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   Besides being a very gorgeous bird, the Calico Macaw' s parentage lends itself to giving this bird a very gentle and affectionate personality!
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Jackie - 2009-06-14
I just got a calico, its name is calypso. It is such a sweet loving macaw, it loves being with people so much that it hates to return to its cage. He will lay on this back so he can receive belly rubs. I use to have a U-too but this bird is even more affectionate. I also own a catalina that is very sweet and gentle and an excellent talker. I think my favorite though, would have to be the calico.

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  • Sandy - 2014-05-26
    I have a calico and I love him to death, I'm trying to find another one, but can't find a breeder. Let me know please if you know one?? Thanks.
marty - 2009-05-16
THANKS! for the information, I got everything I wanted to know! TX:)

Linda Poole - 2006-08-17
Hemingway update! He is now 1 yr & 2 months and just as sweet as ever. He loves to have his head and neck scratched. He has bonded well with both (human) parents.