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  This is "Lassiah", a 3 year old male "Bluffons" macaw. Lassiahs mother is a Buffon's Macaw and his father is a Blue & Gold Macaw!
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George - 2008-09-04
This is george again. Over 2 years later and paco has come a long way. He is an outgoing lovable goober who adores my wife, and if she isn't around likes me. God forbid I get near her or him though, if they are together, he will rip me apart. But for the most part he is a great bird. Definitely not for the first time bird owner, like others have commented. It took us 2 years too get him handable and trustworthy, and yes he is very strong.

George - 2006-04-16
we just rescued a bluffon. he's an awesome bird, much larger then our military. since he has come too our home it seems our military is much nicer and handable. bluffon is a good influenece on him. we were told he was a calico macaw gw/military but after going through this site what we have is definately a bluffons macaw. either way we love him and will provide a secure loving home for the rest of his life

Tanya - 2005-01-30
This is so great! I have a Bluffon, but never knew what type of macaw he is until now. People have told me several times that mine was probably a mix between a military and blue and gold, and I thought they were right because of the very few red feathers on the bridge of his nose, but then I see this beautiful bird above and I swear it is just like looking at my bird. Thank you for posting the picture.

Guy - 2004-11-09
We rescue macaws and place in breeding programs.

richard abel - 2004-04-01
I also have a bluffon. Cece, he came to me a from a very nice lady who could not handle him. These guys are very strong and large(1300+ Grams)so they are not for the first time bird owner or one that the beak scares.

jennifer KIMBALL - 2003-07-25
i enjoy my reggie he is a bluffons . adoption of this macaw , from a wonderful woman tracy. he was avian rescue we fell in love with each other ,he is so much fun ,he talks about 200 hunder word i write them all down . he will also do about 10 tricks and enjoys prefroming them ,i know he would do more. i work about 3 hours day with him,and take him on 3 walks a day with my orange wing amazon, another rescue bird. i have rescue 4 parrots ,they have change my life for the love of birds.......JENNIFER