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   The Harlequin Macaws are some of the most beautiful and well behaved of all the hybrid macaws.
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Lisa - 2006-01-22
I have a 2 1/2 yr old Harlequin Macaw and he is absolutely one of the best things that has ever happened to us ! He is so sweet and friendly, we often take him to the beach or to the park and people flock to him (he loves the attention). He is very mischevious loves to chew on anything in his reach. He has a large vocabulary for only 2 1/2. He started talking around 6 months his first words were "hello" and "I love you". He is very comical -- he laughs at all the appropreate times and loves his swing, he will swing all day long if you let him. He picked up the dogs name fairly quick... he loves to call the dog, who, i might add, is thouroughly confused by this! I would recommend a Harlequin to anyone planning on buying a macaw. they are very very entertaining but they do demand a lot of attention and LOVE!

Anonymous - 2006-01-21
These birds talk alot!!! They can get irratated very easily and when you make them mad they will let you know. When our Macaw bites someone or gets in trouble (he knows these things) he will scream "no". Also everytime we answer the phone he says hello about 3 times. Some how our bird also learned how to insult people... If you want a bird this would be a good choice to make they are very fast learners and would be just like another member of the family.

Georgette M Motyka - 2005-09-16
I so love Macaws in general, so maybe I will now look for a Harlequin. The are the most beautiful I have ever seen. I love the blue and gold's personality.. This site has made be want to get a Harlequin, over the blue and gold.

Manny Jakel - 2005-08-20


Janet Finch-saunders - 2005-08-01
I am really struggling with my Harlequin Macaw. We had him as a chick. At 3 years old he plucked and shredded most of his feathers overnight. We spent

We just got a Harlequin Maca and he is about 7 weeks old. The pet shop owner burnt his crop and we got him because the pet shop owner could not afford to take him to the vet. So we took him and had surgery don and he is doing great. He is a very sweet baby. Can't wait until he starts to talk. Enjoy your website greatly! Thanks, Caroline

ka - 2005-06-02
I have acquired a female harlequin, Penny. She is absolutely wonderful. Penny is about 18 years old. She now lays eggs in the spring, typically 2 clutches of up to 5 eggs. I have no intentions of breeding, as I want her to remain a pet, and she is a hybrid afterall. I enjoyed viewing this web site, however, I disagree with the vocabulary of roughly 15 words/ expressions. Penny is capable of over 150 words or expressions, admittabily, she does have her favorites, and she does rotate her vocabulary. Penny seems to prefer to acquire most of her new vocabulary from my 6 year old son. My harlequin is constantly learning vocab, amusing our family, and simply enjoying being a bird

Nicky - 2005-05-02
I am from South Africa and have seen macaws only a few times. I do not have a macaw, but I do have an African Grey, 3 ringnecks and 2 white doves(as I like to call them because they are called so many names I do not know which one is the proper name). I am dying to get one and have been trying to find out prices without much luck. I must say that you have an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC website and have the most beautiful pictures of macaws. All the macaws look healthy and happy. Keep up the good work with the website and may you and all your/the macaws stay healthy and have a good life.

Seaman - 2005-04-08
You have a very good site

Frenk - 2005-03-12
Your are the best! I like your website