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   The Catalina Macaw is a very colorful parrot. It is a cross between a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw.
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Rhonda - 2014-06-23
I have just recently (1 month) purchased a 6 year old Catalina Macaw. The lady that had him said he belonged to her husband. He passed away and she could not afford to take proper care of him. He had NO toys in his cage, he had two perches made out of pvc pipe. I purchased him brought him home and of course set his cage up with plenty of toys. My issue now he is regurgitating on all his toys. It goes all over the toys, cage, floor etc... He will not let me hold him. He will gladly take food out of my hand. Does anyone have any help with the regurgitating on his toys. Will the behavior stop eventually or what should i do ? Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    Regurgitation is a normal and enthusiastic behavior, especially with sexually mature macaws. It's usually directed towards the keeper however, rather than toys. This re-direct may be a sign that you have not yet developed a close bond, so the toys may simply be 'safe'. Trust takes a long time, packed with patience and love to develop. Your best bet is to work on discouraging this habit with gentle remonstrations.

    Make make sure it is regurgitation and not vomiting though, as vomiting is a definite sign of illness and a vet visit would definitely be in order. You can tell it's regurgitation if the bird is often bobbing its head and stretching out its neck to force expulsion of whatever is in its mouth down to the crop, and the food isn't digested. Vomiting on the other hand is more of a spitting action, the bird will shake its head from side to side, and it doesn't look like food anymore:)

    You still may want to take your macaw for a vet visit for a check up to rule out anything abnormal, and for peace of mind. Although regurtitation is usually a normal behavior, it can at times signal a medical problem. And in extremely rare situations, which is not understood at this time, some birds develop a pathology where they regurtitate continually.
David Mosqueda - 2013-03-03
Recently I purchased 2 Catalina macaws from a man who had the macaws in his bathroom at his business. The birds had full feathers meaning they would fly in his shop. Needless too say they has no human contact (held and preen by human hands), and were independent. Looking at the 2 Catalina situiation I felt that I had to purchase the 2 macaws. Knowing this was not going to be easy, the first thing I did was clip their wings. This allowed me to allow the Catalina's to know they could no longer fly out of range if attempting to get them on my hand. In the beginning they were not trusting me, but like any animal, but I fed them every day and since they were clipped, this allowed me to have more one on one contact with. Every day I would put them outside with the 2 my Green Wings in the front yard. This was something the 2 Catalina's we never allowed before. It was a totally new and well deserved direction for them both, a sense of freedom! Every day I have my 4 macaws are outside with me. Fast forward, it has been 3 months that the Catalina's have been in my home, and to a surprise, the Catalina's now allow me to hold them both and give me kisses at the same time with no jealousy at all. So yes I do feel like the lucky's man in the world!!!

Janet Tuckwell - 2012-07-18
I have a 10 year old Catalina named Merlin who does in fact know more than 15 words/phrases. He is a rescue bird like most of mine and he was left alone in a cage over filled with toys for at least 10 days at a time. When I got him he hadn't been let out of his cage for about 4 years. At my house he is out on his T-Stand or walks on the floor. He has begun to scream when my rescued Goffin screams but I'm working on getting the Goffin not to scream as much. He LOVES to be held and to be hand fed and demands to drink out of your cup. He LOVES to be sprinkled with water and while you are squirting him he will say 'ahhh rain!' He is so silly! He dances, sings and like my other macaw he hocks up food to try to feed me lol. I breed blue and gold macaws and I'm thinking of saving a female baby from the first clutch to bond/breed with him so I can share with the rest of the world how pretty he is!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-19
    Catalinas are gorgeous.
stacie - 2012-05-19
I sure my baby bird. From what I've read it seems they are not supposed to be the best talkers. My Sassy is right now going through her whole long list of words and phrases as I am in here on the computer and not outside with her. She just babbles on and on, "I love you pretty bird", "momma", "hi", "hello", and on and on she goes. She seems to pick up everything I say to her. Today she started saying "peek a boo" because yesterday i was playing peek a boo with her. She says "good bird" or "ow, that hurts baby" Gee, I wonder why she would say that? She does not however say any of the scolding terms I use like "Don't bite" and I've said that a lot. When I got her a few months ago she was so scared and mean it was hard to even get her fed and water filled. Now she takes sunflower seeds right out of my mouth. She comes right up and nuzzles her head in my neck or chest. (always a scary moment at first) She has never yet bit me hard anywhere only wants to nibble on my fingers sometimes. I say "ow" and she laughs. She also yells at the dogs when they are barking "STOP". She is a love and i'm overjoyed to have her.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-20
    Just because it is said that they are not the best talkers, does not measn they don't talk. Some are quite vocal and will surprize you with what they can learn. You can actually wind up in a discussion with them.
Stacy - 2007-12-01
I have had my Catalina Macaw for over 5 years now! Prior to, he was my brother-in-law's bird. He's in his "terrible teens", lol. He loves to go for car rides (van only...hates the mustang). There is about a 15 minute window before he begins regurgitating (he really loves me)! I've read and heard their vocubulary is approx. 15 to 25 words. informed, this is an extremely conservative estimate.
My "Buddy" (Budweiser)has a vocabulary in excess of 50 words and min. 20 full phrases/sentences, that are most of the time-used in context with full appropriate expression. And that's only what I've heard! This is excluding his sound imitations, little dog & big dog barks, eeeew, kissing, coughing, sneezing, opera singing (I don't have the heart to tell him he's no "song bird"), whistling, laughing, humming, sighs, Uuuugh-I'm sick sounds, etc. He hasn't met a yellow nape or African Grey yet that he hasn't "put to shame" in a verbal war! He was raised with another Macaw and a Nape and I wonder how much influence that had on his verbal skills? To this day, I'm amazed at what comes out of his mouth. Since new things are always "popping" out of his mouth-that he didn't hear at home! For over a year, at approx. 8pm every night, He'd call out "Boo Bear". I had no idea why until my brother in law was at my house and heard him calling "BooBear". Boo Bear was a dog my brother in laws-father had when Buddy was a baby! His new phrase for this week, "That's enough-You better behave". He's in his rebellious/teenage years and reminds me of this daily with his "whatever, shut up and spoiled brat"! I recently began fostering a handicapped (one leg) female Green Wing, who supposedly only said "I love you" and "Hello"...whether her owner (tsfrd. overseas for military duty) didn't know, or Buddy has had an influence...within the short 3 weeks she's been with us, I have heard her say many of the same phrases and words as him. I'm worried about him being a bad influence on her and the four letter words will start coming out soon. lol My buddy is a spoiled, bratty, narcicist and I wouldn't trade him for the world! When both my cats (a year apart) were losing their battles with cancer, Buddy would go stand next to them and just gaze at them. It was as though he was trying to comfort them in some way. Prior to them getting sick, he never gave a care in the world about those cats. Didn't even acknowledge their existence. After they both passed to kitty heaven, he didn't speak for several days. I think he was grieving or allowing me to do so.
I can't ever imagine beginning my day without hearing, "Goin to work-crappy work-hurry up"...and ending my day with kisses, "I love you-see you in the morning".

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  • Micheal - 2012-01-09
    Woah nelly, how about them appels!
Stephanie - 2011-02-11
I was wanting to know what a cross between a Catalina and a Blue and gold would be called. And does anyone have pictures? Thanks so much!

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  • LeeAnne - 2011-12-12
    It is called a Catablue Macaw.

    Here is a link to a picture.
Dina Richter - 2009-08-27
It's been almost 3years since I brought Maxie Macaw into my home. I remember asking everyone when will she start to really love me and let me pet her....
I was told that birds can take a long time, not weeks, or months; but sometimes years.
It seemed like an eternity; but here we are just 2 months shy of 3 years,.....and
Yes,...Finally I can say that Maxie Loves me as much as I love her. I was on a reclining chair and she climbed onto my stomach, walked up my chest to my face where she started kissing me, while I caressed her body. It was worth waiting for.
She is a one in a million bird....and we love each other more everyday!

Sarah - 2007-04-14
Hi I have had my catalina macaw for about a month. He/she loves my hubby but when he is gone rocky clings to my 5 yr old daughter. We bought rocky from a lady who was his/her third home. I have definitely found a new love for the large birds, this will be his/her forever home. I am glad that we have Rocky. I plan on having her/him dna tested than microchipped. Being 6-7 yrs old, we will have a long life together.:) thanks for the info before my purchase.

Donna and Megan - 2007-02-22
My Catalina Macaw Max is the light my moms and my life. He is very funny and loves to hang by his beak and squawk. He barks like a dog and will say hi if you are watching tv instead of paying attention to him. He took some time for me to get use to but we love him and Me and him are around the same age (17). Hes very loving, when he wants to be. We wouldn't sell him for the world.

Bruce - 2007-01-25
i bought my catalina from a woman who couldn't keep him in a new apartment. Conan took a few months to get used to me and my 13 year old daughter, but now he's part of the family. he's VERY talkative, but he's MESSY! these macaws are SMART! he picks up phrases fast. i have 2 dogs and he's not afraid of them at all. all in all catalinas are great birds and definitely LOVE attention.