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    With the beautiful 'flame' feathers traveling across its shoulders and back, it's no wonder this beautiful bird is called the Flame Macaw!
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Tom Lucas - 2014-10-08
It was noted that yes Flame babies don't always look like the one pictured. I would just like to confirm this as a breeder. They can look like what is pictured, but can also look similar to a Harlequin, other than the color on the chest and lighter on the back. In addition I would like to note that the picture of the Quatro shown is hit or miss as well. Somethings the babies look totally different from one clutch to another. I can say this for a fact being we submitted the picture. In my opinion that is the cool thing about the Hybrids - You really never get one to look exactly the same as the other. This coincides with the personalities of all the birds - They are as individual as each of us. Thanks Tom

Joyce Zampieri - 2013-01-31
Does any one know what a flame and a blue and gold would make ?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-31
    Well, a Flame Macaw is a second generation macaw (F2). If you cross that with a Blue and Gold, then you will have a 3rd generation macaw (F3). These multigenerational birds could be designated something like this: Flame Macaw (Green-winged Macaw x Catalina Macaw (Scarlet Macaw crossed x Blue and Gold Macaw)) x Blue and Gold Macaw.

    You can learn more about them in the sections on their breeding, and characteristics here, Hybrid macaws,.
michelle - 2009-07-27
Just a quick note to say that not all of them look like the one pictured. My baby flame (Ohana Pride) has an orange head and no green on the neck at this point. Her sister Pele looks like the one pictured. The coloring is different between the two

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  • Yui - 2010-03-10
    This is true, a close friend of mine has one and he fades from orange to green-blue. I've completely fallen in love with this hybrid, though.

    Where did you find a breeder that has them? My friend who has hers happened to hit the jackpot at a shelter and adopted him, but I'm afraid that it might have been a once in a lifetime strike. I'm not looking to get one right away - I have yet to settle down in one place - but once I do I'd absolutely love to have my on feathered flame friend.
  • Anonymous - 2012-07-24
    Sorry, you can get them at Steve will ship the babies. I didn't want a large macaw because I have 8 caique and 3 yellow collars but I told my husband that if this certain pair should breed he could have one. Took them 5 years but we finally have one and I would not trade her for the world.
Lynsey - 2012-01-15
I have a question ...... dont know if anyone knows or not i have a friend that said her Flame Macaw mated with her Millitary Macaw . Does anyone know what the babies would be called? just intrested thanks all!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    I don't know of a specific name for that cross. The Flame is a second generation hybrid and gorgeous. So although I can't find a specific name, I know they will be beautiful.
Lana - 2010-04-12
I finally have a name for my hybrid. I tell everyone I have a half Green Wing Half Catalina Macaw. Now I can just say Flame. Thanks for the informative web site!

Susan - 2009-12-18
I think this is one of the prettiest hybrids-it looks like a lacewing or a pearl wing with the varigated red in the colours. Keep posting new pics!