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   The Catalina Macaw is a very colorful parrot. It is a cross between a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw.
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Kim - 2006-08-27
I have a Catalina Macaw his name is Uno. He is my love. I take him everywhere. He loves to be held. He also loves to show off. He spreads his wings and yells look at me I am a pretty boy. If you do not say how pretty he is he will get louder and continue until you pay attention to him. Petting we are working on, he will growl when not in the mood. He just turned 3 years old. I only cage him when I am not home as all my loves. I also have a U2 and a LSC Too. He does prefer females but will go to anyone. The reactions I have from people are wonderful. They want to get all the information they can on theses amazing birds.
Kim from OH

Chris Bono - 2005-03-17
I had a Catalina Macaw for about 12 years. Me and him (or Her) were buds. We got along really great, we slept together (by my head), we played every single day. His/her name was Tailgate. I purchased him/her over in Hawaii for $1,800 and it was worth every cent. I got rid of his cage about 5 years ago and just put him/her on a perch. It worked out really well. (a couple of times he/she did get down) He/she did have his moments, but not really towards me. He/she adapted to two people in our house real well. Did not really like anyone else. I had to move and place him up in our cabin in the moutains for a couple of months with my former roomate. The day I was to go up and pick him up and take him to his new home, he died. No one knows what happen to him/her. It appeared as though he/her fell from the perch and broke his/her neck. A freak thing I guess. I was very upset. This bird meant everything to me. I cried for about 1 week. (this happen just about 2 weeks ago) I have been looking at replacing him/her with another or even a Hyacinth Macaw, but I lack money. Maybe some day I figure. I will be moving over to Hawaii in October and who knows.

cory tymson - 2005-01-25
The Catalina is an extremly beautiful bird, I own a Military Macaw named Fenix,I could only imagine owning another bird as beautiful as the Catalina. Smashing colors, so cool!

Alliswhat4 - 2004-10-19
Hello, i have a Harlequin Macaw female Terra. she is a dream come true for me. i always wanted a full-sized macaw. she is 19 months old, and very lovable!!! she is so precious to me and my boyfriend. she has a good vocabulary, very demanding too. she eats all kinds of foods i make plus her treats etc. she is also around 4 other parrots that we have. she does scream alot when i walk by her cage. she spends all of her time with me. or on top of her cage playing. she is a big clown too. we got her from previous owners who could not keep her anymore. they didnt have the time to spend with her. i do. we love her to pieces. she comes looking for me anytime she wants me or screams for my attention. she is so spoiled, lol!!! and by the way, she looks exactly like the Catalina Macaw. she is a gorgeous bird!!!

Joanne Landis - 2004-05-05
I cannot imagine a more delightful bird! Our Bart is eight years old and has an extensive vocabulary, including phrases and imitations. He is not aggressive and allows hugs. He will also turn over for a belly rub and will hold our fingers in his mouth, while he bobs his head to give us a regurgitated treat. We have many birds, including a charming Cockatoo and a naughty Conure, but none as entertaining and sweet as our Catalina, Big Bart. I am so grateful for the experience.
Joanne Landis, Drexel Hill, PA

Marti Anders - 2003-12-06
Hi, We have just recently adopted a Catalina Macaw, Cleopatra....Cleo for short. And she is an absolute doll baby. So loveable and sooo smart. She talks very well...and in context. We just love her to pieces. Still trying to understand how anyone could give up such a wonderful,loveable bird. We are owned by 5 other birds so she fits in well.
John & Marti

Ernie - 2003-11-30
My wife and I own a wonderful 5 yr. old catalina named Carlos. He was given to us by a lady who bought it as her first bird from a private party. He is wonderful and we both have good a relationship with him. Of course he is very playful. He likes to roll on his back on your lap and play. We also own 6 other various birds.

Sabrina - 2003-07-26
I have had the pleasure of owning and living with "Marty" an 11 year old male Catalina for 10 years now. He is very intelligent and has a vocabulary of about 30 words in combination with phrases. These birds dont just mimic what they hear, they know what to say and when. They can be very, very loud, messy, demanding, lovable, funny, and just about any other adjective you can think of. A wonderful experience.