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The large Green-winged Macaw is one of the sweetest tempered of all the large Macaws!
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Iiae Hess - 2005-03-13
I have cockatoos and amazons and a blue and gold macaw and some others but the greenwing was the cutest little baby (no offense to the other baby birds!)
It was quite big for 3-4 months but, it was as gentle as ever. it is still at the petstore but i hope we can take it home.
Personally the green wing would be great for all ages if they have the proper respect for such a magnificent animal.

Sherry Harmelink - 2004-09-21
We have a three year old greenwing macaw. He is not a bird but a part of our family. He loves everyone in the family. He will lay like a baby in my nine year old daughters arms. He comes looking for you when you are not in the same room as him. He is the most loving bird I have ever seen. He has a rope that he has to sleep with every night, this rope toy came with him when we purchased him. He uses it for security. He does not play or chew on it. He sits on his swing, and brings the rope over the swing and puts his wing around it and then goes to sleep. I have never seen a bird do this before. He is a part of our family and we would never be able to part with him.

annie jc - 2004-06-27
i have one green winged macaw but he is being sold and i will so miss him. i am the one who spent the most time with him.he has started saying my name

Beckie - 2004-02-15
I have a Greenwing & a Blue & Gold. Both are fantastic but the Greenwing stole my heart the first time I met him. They have the most fantastic characters, real lovable, gentle giants..!!

john - 2003-11-21
I have kept Macaws for only a few years. I have had a Blue and Gold, A Harlequin (Hybird) and a Greenwing. Out of them all I would have to say that the Greenwing is about the most Loveable, intelligent and is truly a gentle giant. I would have to say that a Macaw of any kind is definitely not a first bird or a bird for the uninitiated. For those who do have a lot of bird experience a Greenwing is definitely the way to go.