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The Hahn's Macaw is the smallest of all the Macaw Parrots, and is one of the best talkers!
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Steve Murphy - 2006-05-04
I'm Steve Murphy from Indianapolis, Indiana. I got my Hahn's Macaw in January of '06, and enjoy "him" thoroughly. His name is Rio. I figured if I find out it's a girl later, it will still suit him/her.

He's quite loquacious, but doesn't really form words yet. Just a lot of mumbling. I've had him for 6 months.


Courtney - 2006-04-26
I got my Hahn's, "Isabelle", 4 months ago at a bird show. She was 3-months-old and had just been weened. She is an awesome bird. She demands a lot of my attention...which I guess is my fault because she's been pretty spoiled!! When I say "she"...I really don't know what sex she is. The breeder actually told me that she'd been raising Hahn's macaws for a while--and if she had to take a guess based on size...she thought my baby was actually a male. But who really knows? She's a clown....loves to talk and jabber...and roll around on her back. She thinks she's a human baby and gets really irritated if you don't hold her like she is one! She will climb up on you and flip over on her back for cuddle time. Her favorite thing to do is to babble--you can't understand a word she is saying when she does it...but it's funny, to say the least! For being only 7-months-old, she does have a decent vocabulary. So far, she can say Hi, Mom, step up, come here, come on, pretty girl (not as clearly), she barks like the dog, mimics my laugh, whistles, says "Mmm" when you feed her, and gives loud kisses. She loves our 6 lb dog and can't understand how come the dog doesn't let her "step up". She definitely prefers me to other people...but she will go to almost anyone. She loves people--and even likes children and other animals. She can be quite noisy if I leave her sight, or if a baby cries, and also in the morning when she's ready to be uncovered. Other than that, she's an amazing baby! I'd recommend this species to anyone.

Susan - 2006-04-24
I got my Hahn's almost two years ago and she is pure delight. Her name is Mijah (my daughter in spanish) but I mostly call her Mimi. She knows and says her name and when I feed her she says "Mimi yum, yum, Mimi yum". She knows lots of words hello mama, hello, cozmoe(the dog), night-night, and love-love to name a few. I've had her since she was four months old and she has been sexed. She says hello when people come in the door or the phone rings. Every night before I cover her cage, I sing the "Barney" song to her and she can sing some parts of it with me. When I sing "with a graat big hug and a kiss from me to you" she gives a great big kissing sound. She is such a joy and such a clown. She LOVES peanut butter; when we sit down at the table to eat she starts in with yum, mimi yum, yum, yum. She can be quite noisey at times; right now she is screaming for me cause I'm in the office. Despite the occassional noise, she has been a great addition to our family and is so easy to care for. I highly recommend a Hahn's as a pet!

Sonya - 2006-01-08
I got my Hahn's macaw Raleigh Napole'hahn' 5 years ago as a 4 month old baby. He and I met at a pet show where his breeder had brought him along with multiple other baby parrots. The deciding point for me was his reaction to this 10 year old boy that came up to him and was poking towards his face with a finger. Suddenly, he looked intently at the child, flashed his eyes and yelled "boo!" He child ran away in surprise and I knew that I had to have him. Since then he has grown to be the ruling animal member of our family barking with the dogs, calling them over by name to try to bite them, yelling hello whenever the phone rings, reminding us when it is time to wake up or go to sleep by appropriately asking for "breakfast" and adamantly screaming "night night". He also tells people that he is a "Hokie Bird" (appropriate for a Va. Tech alumni and loves to play peek-a-boo, kiss and cuddle under your chin. I would highly recommend this bird to someone looking to have an easy going, flexible and small parrot. This is a commitment though since these birds live an average of 40 years and will always have the mentality of a mischevious 3 year old constantly playing games to see what type of reaction they can get from you. Fun!

Willy Buist - 2005-11-17
Hi There, We got our Hahn's Macaw just over a week ago after a two week period where we visited him at the pet shop on a nearly daily basis. We've called him Retro, after his habit of walking backwards along the floor or work top on which he may be. There are only a few Avian vets here in South Africa so we have not really any proof that he is a 'he'but we do know that he was born in May this year. This is an amazing bird and the size of it does not at all describe the character! We also have a blue fronted Amazon and while it's too early to tell whether they will get on, it has been lovely watching them call to each other and show off by doing little tricks like hanging upside down and being copied by the other. I have been most impressed with how gentle this little bird is and even when he grasps a finger it is not with any real pressure, and always with a very close inspection with the amazingly long tongue. I recommend this species to anyone but caution you that they do have a really good morning call!

Daniel Hayes - 2005-10-11
I got my hahns about one and a half months ago. I got him from a friend and breeder, Mrs.Alpine. She had a variety of baby birds for me to chose from but I knew Edd was the one for me because when my mom got off the air plane with him even though he could barely walk he crawled up my right arm. When i got him he was as bald as can be. Now he has a full set of feathers and can actually walk. Edd-which is his name-has a very intriguing personality and also has a very strange habit of twitching his wings. He became weened at the age of one month which is very unusual because the hahns macaw is usually weened at three months. Oh and when i wrote this he was biting the keyboard to death which is yet another bad habit. Despite this i think he's an awesome bird and I think the hahns macaw overall is a great bird. Right now Edd seems to be very happy; I know i am. He's been a very cool bird so far and I think any bird lover should get a hahns macaw no matter how experienced.

Shaina - 2005-08-30
I just bought my Hahn's Macaw, Everett, two days ago. I've been visiting him at the pet store he was in for the last month (traveling over an hour just to go see him) and I was so in love. I've had birds before, but this one is so different. He loves everyone he meets and is just a sweetie. He loves attention, but isn't very talkitive. He hasn't learned any words yet, but he mimics the sound of talking. He also likes to make the same clicky noises that I make. He's only 4 months and I can tell that he's already going to be a quick learner.

kari - 2005-07-30
Hello- I purchased my Hahn's at a bird mart on Valentine's Day. (He was 7 months old when we got him,) When I picked him up, he kept kissing me so I had to have him! Since then, he has been quite the little treasure. He likes to make 'kiss' sounds, and is starting to mimic my laughter. I recently purchased an Illiger's Macaw, and the two are getting quite close. A favorite birdie pasttime is to run around the living room floor grabbing each other's tail, and wrestling. My Hahn's is more outgoing (and noisy) than the Illiger's. He loves to sign and babble. I highly recommend this little package.