones that go away to soon. Grace, is the love of my life and if someone would have tried to tell me how loving, funny, sad, into everything she can find, life we would have coming, I would not have believed it. So, Thank you for my little girl and her laughter and I know she is and always will be to me. Boo to all that do not give so called hybrids their place in this world as they are gifts from God himself!

Delaine Cortum - 2004-02-24
I have raised harlequin macaws for fifteen years. I kept my first baby, also a few others that had unique beginnings. They are very smart, pick up new phrases quickly and so very loving. I have blue & gold, scalets and greenwings but the harlequins are my very favorite.

Jerry - 2004-01-28
I have a four year old and even though he can be loud at times I have found that he really does understand words. He has spoken in sentences knowing when to say them and what he wants. He really has a clown side to him but is very loving. I have had so many comments on his colors and attractiveness that I could have sold him many times but I can not sell part of my family. Believe me he is just another kid in the house. He will not let anyone else touch him and when I have him he will not let anyone else get close to me. He is very protective of me and I love every minute of it.

Lacey Harris - 2003-08-15
Anyone that owns a Harlequin, Can you please E-mail me? My Name is Lacey. I have B&G now, But I was wanting to add another Macaw. Would love to know more info on them, like personality, and also Where a good reputable Breeder of Harliquins is?

Lacey Harris

Nancy Littlefield - 2003-08-05
I have a 12 month old harlequin. I was forced to bring him home before the weaning process was completed. I currently own an Af. Grey, and this baby was my late bday present. I thought he would never get over the weaning process. He continually postured & begged for food and cuddling for months & months, and showed little promise of any personality. Now, just shy of 1 y/o, he says hello, I love you, and hi beau. He gets so excited when I walk in the door and says very loudly HELLO, and always dances and acts silly. He loves to wrestle on the floor with my son, and play a heck of a BirdZilla with our building blocks. I would highly recommend a harlequin.