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   The Harlequin Macaws are some of the most beautiful and well behaved of all the hybrid macaws.
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Heather F - 2007-10-22
I just bought a Baby Macaw thats Harlequin and Red Scarlet. My baby's name is Ten-Ten. Ten-Ten loves attention and everybody around. Too cute! I wish everyone could see her. I Love Macaw's, they make awesome life Companions.

Dina Richter - 2007-08-26
It's now almost 19 months since I brought Maxie my Harlequin Macaw home with me. I love her so much. She's come a long way, I've taught her three tricks and she really talks her head off. Not just mimicking, she actually answers you and speaks appropriatly. I'll look at her loveingly and she says, "What?" Then I'll tell her. "I just love looking at you." To that she'll reply,"OH." My Maxie perches on my forearm and tells me, "I LOVE YOU". I wish that I could show her photo.

Dina - 2006-11-03
5 days ago I bought my first parrot, a Harlequin Macaw. She is so gorgeous and smart. She tells one of my dogs who won't stop barking to "SHUT UP". The Only trouble with Maxie is....She won't let me near her or her feed dishes. She got one good bite on my fore arm.

unknown - 2006-07-01
I have a Harlequin and he is 2 years old July 2006. I Bought him when he was 8 weeks old. I've hand raised him! He is very intelligent and has an excellent vocabulary. Excellent talker! When he want's me he yells MAMAAAAA! He knows what he is saying and he knows when he is good and bad. He laughs really loud when he does something bad. My Blue and Gold Macaw will laugh really loud when she sees that he's in trouble. NEVER a dull moment in our house! These are great birds as pets, but stores that sale them don't tell you the health problems that come because they are crossbred. Really excellent pets stores will not sell any crossbreed birds as they know the problems that can arise! My Harlequin Macaw is one of many with health problems and it's not a pretty site when he is sick or has a serious allergy reaction to his foods. The Vet bills can become very costly. Please be educated on these birds, know what you are dealing with. These guys live 80 plus years. I hope the rest of you have very healthy Harlequins.

Alyssa - 2006-05-30
Me and my boyfriend got a Harlequin macaw off the buy and sell about two months ago. We love im to death he's so playful. His name is Ruben and he waz suppost to be my boyfriend's pet but he likes me more. At first i didn't want anything to do with him, he just scared me at first but now i wouldn't get rid of him for anything. I'm glad my boyfriend bought him.. If anyone is looking into getting a parrot then i suggest you get a Harlequin macaw they are very frindly and playful and make good pets. As long as you are willing to spend at least four hours a day with them, well, all i can say is he is the greatest bird in the world....

Chuck - 2006-05-16
Update: McKala now has a harness to go outside with me. She is enjoying the walks with me and seeing the neighbors who seem to enjoy seeing her outside and up close. I purchased the harness from the Hartman Aviary and find that it was the easiest to put on and take off as it was all one part. I have also purchased another one for my other birds so that the Hahn's, sengal, & conure can all enjoy the outsides. I really enjoy being around my birds and I wanted them to experience the outdoors. It sure makes owning a bird more fun. Also, she is talking much more, says come here, up, and is working on how are you. I really do enjoy McKala.

Anonymous - 2006-04-28
I've been around two Harlequin macaws in my life. If anyone is looking for a macaw as a companion pet, they should choose a Harlequin. Harlequins are easy-going, intelligent, sassy, outgoing, affectionate and loving, but they also love pleasing a crowd and are eager to learn something new. That's how my Harlequins are like. Harlequin macaws forever! :)

Jennifer - 2006-03-20
I was adopted by a harlequin macaw. She was a rescue, taken from her previous home by the Health Dept due to neglect, starvation and deplorable conditions. She was lucky to still be alive and in pretty good shape -- many of the other animals were not. We had a bit of a rocky start given her history and my relative inexperience with birds; but we quickly got help through a local bird store, a bird behaviorist, an avian vet and websites like this one. Today she's a lovely bird, happy, talkative, well-adjusted, playful, naughty, noisy and NEVER hungry! Macaws are amazing birds and it's wonderful to see her happy and healthy -- such a difference from the sad, crying, frightenend, miserable bird who moved in with me a few years ago. I wouldn't recommend a rescue as your first bird -- I was successful, but very lucky I had access to great resources and able to devote a lot of time and money to her rehabilitation. Rescues are not "free" birds and can end up costing you much more than if you had purchased a hand-raised baby!

Chuck Smith - 2006-03-01
I recently purchased a 7 month old harlequin macaw I named Mckala in Feb 2006. She has a GW father named Casino and a blue & gold Mother named Maggie. Her hatch date was June 8, 2005. I have a hahn's macaw as well, along with a sengal, and a conure. All are learning to talk. She is a very pretty bird and I am enjoying her and I am looking forward to getting her out this spring and showing her the outside.
Chuck Smith

john - 2006-02-26
Hi,I just purchased an eleven week old Harelquin. He's still being hand fed at Bird Jungle, so I'll have to wait another two weeks. I've been going over every couple of days so he'll start getting used to me. Two days ago, he sat in my lap for a good hour and we both loved every bit of it. There were a lot of kids coming into the store since they were off from school. so they were comming up and petting him along with me, and asking a whole lot of questions. I haven't yet picked a name, but, Bud and Ringo, come to mind. Already the bird is letting you kiss him, he is so loveable and I look forword to a lot of happy years.