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    This very colorful Macaw, the Camelot Macaw is a cross between a Catalina Macaw (hybrid cross between a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw) and a Scarlet Macaw.
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texbird - 2010-07-29
I second the Camelots are NOT for beginners comment.

Very intelligent. Have a sense of humor.
Very bonded to their owner. Want to be on you or near you all the time.
Get bored easily, need toys and stimulation.
Mouthy/nippy/chewers - must train not to pinch you.
Can be loud if unhappy or bored.
Need lots of out of cage time & attention with you. If you can't devote at LEAST 2 hours a day or more interacting with them don't get one.
Can easily become a one person bird if not trained to socialize.
Also if you have a temper don't get one - they don't respond well to yelling. - need calm but firm corrections.

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  • Ellen Moskowitz - 2010-08-03
    Where can I find more photos of the Camelots birds? I am trying to improve a painting I did from an old photo.
  • pernell - 2011-02-02
    Hi my name is pernell I was wondering if you have any loose camelot tail feathers that wanna sell or give? It's for my baby daughter...write back...ok? Thank you...
  • Noble Thomas - 2014-06-29
    Hello, My name is noble, I am looking for a Camelot macaw. Please e mail me more details. Thank you.
Adele Bloom - 2009-09-08
Today, I just went out and found a baby Camelot in our Scarlet Macaw and Catalina Macaw's nesting box, She still has one egg,
She bit my husband when he went to look.. all Macaws are different. I have a baby 3 months old, (handfed) Military who will not let me put her down.. her parents are very quiet, but she is a screamer if she cannot be held, or at feeding time, She sure lets me know.. I also raised and handfed a baby Scarlet Macaw.. she refuses to let anyone near me or my husband . She is a year old now and is trying to teach the other baby to "Step Up" .. I love Macaws. I have to watch her or she will pull the Military's feathers, and may try to hurt her.. when one is out, the other is up, my bedroom is a mess.. but I really don't care, because they love me so much.

texbird - 2009-01-30
I have a camelot and she is a wonderful bird.
Very affectionate, curious and intelligent.

BUT these are NOT for beginners.

Scarlets & their hybrids can be nippers. But they are actually are more sensitive than many other macaw species so they require an unusual combination of a firm hand but a lot a praise and gentle affectionate handling. This is a difficult mix for many people to keep in mind since they lose their tempers or get afraid when they get nipped by the bird. SO don't get one of these unless you understand what I am saying and think you can handle them properly.

Anonymous - 2007-05-09
the camelot macaw is by far the best

I, um, forgot my name... - 2006-03-26
I have a Sun Conure named Jenga, a Blue and Gold Macaw named Yella' Belly, and a Camelot Macaw named Sir Lancelot (We call him Lance). Lance is a wonderful, sweet, and loving bird that wants no more in life than to sit under my chin and coo. He is a big cuddler that loves everyone, especially women. He shows of to his girlfriend Jenga, but she is never impressed. He competes with my other male Yella' Belly to win Jenga's affection.
Sir Lancelot will die for bananas and strawberry yogurt. He loves all kinds of fruits and vegetables, which is good because it's very healthy for him! I know that this bird is for experienced people only, but I dearly recommend the Camelot Macaw for anyone willing to share a room in their hearts for a bird that only wants to love and be loved.

Irish - 2006-01-09
Hybrid macaws are undoubtedly beautiful, but you can't beat the "originals" for color, pattern and intensity, as well as known personalities!

josh pendlebury - 2005-07-21
i think blue and gold macaws are the best looking bird ever (:

E - 2005-03-10
Macaws are the coolest birds in the world!!!!!!