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The large Green-winged Macaw is one of the sweetest tempered of all the large Macaws!
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Emily Clark - 2012-04-02
I have a 2 year old greenwing macaw who screams everytime that my husband goes upstairs. He can go anywhere else in the house without any problems. I am not sure how to stop this behaviour. Any suggestions please let me know how to handle this situation.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-02
    Birds get real funny notions and probably to your feathered friend your husband is dissapearing. A child will cry when they can't see 'MOM' until they learn 'MOM' comes back. Possibly your feathered companion will outgrow this learning your hubby is not 'dissapearing'. He can try and take the bird up stairs with him. Just take the bird and go upstairs show him around and come back down. Do this several times. Yes, your hubby can dissapear into the kitchen - not upstairs but the bird can hear him. I can go anywhere in my home I want except downstairs. I finally just took my bird with me. Seemed to have solved the problem. The first time I took him downstairs - he was scared and flew back up the stairs but finally all was well and now no panic screaming when I go downstairs.
Gaz - 2009-03-06
In life, you get what you give. A green wing does take a lot of work, but the rewards are worth every minute of it. You get a companion like no other. A big red dinosour that loves nothing more than to cuddle up and have its feathers stroked, a friend who loves to play, loyalty like you'd never imagine and an intellegence that challenges yours!
Mine is called Dino because my friend who has two Blue & Yellow Macaws said he looked like a big dinosour standing next to them. Many ask about the cage size, well I couldn't afford one I personaly feel would be big enough for him, so he has his own room with branches jammed between the walls. During the day I take him out for hours at a time and plonk him on a chair next to me or let him run around the patio and even take him for walks around town, which he loves. But please, anyone thinking of getting one, they do take a big commitment in time. They do sometimes squalk extremely loud, which may well upset your neighbours, and until you teach them not to bite hard, they can do damage to you and you simply cannot leave them unattended outside of their cage. They bite through everything, including electric cables! Are you REALLY ready for that commitment?

Gina - 2011-11-15
Hi, We were given a green and red macaw and we are trying to get Pepper to stop plucking her feathers. What can we do for our beautiful pet? Thank you Keith & Gina.<><

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-17
    Plucking is probably the worst thing to try and stop - really hard. Things you can try are bathing the bird frequently by spraying it with aloe bird bath or just water. You can try bathing him in the kitchen sink with the sprayer or some even use the shower. Lots of toys and things to chew on. Paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, toys made from a 2 X 4 (untreated). Lots of stimulation and out time. TV cartoons or tapes like Happy Feet, Surfs Up, RIO - believe it or not they do watch. Some try a collar which will prevent the bird from plucking. It works for some and just scares the others. I'd do a collar as a last resort- The more attention, stimulation and activity - the less likely he is to pluck. No ones fault - and it is hard to stop.
  • Annie - 2011-11-29
    I think they usually do that when they are bored. How long have you had her? You have to provide a lot of stimulating toys, safe for parrots, of course. You have to spend a lot of time with them too. We were just practically given a Green Winged named Salsa with an injured foot this past week. She gets bored being in the cage so we let her out and spend time petting her and hand feeding her. Remember in the wild they spend the day looking for food and exploring so they really need to be stimulated. I have only had parakeets and Jenday/Black Capped Conures before so I am kind of new to the Mccaws and learning like you. You might want to join a parrot group online. One group I love is
    I joined a while ago and I have gained so much knowledge from the members. Much more knowledge then I have. It isn't just for Conures. Anyone who has a love for parrots can join or even if you just want to research owning a bird. I am also looking for a parrot group where I live also to look for more info on vet care, feeding, etc. My vet is good but I am looking for a specialist to look at her foot. She seems to get around fine but want to see what else we can do for her. The foot was broken before and never set so it has healed weird. Just having Salsa for a few days, we can't believe how calm and affectionate she is. She loves to be petted and played with. One thing she loves are the nuts in the shells instead having the nuts served. I hide them around the house and she hunts for them. Kind of messy but worth the effort because it's fun to watch her. She loves to walk on the floor which amazed me.
Rebeca Bachur - 2005-03-22
hey everyone, i love this website. im in love with birds, and i cant wait until i get one. my favorite type of bird is the scarlet macaw. well i hope you guys keep up the good work, i mean you all have such great tips and information, im loving it. ;)

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  • michelle - 2010-12-04
    Please research the various breeds of macaws & each ones temperament & personality before buying one for a pet. doing this will ensure buying one that best suits your environment & the amount of time you can commit to this bird. You should buy a bird by what best suits your time, availability & commitment to the bird, rather than buying one because of the way it looks & thinking its so beautiful. Don't go by the birds beauty. Go by the birds temperament, needs, personality traits & whether or not you can accommodate the need for such a large space, expensive food & toys, & how much time you are able to commit to the bird on a daily basis. Please, please, please do your research before choosing a bird for a companion. You want to get the bird that would best suit you, your home & your surroundings. Including how it may affect any neighbors you have due to how loud & boisterous they can be. You want to get what's best for you, not what is the prettiest to you.
teresa underwood - 2008-09-07
I was just given a Green Wing that is about 10 years old and has been mistreated. I got him 2 days ago. He is starting to talk to me but he has a biting problem. How can I get him to trust me and can he still learn new words even though he is this old?

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  • Umair - 2010-06-16
    Visit and you will find answers to all your parrot problems.
john - 2009-09-23
Bama sez "Hi There". Just an update on my life with my Greenwing Macaw Bama. He and I are doing great and enjoying life. I have learned a lot from him over the past year. Training has been on going and fun for both of us most of the time. I have been blessed with a mild mannered guy who takes most everything in stride. If you read my post below from a year ago you know of my two chocolate labs Ty and JJ. Bama gets along well with both and they have taken to taking food from Bama. In the beginning Bama would drop half of everything he ate. Well as you can guess it didn't take long for two starving labs to figure that out, LOL. Now both Ty and JJ will sit and wait for Bama to feed them snacks from his meal. Bama has a varied diet of his peleted food along with fruit and veggies and what ever I am having. So all three of them can't wait for meal times. Ty is the bravest of the two dogs and will lick Bama's beak clean which stimulates Bama's feed instinct I think. Seeing them share spaghetti like Lady and Tramp is hysterical. Hope you enjoy this GWM true story.

donna - 2009-01-22
Hi! I am taking in my brother's neglected macaw. He said on occassion she will drink a large amount of water that goes right thru her. It doesn't happen all the time but I'm curious if anyone has dealt with the same issue. Of course, I've set up a Vet appt.

Andy - 2009-01-13
After much research I'm very interested in adding a greenwing macaw or congo grey to my family. Can anyone recommend how one goes about adopting a baby bird. I raised canaries as a child, it was my hobby and I loved it. I still keep a canary now, but I have always longed for a larger more interactive bird. I've talked to my local bird store but they don't have Green Wings (the Manager wants one too). They do offer greys which you pre-order and then visit while they care for it until it's weaned. I'd appreciate any advice.

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  • ash - 2010-04-30
    Hi my name is Ash and I have a 3year old green winged macaw. She is very beautiful and friendly, she lets you hand feed her and loves fruits and nuts. I'm very sad but I must move to a smaller apartment building that does not allow any pets. I bought her for $2.000.00 and she comes with a nice huge cage and a smaller cage also. I'm really looking for a good home because I'm really going to miss her, I also would like to get around $1,300.00 for everything. If you're interested or have more questions please call me 202-215-5660 or
m prince - 2008-11-14
No matter what size, color, or name of the bird and etc, they are one of the most amazing creatures that god ever put on this earth.

McKenna Riley - 2008-10-17
I am thinking about getting a green-winged macaw and I needed some advice on what they might really like to eat, when they mostly like to mate, suggestions on size cages, and any other information that I might need. Thank You! Sincerly, McKenna Riley