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The large Green-winged Macaw is one of the sweetest tempered of all the large Macaws!
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Irish - 2006-04-06
My husband just put a deposit down on a 4 1/2 month old Greenwing for me. I am very excited to add it to our flock when it's weaned and ready to go! Its feathered family will include a Blue and Gold macaw, a Severe Macaw, an Umbrella Cockatoo and a Sun Conure.

Africo's Mama - 2006-04-02
I have 8 macaws-A Blue and Gold named Jack, a Scarlet named Monty, a Capri named Sir Lancelot, a Maui Sunset named 007, a Military Macaw named Jordan, a Hyacinth named Tucker, and a Green-winged Macaw named Africo. Of all my birds, as well as my Double-Yellow Headed Amazon Bob (No, I didn't name him that), he is the sweetest. He adores siting on my belly and sweet-talking me. It's adorable! He loves everyone he meets and will not refrain from kissing every guest we have and saying "Hi, baby". But what makes me feel so good is that he has not said "I love you" to anyone...Except me.

john - 2006-03-17
A Greenwing is what I have talk my wife into. It is now three weeks old and still with the breeder. We have two Amazons, a Grey and a Too. I fell in love with the greenwing and I am looking fowrad to many years with our flock...

enrique - 2006-01-11
Hello everyone! I have greenwing macaw named, APPLE! She is the most intellegent animal I have ever encountered. She has a life of made for a queen. She has 2 california king cages. One outside on the patio and one in the house. She loves walks by the beach and will stare at the ocean view on the patio.(we are in miami) She loves to cuddle and give kisses to my partner and I. She loves to cuddle and play games. Her best friend is our little pekanese dog. They play together and Apple talks to him all the time. We got her at 26 days old. And she started talking at 2 months. YES, 2 MONTHS. She is now 2 yrs and is the light of our life. She also never stops talking. She is a real Kathy chit chat. When we got her I would hold her and sing her a little silly song I made up called ,"baby bird" Still to the day she loves to be held like a baby and will go to sleep while hearing her little song. And a scratch on the head.
How we love our Apple!

Bruce Bolster - 2005-11-06
I have hand raised a baby male greenwing from the egg...he was too big for the egg, so his beak is bent way to the side, but he is fine with any type of food, has learned to soak the hard pellets and loves what we eat. The breeder i got him from noticed the deformity, was going out of business, wanted $1,700 or she was going to break its neck, due to unsaleabilty..Is sad that people like this exist...but he has become my best and truest buddy over the last five years and is the best investment i have ever made in a friend (is a toss up between the investment in him and the investment in my but as has been said, not a first bird for a bird-lover to own..they do get moody, try to act tough and scary, but are extremely intelligent and very lovable...if its not your first experiance with larger birds, i would highly recommend a greenwing macaw if you are looking for the best friend you have ever had.

Dee Bolster - 2005-11-06
As a parrot behaviorst and having done rescue for numerous MUST understand, especially regarding Macaws that any and all have the potential to bite and cause serious injury. You can have a wonderful, lifetime mate with them, but they are, foremost, a wild animal, most a mere 3rd generation from the wild...also, they are a product of their environment and have days in which they do not want bothered. If you respect their boundaries and respect the damage a beak can do, they make the most awesome pets ever! I just returned from a place that at last count had over 60 dead macaws and 35 more that may have to be euthanized. All due to poor nutrition and lack of basic care/needs. You must also ALWAYS place the birds needs first. If it's too much, please find an adequate home.

JP - 2005-10-28
I have a green winged Macaw named Weeza and he's roughly 18 years old. We rescued him 6 years ago from the children of his previos owner (who had passed away). They locked him in a dark garage and left him alone for weeks at a time with no human contact. He was obviously very tramatized from this experience and heart broken from losing his only companion of 12 years. The chilren told us Weeza was like a baby with their mother. He never bit anyone and he would sleep on his back under a blanket. At the time of the rescue he was very hostile and could not be handled. But within the first week he began to bond with my younger sister,giving her kisses and pruning her hair, but still tried to bite the rest of my family. It took a few months for him to get comfortable around everyone else, and now, six years later, he thinks he's the king of the castle. He has never gone back to the way he was before the rescue. He screams when he doesn't get his way and tries to bite you when you walk by his cage (he's thinks he's scary) but really he is just a big baby who demands a ton of loving. When he tries to be mean, I just give him lots of kisses and although he pretends not to like it, he secretly loves it!

Ramona - 2005-09-27
Hey everyone, with all the talk about the GW I finally have one coming home with me. It is waiting for the DNA to come back. Hopefully It will be here in the next two weeks. I had to order the cage first. Never having such a big bird before is very exciting to me. I have done so much research on this bird and want to have everything ready for it before it comes home. It is only four months old. Thanks, Ramona

Meriel - 2005-06-23
I just got two greenwing Macaws. They are adults, male and female. I wanted to buy one of their babies but the women loved this baby so much, she offered the parents. I said yes and here I am trying to find out all I can about them. I have had them about 1 month but somehow I love them already. The
male will let me feed him and he will say hi. the lady is still not too sure. These are my first Marcaws. I have loved this web sight and have learned alot.

Paula Gent - 2005-05-02
My first Macaw was a Blue & Gold my second was a Green Wing. There is no comparision to the two. The Green Wing is very lovable and trustworthy. My Blue and Gold would cuddle up to you and then take a bite out of your face. My Green Wing never did anything like that. He loved cuddles and kisses and eating with me. I had to leave him behind in America when I moved to England. I now have a female Green Wing and she is wonderful. She loves cuddles and kisses and is very smart. My mother now has my Green Wing along with a female blue and gold and two scarlets. All three of hers will rip your hand off if you get near them. I thought maybe it is the female macaws that are mean. But now I have a female and she is even more gentle than my male.